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Motherly Love For ME (MY Desired Gift) :iconhersonhermaster:herSONherMASTER 6 3
IO SONO la sua regali by herSONherMASTER
Mature content
IO SONO la sua regali :iconhersonhermaster:herSONherMASTER 7 2
the perfect slave full gagged version by herSONherMASTER
Mature content
the perfect slave full gagged version :iconhersonhermaster:herSONherMASTER 21 7
the perfect slave by herSONherMASTER
Mature content
the perfect slave :iconhersonhermaster:herSONherMASTER 15 28


Bound Vicky in Latex Pinup 1 by VickyShadow
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Bound Vicky in Latex Pinup 1 :iconvickyshadow:VickyShadow 50 49
National Police Week 2018 - 7 by VickyShadow
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National Police Week 2018 - 7 :iconvickyshadow:VickyShadow 21 18
Hips by MaryBubble
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Hips :iconmarybubble:MaryBubble 157 22
Croft Manor's Forgotten Stories by honkus2
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Croft Manor's Forgotten Stories :iconhonkus2:honkus2 89 24
foggy by gao-lukchup foggy :icongao-lukchup:gao-lukchup 2,089 37 scathach fate go fanart [patreon commission] by gao-lukchup scathach fate go fanart [patreon commission] :icongao-lukchup:gao-lukchup 1,037 8 relax draw sport girl by gao-lukchup relax draw sport girl :icongao-lukchup:gao-lukchup 1,126 21 relax draw mom mom by gao-lukchup
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relax draw mom mom :icongao-lukchup:gao-lukchup 801 16
Milky Hentai by NinCat
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Milky Hentai :iconnincat:NinCat 39 4
She-Ra captured by Lilliputians by HeroineAdventures
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She-Ra captured by Lilliputians :iconheroineadventures:HeroineAdventures 154 23
[One Piece] Nami by LockdownTheDeath [One Piece] Nami :iconlockdownthedeath:LockdownTheDeath 149 4 One Piece : Nami - SP - 11 (Bath Before Party) by thunder1928 One Piece : Nami - SP - 11 (Bath Before Party) :iconthunder1928:thunder1928 20 0 One Piece : Nami - SP - 12 (Bath before party 2) by thunder1928 One Piece : Nami - SP - 12 (Bath before party 2) :iconthunder1928:thunder1928 36 0 One Piece : Nami - SP - 10 (Counting) by thunder1928 One Piece : Nami - SP - 10 (Counting) :iconthunder1928:thunder1928 18 0 DIRTY PAIR by huchi001 DIRTY PAIR :iconhuchi001:huchi001 61 9



Ok, I think that MY end of the deal [as was discussed in notes about ten minutes ago or so] has been held up❤
Thank you for the notes❤ I shall BE quiet for right NOW so that I can control MYSELF❤ Ringrazie❤ That was a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GIFT❤ Thank you❤❤❤
I MAY BE leaving this account soon❤ I have promised to commission a certain someone on deviantart, and that promise will BE KEPT, but MOAR than likely on another account on this site❤ I have learned MANY THINGS through MY USE of this profile, but MY TIME on this account is near it's end❤ I WILL upgrade, and move to a different account [as has BEEN planned this entire time], but before I MOVE to MY PERMANENT account, I may [or may not] BE off of this one for a brief time to finish some things❤ Once everything's finished, I should come back to this account, and post the link to MY TRUE FINAL account❤ I'VE been on a psychological, and spiritual venture for a while NOW, but MY journey in this matter is almost over❤ If I decide to leave for a little while before I make MY PERMANENT move, it will BE POSTED here, and will BE FOLLOWED by MY PERMANENT MOVE post when the time is right❤ Thank you all for everything that you've done❤ It's only thanks to MY time on here, MY DEVOTION, LOVE and a few other factors that I shall keep quiet, that I'VE been able to reach this point, knowing that what lies ahead of ME is TRULY BLISSFUL❤ I FEEL BLESSED, and HONORED for all of the wonderful people that I have come across, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE you all❤ I may have the answer to the possible brief hiatus before the day is over, but just in case, I want you all to know that I LOVE you, and wish you all MANY BLESSINGS❤

Thank you all❤ you are all truly wonderful❤
hachishaku-sama [hentai version: hasshaku-sama], diva [blood +], moka akashiya, lionesses, vampiresses, etc. are all teaching ME that I desire female predators so that I can SEE that beautiful thing that I must see❤ dragonsamurai300, you've actually helped ME out a bit MOAR than I expected❤ *Grins and bows* I thank you❤ I'M getting closer❤ The five will BE MINE soon❤ :iconbloom225:

P.S. thank you, :icongoddesslizzy: , elizabeth , :icongesperax::iconeminalnymph: , emi for your help as well❤

Mature Content

Coloring: 'Big Butt Surprise' by immorta by deviantzach

Mature Content

Full Jeans in Motion by deviantzach
 ❤… ,… ,… ,… &… ❤

P.S. yes, I AM STILL THE MASTER❤ MY LOVE for :iconsakura-tk-arts: 's art is MOAR than enough proof of that❤ [P.S. Feel free to drop by her channel❤ you might like what you see❤ she's VERY talented in what she does]❤

The Night Dress Outfit by sakura-tk-arts 

Mature Content

The Perfect Slave by sakura-tk-arts

Mature Content

The Perfect Slave Full Gagged Version by sakura-tk-arts
 [I did type words like: "bum", "twerkin" , "shake" , "caboose" & "fanny" in]… &… &… &… &… &… &… 

Mature Content

Chained In Dungeon Waiting For Treatment by sakura-tk-arts

Mature Content

Hardcore Electro Bondage For Pink Hair Lady by sakura-tk-arts… ,… &… ❤


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FairyTail Boob-Sandwich (commission) by Re-Maker
  The Submissive -Redone by dzwizard1954 

Mature Content

The Submissive -A Painting by dzwizard1954

Mature Content


Mature Content

IO SONO la sua regali by herSONherMASTER
 ❤… &…… ❤… ❤

❤❤❤ABOVE ALL ELSE: I WANT OUR SUI GENERIS ROMANCE❤❤❤ {her sui generis wedding dress...}❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤… ❤

