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ATLAS for Daz3D

The ATLAS (Advanced Tactical Light Armored Suit) is an outfit for both the Genesis 8 male and female. The tactical armored suit is designed to fit many roles and needs and serves as a base outfit where all types of equipment, gear, and additional stuff can be added. Many expansive products are planned for this outfit in the near future.

Grab it here:…
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Hey Herschel!
This outfit is a very interesting looking outfit. I got a Daz eMail on this outfit for sale. Noticed a few things from one of my characters. 
I'm interested in purchasing this outfit. Was wondering if the outfit is POSER compatible?
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Not sure as I don't know much about Poser.
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Wow the way you render it makes it look like an illustration. That's some cool designs too!
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Goodie, goodie, goodie!
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Wait. Tactical gear for women that doesn't prominently feature exposed breasts?

Take it. Take all of my money.
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Fav fella (Badge) 
Outstanding Tactical Gear ! ! !
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Wow! Very cool! Outstanding details!
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Amazing stuff. 
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This makes me curious. What was happening with red? It looked fine on the other promotional renders you had done. Haven't notice it being problematic in my own.

Guessing they're just decal-type colours, instead of emissive lights an enemy could use to target the wearer with, story-wise?

Nice use of missile and flare trail effects in the sky! Those always help to really sell a sense of movement.
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You can see it in the previous promos when you like close enough. I only noticed after closely inspecting because some markings were looking more blurred than they should be. A red puts off a glow like an emissive light but no emissive settings are being used. It doesn't glow in the dark, but the color bleeds like you're looking at it through a liquid. Don't know how else to describe it. Only does it with bright reds next to darker colors.
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That sounds really bizarre... Could it be a coding error within the Iray engine? I remember 3Delight sometimes famously refused to render certain specific surfaces, like the inside of Dragon 3's mouth, every now and then. Nobody seemed to know why.
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I'm not sure. I'll post some examples in the forum when I post the product thread page and maybe someone when know the cause.
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Hope someone knows why. Could have a lot of ramifications for how it functions.
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