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Baby America Shimeji

By HetaGarnet
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Just a quick note, I'm gonna change the titles from "chibi" to baby. Just seems more... accurate.

Zip download --

To run this shimeji on a mac, open the file and instead of the .exe file, just click the .jar file and he works!
To get rid of the annoying shadow, download shadow killer
I didn't make the mac-usable program.


So I just finished him :D There are the occasional white specks but they aren't near as bad as what we've all seen before.
CANADA'S NEXT! (Then Poland for a request, but he won't be a baby)

Baby Hetalia Series Shimejis--
~Russia [link]
~England [link]
~America (Here)
~Canada [link]
~Prussia [link]
~France [link]
~China [link]
~ Romano [link]
~Iceland [link]

I'm open to hearing what you guys want to see! (Doesn't mean I'll definitely make it, but...)

Hetalia and the character America belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
© 2012 - 2020 HetaGarnet
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How do i download Java 6? It keeps showing me Java 10
DiscordedxHeart's avatar
It downloads, I just can't run the program. I can't read Japanese Java so I can't download it. ((I have Windows 10))
HetaGarnet's avatar
you might want to find some updated shimeji-ee file and swap out the image files. I know older shimejis have a hard time working with windows 8, windows 10 might be a whole new beast.
FNaF-MLP-00's avatar
Heya, do you do requests?
BloodyKill42's avatar
They are every where
even playing my recycle bin WTF?
Ginatrion6500's avatar
Can you do please safe files? Chrome keeps telling me these are unsafe
HetaGarnet's avatar
I can assure you the files are perfectly safe. I've never heard of anyone having problems with my shimejis other than setting them up. If there is a way to make the files some kind of safe download thing, I don't know it.
Glaceon1362's avatar
I'm not good with computers...how do you start shimejis up?
HetaGarnet's avatar
you unzip the file you downloaded and double click the shimeji.exe. if it doesn't work, you'll want to make sure the files in the conf folder are properly named and if a popup in japanese comes up, you need to switch to java 6
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you can do to Chibi Argentina?? 

HetaGarnet's avatar
well for one I'm pretty darn sure there's no such thing as a canon design for that
for another I'm not really doing these anymore
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This is sooooo cute!

(Your icon is making me laugh so hard xD)
HetaGarnet's avatar
my icon is perfection
PrincessDarknight's avatar
It's the most majestic thing I have seen in my entire life...

Besides butter of course! :3
Dezaraesky1289's avatar
How to down load?Can't get it to start up!
HetaGarnet's avatar
The download links are either in the description or one of them might be the DA download button(I don't quite remember for this one). If it's the download you can't get to start, maybe you need to wait a little longer or you have something like a firewall blocking it?
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I love this! but whenever he falls there are red specks all over him and I'm like "NO! How can you be bleeding?!"
Eugenekoh12's avatar
I er... edited... and am nearly sucessful at whote specs removal... at least up to frame 20... It's actually pretty easy once it becomes clear that anything out of the border MUST BE BLACK (outline of char after must have only black to transparent colours) So you could keep that as a note for your future shimejis
HetaGarnet's avatar
I solved the white speck problem from Poland onward, so like... a year ago. Any shimejis before that are covered in specks... Some of them I will remake at some point because they're so bad--Baby Russia I definitely will, and possibly England too.
But, uh, thanks anyways! :)
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Lol late I am. Just need ChibiMerica and ChibiGgy
HetaGarnet's avatar
Aah, yeah, America isn't quite as bad, but Iggy's a glitchy nightmare! He's definitely on the remake list too... those things cannot be erased.
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