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There are SO many good ones :F
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The Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, Spirit, Lion King.... you know the older 2D animated stuff XD
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Longmire, Game of Thrones, Justified
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Tom Petty
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Dracula, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights
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Uh.... *shrugs*
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solitaire, sudoku, Read Dead Revolver
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Last I played was the original X-box (old schoooool)
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Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Cintiq 13 HD
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Seeing my story through
Hey hey guys! I know it has been forever since I've posted a journal....but I assure you I have good reasons (many of which will be explained under the next comic update). Perhaps I'll do another update journal later but THIS journal is all about my reaching out for some hired help. SO HERE WE GO! I'm looking to commission a good background artist to help me nail down some of the common places in my comic! I could do it myself, but...I don't want to. I don't like to. So here we are. REQUIREMENTS: Backgrounds and environments must be a strength in your artistic skills and you like doing it. Ability to collaborate with me to get them just how I envision them BENEFITS: YOU'LL BE PAID! I ain't lookin' for handouts. We will discuss this via PM if interested! I want to be fair but I'm also not made of money or anything You'll be shared! I'll put your name on the website and of course share your art with my page updates in the author comments, with links to your site and/or social
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Hey guys I forgot DA had something like this lol. Anyway... for those who follow "Serpents of Old" you may have noticed a lack of updates this Friday and last Friday. I've been out of town and very swamped with other deadlines and I just couldn't ma
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Hay guys! Been FOREVER since I've posted a journal and I believe that this is a special enough occasion! I haven't done this in a while but I'm so grateful for this 300+ watcher milestone! Been on DA a LOOOONG time and this really means a lot to me! I happen to be at a time right now where I have to practice a new art program, so...what better way to practice than to bless YOU guys! Haha may not be the best artist around but free things are great right? And you watched me for a REASON I'd imagine X"D. Haha SO! FREE headshot  to any of my watchers who make a request! :D :D Could be ANY character! Yours, mine, or someone else's! Basic Rules
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I guess I’m going to get involved in saving this site… never in my life have I ever thought of doing this or having to do this, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

If any artist is reading this, YOU NEED TO EXPRESS YOUR DISCONTENT WITH YOUR FORMS OF ART! No change will come if we just compline repeatedly! I can’t just sit by and watch this site, no, this COMMUNITY, burn to the ground! I want this site to live! I want it to live so bad but I can’t do anything about it! I lack the artistic ability to draw, I lack the motivation to write, and I don’t have the expertise to take beautiful photos of forests and city’s and all sorts of thing, BUT I STILL LOVE ART!

To anyone who is listening, please, PLEASE, for all that is holy and good and kind, please express your discontent in your art! Please… I’m begging you…

Hey there! I guess I'm a little confused ha ha. I know DA has changed a lot in the last couple years and seems less active, but...I never really knew why that was. I guess I'm not really sure what you mean. What would an art expressing these things look like? Thanks for taking the time to write this! ^_^

do you still take requests?

Hi! Thanks for asking! Requests no... but commissions, yes! :heart:

Hello! I don't know if you remember me but I wanted to thank you for all those request drawings(Avatar Hana) you did years ago for me :) I see you gotten much better at your art.

OH hello!! It's nice to hear from you again! Haha thank you for all those requests, I feel like it helped me improve even then...and yes it's come a long way! (long way still to go haha)

But thanks for reaching out! <3

Found your comic on ComicFury. Got hooked pretty fast! :D