Commission Information/Pricing Click and Scroll
Commission Pricing 

Your Name/Username/GroupName on My Cheeks Or Just Sexy Shots - $35
  You get 12 pictures and get to pic the pose the clothing I wear or unwear in your photo shoot as well as whats on my cheeks oil a name you pick^^.
  Enjoy The Booty by MaryBubbleTitties by MaryBubbleSquishy by MaryBubbleMerry Xmas and Happy Birthday Roman *Commission* by MaryBubbleNot Munched by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Big Sore Booty *Commission* by MaryBubble
 ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,

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Mrs Mary Clause Arrives Late by MaryBubble

Mature Content

PeekaBoob by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Boobies ^^ by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Popout by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Booty Cheeks by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Big Phat Red Ass *Commission* by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Sore Cheeks by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Some Amazing Fanart From an Amazing Artist by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Big Awesome Booty by MaryBubble
 , Its Booty O Clock by MaryBubble , 

Mature Content

Hope you all have something nice under your tree by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Thank you guys by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Thank you guys again by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Hyper Cheeks by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Sqeezed BubbleButt by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Tight Leather Im back guys *Commission* by MaryBubble
 , Booty In Jammies by MaryBubble ,

Mature Content

Ass Explosion by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Cheeky Buisness by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Ass Exploding out of jeans by MaryBubble

Mature Content

SideWays Booty Jeans by MaryBubble

Mature Content

My Big Badonkadonk by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Grab A Cheek by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Freeing my Cheeks by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Ankle Grabbing Action by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Popout Pillows by MaryBubble

Mature Content

Overflow by MaryBubble


Mature Content

Chunky by MaryBubble

{Just because I KNOW that MY MIND would OBSESS about it unless I POSTED IT HERE}: The 4 sacred da users: :iconmarybubble: , :iconhonkus2: , :icontaigashinjiro: & ABOVE ALL [with the exception of the #5 that's not posted HERE] :iconsakura-tk-arts: [04/19/2018-7:43pm as of NOW, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE with updating this journal❤ ONLY POSSIBLE EXCEPTION is if #5 MAKES a request or if marybubble, herself, has a picture with her hair in it from the back [like this:

Mature Content

Naked Scared On Dungeon 2 by sakura-tk-arts
 ] that MEETS MY Requirements or something OVERWHELMINGLY-OVERPOWERS MY SENSES in regards to this rule]❤

04/20 edit:… :iconwaifusgonehentai:
04/21 edit:

Mature Content

The ogre's partner is a pink hair girl by sakura-tk-arts
 [for reasons that I won't say here], Hancock Booty by PervyAngel ,

Mature Content

Galactic Booty Empress by Da-Fuze
 & [Character Design] Peacock Empress by RamboNyanKitty❤ gia22n's: :

Mature Content

The Booty princess by gia222n


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
MY CLARITY: :iconmarybubble: { :iconhonkus2: , :icontaigashinjiro: & :iconsakura-tk-arts: } as inspiration for MY PATH to MY WORSHIP❤

