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Here is the link to donate me points.
Yeah,I need points so pls donate.

(Sorry if you didn't see the donation box.
There will be a huge project posted on Youtube soon!!

I teamed up with some talented voice actors and animators to make this project on Amino.

So stay tuned people! :3
Hello again,deviants!I have great news,I made another AU entitled 'Despair Labatory'.This AU was about three scientists found an abandoned labatory in Hope's Peak Academy,then decided to kidnap innocent people to experiment on.I need all the help to complete this AU of mine,so give me your OCs and say what kind of experiments should I put on them.
Hey Deviants,I posted a fanfiction based on my AU,Danganronpa:Ultra Sorrows.It's on Wattpad,but it's not completed yet.I finished two parts only,so read it.In order to find the fanfiction,you'll need to search this title.
'Danganronpa :Ultra Sorrows'
It's really an amazing story to make!
Hey deviants,I've been waiting for your art requests so long.And I didn't receive any new one!So please,give me some art requests!😢
Hey deviants!I annouce that I will be having a gemsona OC contest.The rules are simple:
1.Design your best gemsona OC
2.Submit to the contest folder
3.Wait for the results to reveal
I will choose the top five best gemsona OCs,the winner will be annouced after the results are in.So,let the contest begin!
So,I actually can accept art requests now.You can send me art request,and I can do it for you guys.But,there is some conditions that I cannot do some requests.So,I wrote down these catergories of different art requests.

-Creepypasta OC
-Gemsonas(Steven Universe)
-Your Personal OCs
-Yaoi(Needs to be hard)

So that's all I can say.