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What we allow!

Hey everyone! :wave:
I'd like to announce that this group also allows OCs, non EBU countries and SATW fan art as long as it's Eurovision related!

We also allow most fanfiction and stamps and such like!

Also if you dressed up/had a Eurovision party ect, Im happy to see photos of that too! Cosplay is allowed. Photos you took on night night as well although they have to be fairly good quality or amusing :D

Basically anything Eurovision related (Hetalia or not) is allowed! So I hope that is beneficial xD

NOTE: the featured folder is for members only! If you want your work to be featured, you must be a member ^^

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Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel by VariantArt123
Eurovision logo Armenian version by VariantArt123
Eurovision logo Georgian version by VariantArt123
Eurovision logo Hebrew version by VariantArt123
Eurovison 2013 by BloodyZombie23
Eurovision 2013: Time To Bring It Into Denmark by InimeneArt
Eurovision 2013 Denmark by InimeneArt
ESC 2013 Denmark by xbubblegumprincess
England, Party for everybody, Da ? by Anya-HetaliaLover
APH: Party For Everybody, DA! - Ivan Braginski by Tamagi
Hungary-Sound Of Our Hearts by XMaria-Onee-SamaX
Eurovision (2011) - 12 Points to Denmark by LoveToTheCucumber
POPULAR by peace-of-hope
12 points for Denmark by Mellaa
Angel si ti by MonkeysGoneWild
We wait for you... ^^ by AngieKrasiva
Milan skater by AngieKrasiva
MILAN STANKOVIC portrait by AngieKrasiva
cute chibi Milan Stankovic by AngieKrasiva
Previous years
Bulgaria Eurovision 2007 by MonkeysGoneWild
Several years
Su-san, Finland and Russia by Zutara-fani
Question 65 by ask-fempunk-england
Eurovision How To by emlan
SATW fan art
Non EBU countries
Eurovision :stamp: by Amblygon
Event photos


Affiliates are ALWAYS welcome ^^
You can ONLY post your artwork to our feautred page if you are a member of the group. Either submit to another, relevant folder, or please join the group.

Sorry but I made this rule so the features folder remains for group members.

If you want to submit to our Features folder then please feel free to join the group.
Hey Eurovision fans! 
First of all, thanks for everyone who's joined ^^ I promise you all I won't spam your journal page with lots more entries than this although if this group gets bigger I may start a contest.

Oh and I might just post one more journal in a couple weeks regarding the event, Azebaijan, Baku, maybe some pictures I took.... Well I might do a journal like that if I get time :D

SATW > Here it is :D
Poor Sister Russia :( but then again.... Brother Russia will probably get him back for it... No one should mess with Sweden xD

I noticed there was probably even more political voting this year than before. We all know that Greece and Cyprus are destined to grant each other 12 points for all eternity but they're not the only ones who will swap points. everyone's doing it. As this picture our lovely co admin SheAintAHoNoNo showed me explains… The votings will always follow the same pattern. :XD: especially if the countries speak the same language. 
So I decided that in the spirit of Eurovision I shall ask which of the following douze points doubles is your favourite? 

:bulletwhite:The Greek Bros
Greece And Cyprus

:bulletblue:The Romance Bros
Romania and Moldova

:bulletred:The Turkic brothers
Turkey and Azerbaijan

:bulletgreen:The Iberian Bros
Spain and Portugal

:bulletyellow:The Eastern Slavs
Ukraine and Belarus

(okay so Belarus, Portugal and others here didnt make the final but I'm going to include this anyway....  I'm simplifying this ^^ this is based on 2012 results and not previous results where voting probably differed I used semi final votes more than final votes)

Okay so pick which two songs were your fave! ^^ you should like them both and well yea ;P

No offence meant in naming the pairs ^^ if there's another pair I should mention tell me and I'll add :D
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Group Info

This group is all about hetalia and Eurovision cross overs xD

Who can join? Anyone and Everyone regardless of where you live can enter. Just respect everyone here, don't troll, be nice ect all the usually stuff found within a group :D

Affiliates: Are all welcome ^^

This is a new group. I hope you'll enjoy ^^
I am looking for Contributers and Co founders xD since this group is new I'm open to new sudgestions :D

We need an icon! I am away from my PC so I can't make one! Does anyone wanna make one for me? There's a Llama in it for you ;P

La la love to you all! ;P
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kioriboo Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
iit's almost here IT'S ALMOST HERE ouo
snapshotstalker Featured By Owner May 27, 2013   Photographer
mandababe12 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
I've got a problem with the ESC. Firstly, I enjoy watching it but is very disappointed when my country (United Kingdom) fails to win. I came to the conclusion is that our song is crap or that we're the black sheep of Europe and no one would vote for us maybe one day we will have a winning song until then I'll keep my fingers crossed.
snapshotstalker Featured By Owner May 27, 2013   Photographer
I'm from the UK too so I know how you feel. However contrary to popular belief, we have won before- 5 whole times! (Only one country has won more times and that's Ireland) Our last win was about 15 years ago and that was before Eastern Europe joined the ring. Culturally Eastern Europe/Eurasia are very very different to us so they're going to like different things to us, and not vote for us. There's also political voting. (all points to mother Russia, da?) Urm.... but yeah we suck sometimes.

Last year we should have done better! We went first and I think that's what blew it.

*keeps fingers crossed with you*
xFlowerstarx Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Is ABBA artwork allowed? After all, they rose to fame from Eurovision as far as I know.
snapshotstalker Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012   Photographer
Yes, it is! ^^ You're very welcome to submit any art work of artists who have participated in the contest :D

(sorry for the late reply ^^;)
xFlowerstarx Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for telling me. ;) :thanks:
ChineseGirl50 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry if this is annoying, but in Azerbaijan, there were major human rights violations during the Eurovision song contest. Most people would not want this contest to be 'politicalized', but I am doing it, so sorry... But please understand that I am trying to make awareness for human rights in Azerbaijan.
snapshotstalker Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012   Photographer
Thanks for informing me, but I'd rather not discuss such things on this page, sorry!

As I've been to Azerbaijan myself, talked to people who live there ect, and researched the situation, I know somewhat of what you are talking about.
However, I should mention that human rights in Azerbaijan was highlighted as a result of Eurovision not to mention that most of the people are content with the way the country is run.

Im sorry if this sounds like I'm being insensitive- I'm not, but like I said I'm not too happy to go into details and discuss this on this group. (Although if you wish to discuss human rights with me on my account page, that's fine, I like talking about rights~ very much so. Just not here, I hope you can understand)

But thanks anyway for commenting!
ChineseGirl50 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome! :D I'll try to keep the politics on my profile.
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