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Ghostblade G8F Outfit

A female assassin outfit called the "Ghostblade" for Gen 8 Female (Daz Studio). Sword and gear is included.

Grab it here:…
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It's on sale now, you have really renewed the possibilities of outfits with a very high quality.

I will probably buy this one but only for the sword and the harness.

The outfit is too sexy or not enough... The stocking are too sexy but the magasine pouches are too heavy and made no sense here.
The future Harbinger Machine Pistol expension is better but you need to choose : Hiding the body (more realistic like the excellent Atlas outfit) or showing the body, but not both.

May I sugest the work of Abrar Khan for inspiration ?…

Very strong female warrior character.

Sorry if it's sound negative.
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Well the Tactical Assault outfit has sold X2 to that of the Atlas because it does show a little skin. She's an assassin, not a soldier. My style was more in line with comic book style outfit that is a bit of fantasy rather than realistic. I follow many artist who do similar stuff and give me many ideas but all of Abrar Khan's work is nearly the same designs with slight differences. The magazine pouches are for an assault rifle, which many already exist from Polish PA so no need to recreate. But the outfit was not designed for rational thinking or practicality, straight up action babe in heels. If that's not your thing, I totally get you lol, but... I also like to get paid.

I will totally be adding to the Atlas outfit in the very near future for those that prefer realism and tactical stuff.
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It's hard to not sound negative. I appreciate and buy most of your creations. The quality is awesome.
I will buy Ghostblade, more for supporting your as a content creator than because I need it.

I have buyed both Atlas armor + expansion and tactical assault outfit + expansion and rifle. For me the Atlas outfit is better. Perharps you should release more easy product like weapons and pose (Lazzy people like me need pose...) for Atlas armored suit and helmets (but helmets that not hide the face... I want to see my babe).

Of course, if one day you release an exoskeleton for atlas armored suit, you will be my own personal god (totally useless I know).

For me, you are the best content creator for Daz Studio. So keep up the good work.

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I'm currently working on an exo for the Atlas, it will be apart of four products, 1.) exo and gear included, 2.) new texture pack, 3.) heavy weapon attachment (probably a rail gun/gauss cannon), and 4.) pose collection for it. It will be here sooner than you think :)

For the Harbinger Machine Pistol, it includes 10 full-body stand alone/ATLAS poses that are both tactical and stylistic (an additional 5 suited for the Ghostblade outfit). I hate all the poses that exist in the store that always make the person look wacky, off-balance, incorrect positioning, and not even looking down/over the sights. That's just being lazy.

Anyways, I appreciate the support and expect much more from me in the department you're looking for.
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What I appreciate in Abrar Khan work is the mix of organic flesh and metalic component with a lot of details (wire tube mecanism...)
Can't wait to see and buy your exo and gear.
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Looking forward to this one!
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