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Stupid Meatball Head

Some nerd told me to put this garbage here.

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"My name is Serena, not Meatball Head, or is your brain too small to grasp that!? Ugh!" 

The old dub had some great lines. XD
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Oh god, the best part of the 90s dub ever. It got turned into a glorious meme. XD
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Luna: "It's not my fault that Queen Beryl's minions keep attacking. Somebody's gotta save the world."
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SHE'S GONNA BLOW!!!! QAQ;;; :crying:

Actually, what do you mean by "Mercury>Jupiter>Mars>Serena>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Venus"...? :0 Is that like Greater Than/Less Than...??
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Can't stymie the usagi.

And yes.
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Interestingly, I've seen like 75% more Mercury/Jupiter artwork being posted lately than anything else. Of course I'm as out of the loop as it gets with that series so. XD;
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It's the original animu for me, besides Tenchi Muyo.

Of course, this means the reboot might be less offensive to you~
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The original flagship harem series! (even though my friends insisted Ryoko and Ayeka were just using Tenchi to get to each other) :B

I dunno about offensive. XD; I was just not *quite* as into SM to commit to the full series. But with the reboot I can certainly appreciate the cleaned up animation and sound. :B;;;
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...I have no problem with that theory~

But yeah, it's cool if you weren't into it. That reboot is going full moe blob though :E
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How... ironic. Are we going to get the SM equivalent of bronies I wondered aloud.
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