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Despair Labatory AU-Herren Xenoberg by HerrenLovesFNAF Despair Labatory AU-Herren Xenoberg by HerrenLovesFNAF
Experiment #001-Mutation Adaption

Description-Having the immortality energy in her bloodstream,being enhanced by injecting mutation substance into her,becoming invincible and unkillable.Both eyes were removed and attached to two different locations on the body,one on the chest and one on the right arm.Side effect of the mutation is the subject's missing arm growed back but being mutated,so the robotic arm we removed from the subject is not required.Another side effect is that her hair became a living creature and has its own working brain,the eyes on the subject's tails were also removed and replaced with working teeth,forming a mouth.

History-This subject was the first experiment we ever done,we researched her body while she was knocked out.It appears that she has the power of an immortal creature,so we decided to enhance her immortality by injecting mutation substances into her bloodstream.We also removed the eyes on her face and her tails,we attached the eyes' nerves on her body's different locations,one of it on the chest and the other on the right arm.We also modified her tails by attaching teeth to the wounds,making them into a working mouth.An interesting side effect of the mutation is her hair morphed into a living creature,it also comes with its own functioning mind.After finishing the surgery,we put her in a metal cell.When she regained conciousness,she was scared and frightened when looking at her mutated self in the mirror.The subject is sometimes very aggressive,she always beg us to turn her back to normal,but after a few days,she got used to her new self.She also likes talking to Subject #002,Urius Heartbreak.After close observation between the two,they appear to have a very close relationship.
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November 7, 2016
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