:iconcellvor:……… &…… ❤…… by captainmow❤
"heelmamalana":… &……:iconlmant:…
MY WORSHIP is EMBELLISHING MOAR...❤ e elidi è MIA [SONO IL ORSO-TORO di elidi {and her bubble-heart-butt}]❤ Thank you, vftyjtrn0 for enlightening us all about:…:iconnik-zula: & :iconhonkus2: & :iconecchi-fanartists: & :iconflysunmoon: & :iconxnalaraitalia: & :iconvickyshadow: &……:iconi-love-ahegao:
*I have fantasies of enslaving, DOMINATING, EMPOWERING & beautifying bbw giantesses while I AM merely THE TALL MAN [SMALLER than their nails]❤… &…
*I'M THE Fan of souma oogami x chikane himemiya & himeko kurusugawa polygamy❤……… [I remember: mikoto shiratori, yagami yayoi & above all: hatsune shiratori {for her cuckquean, spiritual & BIG ASS qualities}]❤ [s.i.m.p. squirrels in my pants-extended phineas & ferb song showing off candice's sweet, fine, white girl booty shaking around in 'dem jeans]…:iconhugegorgeousboobs: ❤ Also, this "viscosity song" by jezzf0rand22:… MAKES ME want to CUM all over, and inside of this girl over & over, dousing her with MY THICK, WHITE TIDAL WAVES of LOVE & SEXUAL-PLEASURE❤ :icongulavisual: & :iconhombre-blanco:
"I'M going to mount big, jiggly, firm, squishy, soft, wobbly, female booty"❤
:iconjellosquid: for the hot ass-thicc ass nun singing in the video, "hellfire but with nuns animatic [annapantsu cover]":……
effy [cheetah woman with BIG BOOTY/CULO] from the fan-made: one punch man chapter 201-saitama vs god (FINAL boss)❤… &… &… &… &……
I LOVE romantic [and wedding]-smooth jazz music❤… & :icon13yami13: &……
:iconhonkus2: & :icontaigashinjiro: provide the STRONGEST FEELINGS to ME [ :iconsakura-tk-arts: too]❤ "I'M gonna spank your face"❤ *rumble eross xxx❤ a new bra for hitomi by qexiqex❤ princedodgercakes.deviantart.c… ❤ the lioness-xandria❤………………………………………:icongulavisual: &… &……………………… ❤ yamuraiha {magi}, midoriko {inuyasha}, kikyo {inuyasha}, kagome {inuyasha}❤ ME spanking catherine mcdonald [kaze no stigma ♀] as she perpetually-caters to ME with her MASSIVE-WEALTH❤ :iconalbagal: & :iconcutiejailbird::iconnik-zula:
neiva maria from hotnig's youtube video: is this how to clean the whiteboard?:………… &……
Thank you :icont1mmypsp: for the inspiration {"I have MY OWN way of dealing with nightmares"}, MY friend❤
*giantesses/goddesses❤:… ,… ,… , :iconproject-fumika: , :icongoddess-saki: , :iconmichkon: , :iconpachipachy: , :iconcatadioptrictrap: , :iconchaosknightxz: , :iconthedaibijin: , :iconkingklon: , :iconandythepocketpyro: , :iconpiercee: , :iconhank88: , :iconkyokoyuikogts: , :iconmakime264: , :icondesu-of-hakurei: & :icongoddesslizzy:…
LOVELY bbw's [bbw's are MY FAVORITE physical female bodies to indulge in]❤: :iconprincedodgercakes: , :icontrinity-fate: , :iconpixiveo: , :iconlluxury: , :iconjaykuma: , :iconbetter-with-salt: :iconmeepop: , :iconmetalforever: , :iconbedbendersinc: , :iconvelvetexplosion: , :icondr-black-jack: , :iconcakefeeder: , :iconcarebear-sharebear: , :iconishibu: , :iconmac-nova: , :iconcakehoarder: , :iconkurocaze-s: , :iconplumpknight: , :iconmiramiraclerun: , :icon280077s: , :icongammanaut: , :iconmarchhareot: , etc. ❤… &…
boruhina [boruto x hinata] & narukushi [naruto x kushina] FAN [I LOVE the mommies]❤
MOAR:…… &…
tg versions of gohan [even mystic gohan]:… ,… ,… ,…… &………
gine x goku FAN:… &……
sasha braus & her butt [booty] are hot: romano-loves-tomato.deviantart…… &… &… &… &… &… &… &…
*MAKING the BIGGEST booty EVER:……… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &… &……………
* :iconhonkus2: is MY da hero for the EXCLUSIVE, DEVOTED WORSHIP of lara croft [ :iconhighflyinglara: & :iconthat-damn-hitomi-guy: come kind of close] and I AM appreciative:…:iconmamaluigilovesyou: :iconryonarts:…
grace bray [and her booty] {was introduced to her via, "dark horse/e.t. katy perry mashup-jonathan young ft. grace bray":… } ❤…… ,… &…………………… , gyakunan,……
everlastingdarkness5.deviantar……… ,… ,… &……… ,… for:……
*BIG & CHUNKY-moto moto song from madagascar 2:……
stacy's mom [fountain of wayne cover]-bowling for soup:…
DIVERTIMENTO: princedodgercakes.deviantart.c…
stacy's mom-fountain of wayne:……… [mikeposner1089]❤………
THE MIRACLE of LOVE-eurythmics:…
ADD: "/s/my-girlfriends-mom-shrieked" to the end of the literotica website domain❤ stacy-s mom [fountain of wayne cover]-bowling for soup:……………
I want to FEEL MOAR of THIS:……… &……………
I want to CAPTURE MY EXCLUSIVE goldilocks [with a bear's MONSTROUS APPETITE for MY HONEY] right NOW [… &… &…………… ]=… ❤ Also, the urban jazz coalition's car girl is HOT❤ ambient-avalancher.deviantart.……
This series is SO HOT [judging from what I'VE read in part-1]:… &… as well as:… & ME CONQUERING the symbolism of:…
757-957-512-520-555-885-888❤ 8 is MY FAVORITE Number [the MOAR 8's that there are, the BETTER]❤……… &… &… &… &… &… {jillian Keenan's writings about spanking BEING a sex act, and how it shouldn't BE used to PUNISH children} &… &… &… [for the LOVER in you-gerald albright & shalamar]❤
[elidi LOVES the name, "ophelia"]:…
THANK you: :iconamber84:…
ALSO: stacy's mom-bowling for soup [fountains of wayne cover]:… goes to dr. hirano:……
*Add: /s/please-protect-me after the domain name of literotica [gerald albright's', "In THE MOOD"]❤
*Also, many thanks to the spanish creator of: serena, nimya & above ALL others: ilia who somewhat rp's publicly with all three girls giving paizuri's, fellatio & even orgies with LOVE❤ this creator has gone by at least roughly 3-4 different names on da so far so I thank that creator's essence for having created such a beautiful roleplaying environment with said busty [large tracts-of-land] oc women❤……
I want to MARRY MY daughter [elidi {lara}]-antarctica wedding❤
*ryona-spanking❤ "the ass is the face of the soul of sex"❤ ALSO, funk-jazz is GROOVY❤❤❤
I AM: Romantically Submissive, and SADISTICALLY-SEXUALLY DOMINANT❤…
I LOVE pantsing & HUMILIATING females❤
:iconspankamber: [amber dawn]❤
I AM a fan of mindy [aka momoe hamaguchi] from yu-gi-oh gx❤ [the name mindy is an abbreviation of melinda which means: gentle]❤…… &…
I LOVE DOMINATING dominant things, and making those dominant things submissive EXCLUSIVELY TO ME❤ I WOULD LOVE to sexually TORTURE punie tanaka [dai mahout touge/magical girl punie-chan]❤
stacy's mom-bowling for soup:…
*Currently in pursuit of studying MY Subconscious Attraction to FEROCIOUSLY, BRUTALLY PUNISHING big butt/big booty/big assed/wide hipped/booty so big that I SEE IT FROM THE FRONT loli's [sexually attractive, little females]❤
stacy's mom-fountain of wayne OFFICIAL music video:…… &…
Also, these are hot:…………
I LOVE romantic-love songs, and EMPOWERMENT songs❤
"With no excuses made,
I'VE GOT all MY dues paid...
Things are EXACTLY what they seem❤
I WILL DEFINE the things you dream❤
Go CHECK the scores again,
they BROKE the mold when they MADE ME❤...
Do what I say, BETTER watch what I DO❤
BETTER heed the warning I'M HERE to give you❤
If you EVER doubted ME, you DON'T have a clue❤...
I know it isn't fair❤
I KNOW how hard you try❤
I know it isn't fair❤
I KNOW how hard you try
[SAVE] the world"❤…
"The DREAM is NOW real"

