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S.o.O OC-- Greken

By HeSerpenty
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Hay everyone! A friend of mine who doesn't have a DA came up with this character to be another jerk for my Jerk Squad! I got permission to submit him to my group on here, so here he is.... Greken. He's the muscle--- not a smart character OR a leader... just a tough, follower type. Muscle fer brains XD

Greken was created by Mr. Jesus Munoz.. who doesn't have a DA but you  can view his work here! pandaman3d.cghub.com/ He's more in to the 3D modeling type stuff, and he's creating an awesome game right now! I'll keep you posted on THAT if you're in to gaming ;P
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Um, may I ask how tall he is? Because if he's shorter than around seven feet, I'm sad to say that I might have created a seven-foot monster (I'm talking about Rewald, of course). Meow :3 
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol well to be honest I'm not sure how tall he is persay because the guy who created him didn't specify XD. I'm think Greken  will probably be about 6 ft? but really muscular. I woulda probably toned down Rewalds height a little big so he's not towering over everyone else :). Probably like...6'3-6'4 if that's okay with you-- If you still want him that tall. Merek is 6'5...and I only have one character that will be bigger and taller than him :) :heart:
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BattlePyramidHobbyist General Artist
Well, I kinda made him 7 feet but very thin. Almost perfect for climbing trees, you see. But it's up to you if you'd like him to be 6'4". It might be a lot better, actually.
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That's awesome! Love his design. He definitely doesn't look like someone you would meet in a dark alley. Nice work Mr. Munoz! :)