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Hallway of Slaughter

Get your silver bullets ready...

My werewolf will be coming to the Daz store this Halloween.

Werewolf for Daz3D by Herschel-Hoffmeyer
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struck3Xbylightning's avatar
Oh hell yes! In the cart as soon as it launches, can't wait!
JPiat's avatar
I have buyed a lot of werewolf on DS store but I have never been satisfayed by the result... and by my renders.... Another sale for you...
Herschel-Hoffmeyer's avatar
Thank you for the support and enjoy!
rrkknight3's avatar
Very much looking forward to this one!
If this is just half as good as the Carnomoloch, it will be worth every penny. My credit card will be on full combat alert come this Halloween.
Herschel-Hoffmeyer's avatar
haha, thanks for the support and hope you enjoy it!
I wish that was in a horror movie I would love to see that I would seriously crap my pants and that would be great because that means it was just hat freakin scary and there really aren’t any good ones ok except for IT CHAPTER 2 cant wait for that one but I mean an actual scary movie but now that I think about it the screen writers are most likely going to fuck it up
SoupCan2099's avatar
I see, the bad moon arising.
Cain1241's avatar
WOW! Nice Werewolf! You captured all the fierceness perfectly!
12CArt's avatar
Zombie fella (Actions) 
COOL, Looking Good ! ! !
drakonrenders's avatar
Oh.  My.  God.  I do believe that is the best werewolf I've ever seen, including Hollywood. Phenomenal work, definitely going to have buy him as soon as he releases
Herschel-Hoffmeyer's avatar
Thanks and glad you like him!
Drakoin101's avatar
Your rendering is super good! Phenomenal in fact! Keep doing what your doing cause what your doing looks awesome!
mortalshinobi's avatar
nice creepy look to this lycan
Ana-Mizuki's avatar
Ooh! When will it come on sale? Is it G8M?
Herschel-Hoffmeyer's avatar
Late September/Early October and stand alone (like my Carnomoloch) because to many anatomical differences in the head and and achieving a high level of detail in the mouth and face.
Ana-Mizuki's avatar
Cool, I'll eagerly wait for it! ^^
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