*I'M LOVING MOAR about MYSELF❤ I NOW DO zero rp's & ALL interactions with ME WILL BE irl once I have MY ANSWERS [the only possible exceptions would BE for: elidi [lara] & sakura-tk-arts❤……
*I LOVE PUNISHING ♀'s & I AM fascinated by cannigirlism❤……
*lesbian spanking, lesbian bondage and lesbian futanari has taught ME ALOT about MY HIDDEN SELFCEST & other traits of MY TRUE NATURE❤ I LOVE IT [this FEELING of SELF-DISCOVERY]❤…
*I LOVE SPANKING big, soft, warm, wobbly, jiggly bbw bubble butts❤ I ALSO love ♀ souls, butts & the rear view of ♀ head hair (her backside's head hair) the most [sexually speaking]❤-…
*I REALLY LOVE big, round, squishy, jiggly, wobbly, warm female booty & their hair from the back [I WORSHIP this MOAR than any other part of the female❤ Next in line would BE their soul & their art]❤…
*a pecorina=doggystyle sex=по-собачьи❤ *calcinha=panties❤…
*Spanking ♀'s is MY HARDCORE 2nd FAVORITE sexual fetish, and receiving loving, submissive fellatio from a ♀ is one of MY FAVORITE sexual acts❤ SOME MAJOR FETISHES OF MINE (not MY kinkiest, but I FEEL THEM HARD): spanking ♀'s, receiving submissive/loving blowjobs from ♀'s, tg [turning males into MY sexual ♀ slaves], trapping ♀'s in bondage, CUMMING on/in ♀'s any & everywhere [ABOVE ALL, their butt & hair] publicly or privately, the ideal ♀ body type for ME to enjoy as mentioned in:… , giving her anal doggystyle [MY SADISTIC-DOMINANCE], MY ♀ slave harem, etc.❤ All to ADD to MY ♀ collection❤ I AM HIGHLY SADISTIC❤ P.S. :iconcyberdarklord: brings back 2013 MEMORIES❤ Thank you, MY friend❤…
*I AM FASCINATED by kutani's first volume of, "angel's strokes" aka "angel's strokes 01" (all versions) featuring anna liebert [aka nina fortner] from naoki urasawa's monster ['tis one of the reasons that I LOVE :iconbabysitterbound: along with one of the first hentai that I ever came across {along with "boin" aka "boin lecture"}, "… "]❤ Also worthy of note, the golden bible [the twelve gates were twelve pearls]❤ I believe in God, but I AM by zero means a christian or catholic❤ I have a different spirituality all together❤ I support different religious views, and different spiritual views because it is part of MY Sui Generis Worship, and I LOVE to worship for many reasons, but ultimately because it is fun to ME❤ Also, side note, I LOVE sango from "inuyasha" [her name means: coral], chiharu shinonome from "eiken", iori yoshizuki from "i''s pure bonus" & "i''s pure" & himeno kimihara from "centaur no nayami"❤ P.S. THIS hentai:… & ava the last blade series (episode 1 of this 3D hentai specifically❤ Such a FINE, wobbly piece of ass❤ Thank you, chadistu & xlatinox2014 for your help)❤…
la pucelle tactics theme:…
*Also, taking note of youtube editor: drakz3t4 [… which spawned from:… ]❤………………
*THE FACE of MY OVERWHELMING LUST is MOAR elidi [lara] {a fun, loose comparative example: heroineadventures.deviantart.c… &……… }❤…………
[…………… ]❤
DARK NIGHT of the soul-the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble:…
MISTS of krakatoa-the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble [LIVE]:…
mephistopheles-the kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble:……… is MUCH HOTTER than regular bulma❤
:iconeastjesusnowhere94: & :iconsasha-fantom: were MY FIRST da comments [different locations]❤ ALSO, :iconstray-lobo: as far as part-1 goes❤ THANK you so much❤
princematchacakes.deviantart.c…………… ,… &………………………… &…… &………………

❤This is part-2 of MY sgsensuality57 deviantart account (for proof, check the description of sgsensuality57 for explanation)❤ Like it says on MY other account, "I want to feel all of ME" { :iconhonkus2: is MY inspirational hero}❤ That is the main purpose of deviantart, and it's main contribution to MY passion= MF (EMJTRMGL & ULM)❤

I LOVE bbw's [for their plump bodies] and little girls/loli's [for their SYMBOLIC FEAR of their parents] (ask for MOAR specifics, and/or:… )❤ I LOVE big female booty: ex.… [I AM THE PYGOPHILIAC]❤

Some Links To ME:…………
I AM, "YESMEID" on,…… (EXCLUSIVE storage unit NOW)❤………… & I AM on dlsite❤
Add /user/herSONherMASTER/profile to the hentai-foundry site address❤…
add /author/sgsensuality57 to the end of the muchohentai website link❤

An Interest to ME:

NOW, about ME❤ At this point, I really just want to feel greedy, incestuous, sweet, caring, pampering, loving, subservient motherly love❤ I'VE already talked about ME a lot on sgsensuality57, so on here, I want to talk MOAR about what I'M feeling right NOW❤ I want MANY incestuous "moms" to come to ME❤ I'VE always preferred to BE the "prey" as far as seduction goes❤ What I mean by that is I know how to flirt with women (I'VE successfully done so on many occasions❤ Quite a few times MOAR successfully than I had intended or wanted to), but I want to BE the one that's flirted upon❤ I want to BE the one that's pursued (most of the time)❤ MY fetishes are roughly 80-90% of ME BEING sexually dominant, possessive and even cruel, but there are times when I AM MOAR sexually submissive❤ MY submissiveness is different than hers though❤ When she is submissive to ME, I may want to BE cruel and have her completely subservient to ME❤ I may want to inflict pain upon her, or bondage, or maybe I will just want to envelope her in pleasure in the many plethora of ways that I desire❤ I want her to give herself to ME fully for whatever it is that I feel like, and I want her to be loyal and subservient❤ When I AM submissive though it is completely different❤ I'M still in charge, but she's the one that is MOAR so in control in the sense that I AM relying on her in a sense to take care of ME❤ When I AM submissive, rather than being subservient or in bondage, I AM a baby that wishes to be held or massaged or kissed or even "raped"❤ By raped, I mean that the woman (or women) force themselves upon ME to have what I want, even if I'M really tired or refuse them❤ I'M very strong, but I do fantasize about women confidently, seductively stripping ME with their eyes, pursuing ME, luring ME in with kindness and caresses and treats even (I'M good with spending money on women, but it really means something for a woman to spend money on ME❤ It shows that they really care when they're the ones that are doing this, and is something that I wish to indulge MOAR in❤ I'VE always been MOAR so a gentleman as far as these things go for the most part [MOAR so, not completely] but NOW, I want to BE THE DOMINANT BABY❤ I imagine MYSELF as her baby, the one that she wants to cherish and nourish and love and pamper and spoil and be dominated by❤ That seems to BE MY GREATEST sexual fantasy: BEING her baby that is both spoiled by her, and dominates her❤ To imagine a new "mother" of MINE willingly becoming MY slave, and giving ME all of her life and soul❤ To chain her up forever❤ I want to BE smothered in her love, and after receiving lots of her love, I want to smother her in bondage forever❤ As such, I do have some NTR/Cuckbull fantasies in which I do steal other people's women, but I only wish to do this if I AM supported by both partners❤ I AM A MAN of LOVE, and I only want to do things out of love❤ Even the cruelty that I give to women sexually (ex. bondage, spanking, etc.) is out of MY love for them❤ I want women to be fixated, addicted, obsessed, need and to obey completely, to be bound completely by, MY purity❤ This is all that I can think of to write right NOW❤

