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Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus during a tropical storm.

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excelente boceto saludos desde atenas grecia.

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Nativehorse100Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Death battle.
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DaveSheepekHobbyist Traditional Artist
Spin should win! Go Spin! :shakefist:
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LDN-RDNTProfessional General Artist
Finish him!
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I think this is a fantastic composition. This makes me think that you've referenced elements from HR Giger's Necronom IX (work 318) in a rather brilliant way without copying it, but one can compare various features between the two paintings quite easily and oddly it looks as if they've continued the trend with the Jurassic World posters since.
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Amazing art work and creative battle stance... leaves so much to the imagination...who would win... anything could happen to creat an upset, just like cage fighting, a mistake, lucky opening would turn the tide... I like that Rex has some serious claw marks on neck and face, but now is about to remove the arm of Spino ... anything could happen, sign of great art ... like a movie that has an uncertain ending... keeps one thinking long after the movie ends... great work here!
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
by the look of things theRex seems to be less injured so my bets on him :D
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The T-Rex is not that tiny :\, and if he bites the leg of Spino like the image, the bones will be crushed and the flesh lacerated. The T-Rex can also rip off Spino's arm easily with his strong neck and powerful bite. Why everyone use the Spino's biggest estimate but uses the T-Rex "Sue"? The T-Rex have a lot of bigger fossils found, but they keep the size of Sue...
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Herschel-HoffmeyerProfessional Digital Artist
I would suggest checking out the rematch version here: herschel-hoffmeyer.deviantart.…
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Wow, this version is perfect! Excellent work!
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EmperorMinillaHobbyist General Artist
"looks at comment section" :iconfacepalmplz:
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Ikr? Who cares? Rexy had her movies
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EmperorMinillaHobbyist General Artist
I just don't get why everyone and their mother is bitching about the Spino getting beaten in the picture. Even then, you still have some Rexy fanboys trying to make an issue out of nothing. Like... why can't people just look at the damn picture and appreciate how awesome it looks?
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The bite to the spinosaurus left leg alone would have been the end of it, as for its tibia would most certainly break with its calf muscles torn off into 'mush'. Thus causing the spinosaurus to slump to the ground (can additionally severely injure it) which would leave the spinosaurus vulnerable to the tyrannosaurus onslaught of bites. 

This is because 
1. Tyrannosaurus truly had dramatically powerful gapping jaws 
Such force would easily turn spinosaurus tibia into essentially 'mush' 

2. Tyrannosaurus had 
very robust serrated teeth. 

Also, based on the robustness of tyrannosaurus skull and its very solid upper-pallet (rare among dinosaurs), it was actually very capable of very violently jerking and shaking its head to cause even more damage and tear off flesh and even potential limbs. 
The specialized upper-pallets of tyrannosaurs was especially emphasized by Thomas Holtz as a major difference between tyrannosaurs and carnosaurs


In fact, many paleontologists are now even believe that not only would tyrannosaurus tear off large chunks, smash bones or even sever limbs, but its 'signature finishing move' was evidently decapitation via ripping the heads off their prey. 


By the way, the spinosaurus left arm is pretty much done for. 
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the good ol' days
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Amazing piece! It looks good on the cover of this book someone published:

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ReptilesKingStudent Artist
Titans duel :D
This image looks like really real
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SpinosaurusDinosaurHobbyist Digital Artist
Beaten and bloodied champions ^^;
Very excellent texturing and art piece as a whole :D
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Herschel-HoffmeyerProfessional Digital Artist
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Tyrannuss555Hobbyist Artist
T.rex would win, even though spinosaurus was larger t.rex had more powerful bite force 
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WHO....FUCKING....CARES?! Nobody even knows for sure. All we have are fossils
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Nobody cares about that argument anymore.
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