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Baby Canada Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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Zip download --

To run this shimeji on a mac, open the file and instead of the .exe file, just click the .jar file and he works!
To get rid of the annoying shadow, download shadow killer
I didn't make the mac-usable program.


Sorry Canada, I don't really have any pictures of you I can use for a desktop :iconorzplz: I censored scary Russia's face. I hope that works.
*Ahem* Anyways...
FINALLY here he is! Had some major procrastination issues with this guy... I was busy on rare occasion too, but it was mostly procrastination and drawing other crap that I didn't upload to here.
Ok, so he has a giant nightmare glitch when he crawls, but as of now, that's the only thing found. No snowy stuff or anything! So he turned out good.

Poland's next! I have a feeling he could take way longer or way shorter... Just the fact that he's normal sized and not wearing poofy clothing is enough to make him much more of a challenge. But I will make him! :iconpolandplz:

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Hetalia and the character America belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
© 2012 - 2020 HetaGarnet
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Soooo cute! I put him on my phone, he's adorable ^^ tysm!
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Something about Java comes up. I downloaded it, but still no shimeji work. any suggestions? 
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Have you tried extracting the files from the .zip first?
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awww...It won't work...
how can I downgrade my java?!
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if you need the right java a popup should come up that leads to a webpage that has it. you'll need to delete your old java too
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embarrased  for some reason i cant change the names of the documents...
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strange, you're sure you're trying the right ones?
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the xml documents in the conf folder?
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well that's strange. do you know multiple ways how to do it? have you tried those?
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i am new to these and i saw them on my friend's computer so i wanted hem... i have no idea how to work it.... sorry for the trouble....
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it's fine. I'm sorry I don't know how to help better
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:iconloolfaceplz: instead of catching little Mattie, I clicked on the ad instead :iconderpplz:
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Would it be possible for you to make a Germany one?
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I personally count Germany as HRE, in which care others have already made shimejis for him
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That might be the deviantart download button
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are u able to run more than one shimeji at a time?
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as many as your computer will let you without shorting out or slowing down! It all depends, I can usually only run 1-5 depending on the day and how much they've multiplied, but I have a friend who's computer knows no limit to shimejis.
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