I want women to unconditionally love ME, BE loyal to ME, BE owned by ME (I do want legal female slaves) and I want them to come to ME, to flirt with ME, to want ME so much that they are willing to gently rape ME if they need to, to convince ME that they want to BE MY slave, slave to MY purity, and to care for ME, while also enduring any and all harsh punishments and cruelties that I will bestow upon them, knowing full well what they all are, and I want them to do all of this purely because they enjoy it, and want it MOAR than life itself❤ A woman that knows what she wants is truly attractive to ME❤ *Grins* Devote yourself to MY plan, MY purity, MY volition❤

For future investments on da:

❤Everything is working out perfectly for ME❤ This is a SAFE place❤

❤WARNING: MY fetishes do get very graphic (ex. gore) at times❤ ye have been warned of the contents of favorites on MY page❤ One MOAR thing: If I favorite your art, I will keep it in MY favorites❤ This is absolute on MY end❤ On another note, I AM romantic, kind (I prefer being kind to being nice❤ Kindness is out of love whereas being nice is out of something else), loving and I LOVE goddesses❤ I AM willing to be friends with everyone/anyone as long as there is love and respect❤ I love you all❤………
"virgin invader" by menzstudio357❤……

I'M somewhat of THE Fan of the cyborg x starfire & raven [teen titan] fanpolygamy❤

Also, this seems to BE a fun, rp and/or literotica like vore site where people gather together and/or write vore related things: [thank you, :iconmaltian: ] &

ULTIMATE FAVORITE ARTISTS (Only ranks 1-4 are PERFECT & PERMANENT at the moment as I AM still learning about something important❤ For PERMANENT da results, scroll a little further than this list)❤:
1. ME❤
2. ???❤
3. elidi (lara)❤
4. sakura-tk-arts :iconsakura-tk-arts: ❤ (getting MOAR into tickling art from BEING around her)❤
5. taigashinjiro :icontaigashinjiro: & :iconmontycrusto:(secondary: :iconmamaluigilovesyou: , :iconukyo2015: & :iconkilladogg: & :iconpaulgq: )(freedom: I AM into many things that involve death as well and don't have any particular favorites I imagine but if I do then it would BE rewarded to: :iconvickyshadow: & :iconadmiralterrencehood: & :iconeulaliamerida: )❤
*I DO remember: xcherryblossombunnyx, 280077s , odaibachase, themannameded & MOAR❤
*special thanks to/mention: :iconlarry-malone: & :iconmontycrusto:
*special mention: :iconerotiquetales: (aka yulia) & :iconeulaliamerida: and also :iconvickyshadow:
6. :icontgcompilation:
7. artists like: :iconlittledreamers: , :iconrokku-d: , :iconbellosh101: , :iconkokorolover4ever: , :iconart-student777: [PURELY for the name, and a little for the art], :iconcarebear-sharebear: , :icondespair1999: , :iconhfaperson: , :iconmichi264: , :iconheavy-fantasy: , :iconser-gts: , :icontalrok: , :iconxmistressecchicatx: , :iconshinbloodytears: , :iconblackarrowphotos: , :iconheroineadventures: , :iconbigbootyologist: , :iconkaaintraining: , :iconrumataestorian: , :iconneikou: , :icondarkmistresselvira19: [elvira quotes: "...perfetto for italian comedies: torte in faccia e calci in culo ( face pies and ass kicking) :)... The fine art of "calcio in culo" xd... just like my backside :P... I'm preparing my culo!... Well you're making it an easier target!"]❤, :iconwhitegirlbigbooty: , :iconnight-glare: , :icondevindickie: [for MY SADISM of her culo], :iconandrejpavlek: , :iconjenjabi: , :iconisaribidesu: , :iconcoaxdreams: , :iconyoungamy: , :icondaikinbakuju: , :iconfurbs3d: , :iconhellresident-infl8: , :iconthegreedgirl: , :iconhattyste: , :iconmalitestar: , :iconaslanzaragallery: , :icontragicfangirl: , :iconwakamiyafuji: , :iconevil-count-proteus: , :iconadmdraws: , :iconhyperflannel: , :icon3dpinup: , :iconcarolive1000: , :iconcherrys-12: , :icondarkoshen: , :iconsspd077: , :icongigicatgirl: , :iconmp101-captions: , :iconfire-inu-princess: , :iconsleepallof2day: , :iconduckbuttbeauties: , :iconbluedragonkaiser: , :iconkronostar: , :iconbebecake: , :iconmabeelz: , :iconshawnventura: , :iconayorapics: , :iconjakal63: , :iconmattthewarlock: , :iconbarstool316: , :iconafterproject: , :iconjohn-wesker: , :iconvoreq: , :iconavocadoafro: , :iconrandomcartoonz: , :icontigerdorothy: , :iconwax-master: , :iconmonkofmayhem: , :iconkeshi-gomu: , :iconraptorcloak: , :iconjuliannstacy: , :iconnightmare-lenne: , :icondovsherman: , :iconmstubebe: , :iconhombre-blanco: , :icongigamessy: , :icontheartofvero: , :iconflysunmoon: , :iconviii-bit: , :iconpkangel: , :icondragoon-rekka: , :iconfaeriefaith: , :icongoldenhorus: , :iconwomenbodysareamazing: , :iconthegeckoninja: , :iconkillercroc69: , :iconjsmar666: , :iconblacktgkitty2: , :iconslugbox: , :iconfrizfunk: , :iconwaltonafterdark: , :iconlewdlux: , :iconnoisetanker: , :icongbeeee: , :iconbrokenmindd: , :iconcollarednation: , :iconmommy: , :iconsandybelldf: , :icondeadsupaku: , :iconssbbwa9babam: , :iconcaptainmow: , :iconqueen-zelda: , :icongia222n: , :iconhomunculuslover: , :iconbimboannon: , :iconbootyfox: , :iconphillip-the-2: , :icontoon-milf: , :iconrome53: , :iconcoredumperror: , :iconseviesphere: , :iconmarybubble: , :icondhampir555: , :icon4wearemanytoo: , :iconilikapie: , :iconraldu: , :icongraca81: , :iconmikeposner1089: , :iconlotikmac: , :iconthatgirlistwisted: , :icondcolb121: , :iconvayne17: , :iconincubiportraitstu: , :iconnecroryona: , :icontakethemaway: , :iconproudwarrioress: , :iconxmasterdavid: , :iconlordofterrer: , :iconokamiseinen: , :iconboobymistress: , :icondeluwyrn: , :iconevov1: , :iconperildominance: , :icondiamond-stud: , :iconnilapix: , :iconghostysquid: , :iconlordstormcaller: , :icontavisharts: , :iconqexiqex: , :iconbreastsintroubles: , :icongulavisual: , :iconmeatbbw: , :iconrosagreyden: , :iconusemypictures: , :iconthegildoe: , :iconthalarionyr: , :iconediaz: , :iconriendonut: , :icongammanaut: , :icontehbuttercookie: , :icondarksignraime: , :icontfsubmissions: , :iconmidorikuroba: , :icondilios999: , :iconrabbsx15: , :iconbootycheekpete: , :icondark-fancy-art-page: , :icondolphindewott: , :icondsng: , :icondrticklerofsoftsoles: , :iconlovely-ladies: , :iconmariehonokadojo: , :icondeviantzach: , :iconmerunyaa: , :iconnormaldeviant: , :iconbimba84: , :iconraidaboi: , :iconmartymartyr1: , :iconbbcworship: , :iconkaa-fan-art: , :iconthat-damn-hitomi-guy: , :iconshadbase:, :iconalexawriter: , :eg1993: [elijah], :iconbubblebum420: , :icongoddesslizzy: , [aka "sedge-butt" and the, "buttsquad( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "❤] :iconlgwbt: , :iconbutterbelly13: , :walkingdeadmann: , :iconthejiggly: , :icontricketitrick: , :icongiantessfan27: , :icon:jeannettentutu , :iconmaronfanclub: , :iconburburart: , :iconkajiragames: , :iconmrdaggerisgodfather: , :icongordy20: , :iconizaalisk17: , :iconwindseeker04: , :iconyeougui: , :iconseppukufurry: , :icontawni-tailwind: , :iconcartoonpink: , :iconmegabippy: , :iconyappi: , :iconawesomecook1: , :iconambientavalancher: , :iconxbellchenx: , :icondaddynbeauty: , :icongloverboy23: , :iconbenja100: , :iconraijinsenshi: , :iconhector026: , :iconperpentach: , :iconaliencaster: , :iconblakknight08: , :iconkipteitei: , :iconbleinnie: , :iconfeyzer: , :iconwafflesoul: , :iconthunkstudio: , :iconsedna-studio-art: , :iconltdtaylor1970: , :icongingerbreadgirl89: , :icon34qucker: , :iconre-maker: , :iconrisrupio: , :iconnostra319: , :iconbbwnymphprincess: , :iconmr123goku123: , :iconbiggerbetterbarbie: , :iconjasmine-sinclair: , :iconenzo-fan: , :iconprofessordoctorc: , :icon59902631: , :iconullamaliztli: , :icongagem: , :iconazure9153: , the bbc-chan on hentai-foundry, :iconryonapage: , :iconrinayru: , :icontomboyjanet: , :icongorgeousgwen: [512 reminder❤], :iconkittyryder: , :iconlanternart: , :iconceeaybee: , :iconblyzzarde: , :iconblack-shadow-walker: , :icon1a2l3i2v1e: , :iconnabs001: , :iconsuccubusqueenx: , :icontheladyj: , :iconyuriihime: , :iconjudge-jeege: , :iconanri-sugihara: , :iconthebabydoe: , :iconzzzzxx: , :icongeknebelt: , :iconmarxinato: , :iconbrayburnman: , :iconjnsucker12: , :icongugger186: , :iconjaykuma: , :iconchachazero90: , :icontismatty: , :icontheamericandream: , :iconaxbunny: , :iconaizawasilk: , :iconmarrazan: , :iconarniro111: , :iconinu-sessh-rin: , :iconkitsuneyin: , spooky-gh0st, :icontoshi81: , :iconandronicusvii: , :iconartgenie1: , :iconrnn10: , :iconjaviermtz: , :iconladycandy2011: , :iconsleepingnymph: , :iconxtaylormoonx: , :iconbondage-dungeon: , thetgguy, :the-tg-tfs-princess: , arcknightak, , , :iconpassocorto: , :iconilovefeelingboobies: , :iconbromanfourman: , nikwently, :iconcreativore: , larry-malone, montycrusto, :iconbutter-t: , :iconsent11: , :iconezramorris: , :iconthestooge2222: , :iconshin-o: , :iconkoch-ch: , :iconteebreakers: , :iconprincematchacakes:, kennycomix, :iconcyberoid: , :iconmaximumbanana: , :icondarknessofanubis: , killadogg, :iconsapphireangelarts: , :iconmiyuki48: , :iconvg-mc: , :iconsorakey27: , :icongreengiant2012: , :iconhibbli3d: , :iconpsychowolffy: , greshnikhrono, dragonicxs, :icondarkestmbongo: , maiga858, :iconronaldcota3690: , :iconexposed-underwear: , :iconsakurahagiwararyona: , :iconlufidelis: , :iconkrakenparty: so that I "release [MY] FUCKING KRAKEN", :iconsexual-yeti: for it's name, :icon666zarike: , :icontenichiro: , :iconpewbutt: , :iconhikemura-hiroichi: , :iconbastioncon: , :iconseagnomes: , :iconartemisumi: , :icondaniel-remo-art: , :iconbabysitterbound: , :iconallymoodneko: , :iconbrandonboulden: , :iconsuccisuccubus: , :iconkakumeiouzi: , :iconpablocomics: , :iconluricun: , :iconoddmachine: , :iconmetalforever: , :iconthemartianking: , :iconbigbootymaster101: , :iconpaszkowt: , :iconboiyugi: , :iconperpentach: , :iconrarefreak: , :iconbisontom: , :iconscifijackrabbit: , :icondenkira7: , :iconberseh: , :iconfakemodeo: , :iconorca1997: (for our roleplays), :iconazazell76: , :iconcesaru33: , mr-g-modder, sparrowsally, :iconthedaibijin: , :icontempty96: , :iconeverlastingdarkness5: , :iconashvey: , :iconkurocaze-s: , :iconxc-draws: , dragonsamurai300 (especially for, "from mortal to goddess" series & for "melony the holstaur"…), burnup19, babynekokitten, partial shikkaku transformation gaara x/raping and abusing sakura haruno, sebastian michaelis x sakura haruno & hinata hyuga, resha999, 1950s' kirk stiles' art of spanking women, :iconryonabond: , :iconsseanboy23: , :iconsimpleman26: , :iconmyfetishsituation: , :icongesperax: , redfalcon23 (especially for the, "didention" & "kids in trouble" series', :iconhulagirlcomix: , :iconexplicit-cryptid: , :iconn7-rose: , :iconwujekfu: , :iconsexydragonqueen: , :iconcattle6: , [I have eyes on :icondannychoo: ], :iconfairytailda: , :icondraekochan: , :iconotherworldsam: , :iconjoaoppereiraus: , girlsalwayslose, xmistressecchicatx, :icondido-antares: , :iconecchi-mia: , artists that have females put in jail unfairly and cruelly, :iconprincematchacakes: , :icon1pinkandpeachy1: , dlobo777, :iconhibbychibis: , :iconsaturnthirteen: , :iconcaptivegirl: , :iconmp5stab: , :iconelqro: , :iconmadevilindustries: , :iconblacktgkitty: , :iconarukesuke: , :icontgvocals: , :iconumbrofox: , :iconkururu418: , :iconrarefreak: , :iconryonarts: , :iconoverlordofnobodies: , :iconmamaluigilovesyou: , the-evil-dr-jonas, sadiewest, deluwyrn, :iconnaughtygirls: , :iconhypno-harem: , :iconthe-gale-fanatical:, :iconashleyotk: , :iconpastel-hime: , :iconnoughtyspankbottom: , :iconloli-complex: , :iconmre4you: , :iconpeskinhead: , :iconether-core: , :icontgcompilation: , :iconzetarok: [inspired by butagoya hentai artist]❤ , :iconthesoggo: , :iconpkangel: , :iconbloom225: , :iconspankallgirls: , :iconderrieresindanger: [This ONE TRULY SYMBOLIZES MY LUST on quite a few levels, especially when paired with ones like princematchacakes, overlordofnobodies, , , , , , , , , , , shiin, kennycomix, larry-malone & montycrusto❤ Do you get it?❤ *Grins widely & toothily* It's ok if you don't, you will❤ Sooner or later] , I REALLY want to spank cheerleaders, :iconlorrey678: , :iconshadow-midori: , *there's just too many to list here as a possibility* etc.❤

I'M FASCINATED BY :iconsolomondeedes: 's [especially for the, "lara croft and the seal of romulus" series/series' art collection❤

******After Careful Psychological Examination, MY Top deviantart artists are: :iconsakura-tk-arts: & :iconeminalnymph: (these two are neck & neck, it's pretty hard to choose a favorite between the two, but at LONG LAST, I guess that it is true❤ sakura wins as eminalnymph was appreciated PURELY in her concepts whereas sakura's art continues to show ME MY way, and sakura is still here❤ Congrats sakura, your position is FINALLY secured as number four UNDISPUTED), :icontaigashinjiro: & :icontgcompilation: in that order of greatest to least greatest (not including :iconheellana: formerly known as tghorus who has no specific ranking)❤ :iconhibbli3d: maybe as well (I just LOVE her style❤ It reminds ME of sakura-tk-arts' & taigashinjiro's❤ The PERFECT DOUBLE WAMMY❤ The only way that this could BE topped is if somehow tg was added up in there)❤ Last worthy of note is :icongesperax: PURELY for her devotion to her passion, AND for the fact that this passion is MY 2nd favorite fetish [I just LOVE both:… &… ]❤ SPECIAL MENTION of :iconalexreynolds: for her part in the, "playing truant" video by dreamsofspanking [website] & for her face & hair reminding ME of elidi (lara)❤ SUPER SPECIAL MENTION: :iconhighflyinglara: by zero means one of MY favorites, but hey, I LOVE elidi (lara) so much that anything that is close to her in any way catches MY STRONG ATTENTION❤ MENTION: :iconalan1828: because I IMAGINE elidi [lara] as MY PERSONAL, EXCLUSIVE nun with a big, warm booty for ME [ :iconirawr4lara: 's name explains MY FEELINGS pretty well❤ :iconhonkus2: ] & :icongaggeddude32: ❤ Mention: :iconkeesanimetech: & :iconpaytonsnewheart: purely for cardiophiliac & innocent reasons (that, and I LOVE her name❤ It reminds ME of, "angel beats" & bloom225's payton❤ Splendido) & :iconelijahpink: for personal reasons❤ THE others will remain on their part on the list, but are there for other reasons❤ This is the pure answer❤ ALSO, :iconmejin: for, "a mother's bliss" & :iconrussellclark: for such EXQUISITE tentacle impregnation lovin' as well as :iconhypnowalker:❤ ALSO, SPECIAL MENTION: :iconmirajanelover: for the VALUES of selfcest❤

eminal (as coined by, "eminalnymph"): "basically ass-to-pussy insemination from 1 woman to another, but really incestuous and with the intent to fertilize ♡" (MOAR details:…) [ ]❤

*Want to see a violent, non-gory fantasy of MINE?❤ Add: "/g/690723/1d6a9c5a8b/" to the end of the g.e-hentai with the .org link❤ ALSO, opiumud's tentacle video with marie rose & opiumud's, "marie rose in the dungeon" video❤

*****sakura-tk-arts (I'M currently craving anuriel sakura's ass-THE URGE IS STRONG)❤

P.S. "Take MY hand, the best is yet to come"❤ It's ALL in MY NAME❤ I AM KINDER & MOAR LOVING than I think❤ I WANT to BE FREE to choose how I AM BOUND❤ "Get ready for revival
Open up your nets
Get ready for a catch
Get ready for revival
First you must believe
Then you will receive
(Get ready for revival)...
And if you wondering why I'm loving life
Come close and I'll tell you what's up

Ask me how I'm doing, I'm blessed, yes...
Smile up on my face, I'm like oh yes
I'm blessed yes, I'm blessed yes"❤

bully: noun, plural bullies.


a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.


