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I wanted to submit all my fan nonsense to the other gallery, but that was before I was never seen or heard from in these parts, so have a thing~

Also, halloween MvM is MAXIMUM BALLER.
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There's a horrible B-movie of that name, but this has nothing to do with that. :D

What's wrong Pyro? You came to torch a spy but instead you torched A GOD???
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"This is Scout~Brains make me cry~"

By the way, long as I have you on "the horn", so to speak. Do you know of any conventions that haven't opened artist table registration yet? I've got some travel cash and I always wanted to try the artist alley~
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Hmmm. According to your bio, you're in Indiana? I'm thinking YoumaCon would be a good one for you. :) It's not until the end of the year, but all the major conventions over there like Anime Boston, Katsucon, and Otakon are coming up really fast (and tend to book really fast too). ^^;
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Oh yeah, I should change that. I'm in Iowa now. But I've saved up enough that I could go anywhere in the states, really.

These things must book even earlier than I thought :noes:
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They book earlier and earlier every year. :iconexcitednoesplz: