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I think you did a fantastic job on this piece. Even though it is inspired by an actual photo, I think your work here has a much stronge...


The Twins
It's been a while since I posted anything besides pages! Got a couple more vampire OCs to share X"D-- guess I'm obsessed!

Silva and Sydney are born of the House of the Willow, youngest brother and sister to Kiam (to be posted later), Helen, and Clyde. However, UNlike their three older siblings...they are the only ones NOT born of the father of the House, they were conceived long after Odis abandoned the house. Their mother, Veronica (also to be posted later), does not seem interested in talking about who the father is.

The twins have always been wicked. They are sadistic, perverted...just very rotten to the core. They have a shared power of hypnosis....though Sydney has mastered it much more dangerously than her brother. She is certainly the mastermind, whereas Silva would have a tendency to cower back in the face of confrontation. Most of said confrontation happens with their older brother, Clyde....who hates them with a passion. In fact he mostly refers to them as "degenerates"....but don't feel bad, they are well deserving of that title XD.
S.o.O 1.6.39-- Successful Escape

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FINALLY Hizruk and Keymen get a chance to talk X)

Wonder if anyone will notice a significant thing hiding in this page? >__>


Man those establishing shot scenes X_X
One day I'll have a page where I like both the character AND the background drawings XD

Feels good to be back on Fridays!

Have a great week everyone!
S.o.O 1.6.38-- He's Gone

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Mylon even YOU saw this coming last page.... X'D

This page had more of a purpose than just providing Hizruk and Keymen a convenient escape...........who thinks Arith will eventually become more of a character? :3


Still Thursday! X"D
I decided to join an Interactive Media Certificate Program so I can have a little piece of paper to somewhat justify my student loan debt X"D. But! Worry not... I don't plan for that to interfere.
But I snuck back to Fridays like I wanted! Friday updates are back! <3

Thanks for sticking with me!
S.o.O 1.6.37-- Recruitment Training

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For anyone wondering why Hizruk would say he has to go to the stables.... he has community service! Haha that was like 5 years ago my time, couple days comic time X"D...still a thing! (Old page alert. My gosh I can't get back there to redo those pages fast enough X__X)


Haha I'm slowly trying to sneak my way back to Fridays, is it obvious? Next week I'll probably update Thursday....then continue on with Fridays! I that better :3.

Thanks for reading!


Hay guys! Been FOREVER since I've posted a journal and I believe that this is a special enough occasion! I haven't done this in a while but I'm so grateful for this 300+ watcher milestone! Been on DA a LOOOONG time and this really means a lot to me!

I happen to be at a time right now where I have to practice a new art program, so...what better way to practice than to bless YOU guys! Haha may not be the best artist around but free things are great right? And you watched me for a REASON I'd imagine X"D. Haha SO!

FREE headshot  to any of my watchers who make a request! :D :D
Could be ANY character! Yours, mine, or someone else's! 

Basic Rules:

1. This is for my watchers only! (wouldn't be much of a thank you if I did it for ANYone ;D.)

2. MUST have a visual reference of the character that you link to when you make the request! (Guys I reeeally don't want to guess what's in your brain X"D)

3. Just for fun maybe tell me why you started watching me-- was it "Serpents of Old", my horse/animal drawings, etc? I just want to know! :D :D

****I can do any character-- humans, animals, anthros, you name it! As long as you have a reference****

As I finish each request I'll link you do it and then when I've got a batch done I'll post them together on DA along with links to all of you! Thanks again for your support it means a lot to me!
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