Obsolete. good friend; good fellow.


Obsolete. sweetheart; darling.

*Thank you, eminalnymph❤

MY FAVORITE fictional ♀'s [GREATEST-least greatest] {aside from the number 1. this list of females is purely a special place held within MY HEART, and is liable to change even while the list remains in MY CHANNEL DESCRIPTION❤ I AM MOSTLY drawn to the idea of having/POSSESSING/OWNING, "motherly daughters"}❤:
1. anuriel sakura by sakura-tk-arts [by FAR MY favorite❤ There are only two women that transcend her in MY Heart, both of which are real life women]❤
2. amy rose [especially for sonic x episode, "a new start" when she welcomes sonic back]❤
3. himeko kurusugawa from, "kannazuki no miko" [and all of her other versions, most notably the one in "zettai shoujo seiiki amnesian" as well as MY "imaginary" version of her: yukina nanahara from the REAL hentai "anal sanctuary" aka "requiem"]❤
4. tsunami-kami-sama from the, "tenchi! muyo" series❤
5. hachishaku-sama/hasshaku-sama❤
6. yubel from, "yu-gi-oh gx" [PURELY because she is a female living inside of a male]❤
*SPECIAL MENTION: motherly daughters like: kaga rin from, "usagi drop" [imagine the big booty hentai of her❤ That... would... BE... AWESOME] & ayame kizaki from "papa love: papa to icha ero shitai musume-tachi to hitotsu yane no shita de"❤ ALSO, yamraiha from the magi anime series is PRETTY HOT [she reminds ME of miss frizzle from, "the magic school bus" and some other nice stuff as well], a ♀ version of light yagami [death note] & tia from "konjiki no gash bell"❤
7. krul tepes & mina tepes❤
*PURELY SEXUAL mentions: For sexual reasons, I wish to DOMINATE the dominant, "punie tanaka [dai mahout touge]" & "marie rose [dead or alive]"❤

DEEP LUST for: mia malkova, [bbw] mazzaratie monica, felicia clover, valentina nappi & lexxxi luxe in addition to innocent females that are captured and tortured, female predators [ex. lionesses, vampiresses, rosario + vampire female cast, dragonsamurai300 females, etc.] & above both of the previous: pokémon females❤ Also, I LOVE enslaving females (and their booty)❤

EVVAI: the final fight begins of the shinsetsu bobobo series:……

MY BURSTING, PALPITATING DESIRE for elidi (lara) & anuriel sakura are STRONG❤❤❤

VERY SPECIAL MENTION: :iconjenninn: like :iconeulaliamerida: , :iconvickyshadow: & :iconpigletmina: ❤

Special thanks to :iconbloom225: [reminds ME of :iconkenny-comix: , :iconlarry-malone: , :icontaigashinjiro: , :iconeminalnymph: & :icontgcompilation:]❤

*I would LOVE to have ALL of :icongreshnikhrono: 's art ALL for MYSELF at last❤

*… &…

*Thank you, :iconhonkus2: for your truly FASCINATING, DEEP FASCINATION with a single female [lara croft] and zero distractions from her via other females❤

*I LOVE the art of: babyfirsttv, honkus2, bikini ifrit {ifrit aeon} & marybubble [aka mary elizabeth]❤

culo inamorato: :icontaigashinjiro: [MY da hero that guides :iconhonkus2: & :iconsakura-tk-arts: within MY HEART while BEING somewhat-guided by :iconhonkus2: ❤ I LOVE the, "over her lap" & "POUND of FLESH" series' & MY FAVORITE pic from taigashinjiro is:… ❤], :iconbloom225: , :iconcarebear-sharebear: ,… , :hyperflannel: , :iconhombre-blanco: ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… , :iconlorrey678: , :iconnik-zula: ,… , :iconkittyryder: ,… ,… ,… , *{youtube channels: ifrit aeon, gordon shauna & bikini ifrit all concerning bikini ifrit},… , :iconmarybubble: ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… , :iconkittyryder: , :iconamac145: , :iconbxblazexd: ,… [artgenie1's oc for ME EXCLUSIVELY] ,… , [versohl/versohlen], [am popo/ihrem hintern/ihren po], [versohlen popo],… ,… ,… , {… }, [gulavisual, speedyhimura, kokido &… just like… &… is GOOD Inspiration for the large, soft, sagging breast like booty that I DESIRE to LUST after❤], :iconaFATnekobuttLOVER: ,… , :iconshiin-o: , :iconkenny-comix: , :iconraldu: ,… ,… ,… ,… ,… , :iconpinkpawg: , :iconguhzcoituz: , :iconlordstormcaller: ,… ,… ,… , :iconprincematchacakes: , :icontrinity-fate: , :iconpixiveo: , :iconlluxury: , :iconjaykuma: , :iconbetter-with-salt: , :iconmetalforever: , :iconbedbendersinc: , :iconvelvetexplosion: , :icondr-black-jack: , :iconcakefeeder: , :iconishibu: , :iconmac-nova: , :iconsutibaruart: , :iconcakehoarder: , :iconkurocaze-s: , :iconplumpknight: , :iconmiramiraclerun: , :icongammanaut: , :iconartistik-bootya: ,… {… &… plus… &… }, :icongesperax: & :iconvizeta: etc.❤

DEAREST Thank you, elidi {lara} & :iconsakura-tk-arts: ❤

*Note to SELF [FOR LATER]:tickle-me-lauren96.deviantart.… & tickle-me-lauren96.deviantart.…

*Grins widely & ECSTATICALLY* OH YEAH, baby❤ This is all gettin' good❤



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