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Next Gen Amino Admins as Ponies by HerrenLovesFNAF Next Gen Amino Admins as Ponies :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 3 0 Slendytubbies Cover Pic by HerrenLovesFNAF Slendytubbies Cover Pic :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 9 0 [Casino Gang]-Lotta Lottery by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Lotta Lottery :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 4 2 [Casino Gang]-Ted Tails by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Ted Tails :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 4 2 [Casino Gang]-Ducas Rolley by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Ducas Rolley :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 4 2 [Casino Gang]-Roger Roulet by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Roger Roulet :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 8 2 [Casino Gang]-Willie Dozer by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Willie Dozer :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 6 0 [Casino Gang]-Octoclaw by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Octoclaw :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 6 0 [Casino Gang]-Jake Poker by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Jake Poker :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 6 1 [Casino Gang]-King Dice by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-King Dice :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 13 1 [Casino Gang]-Mr.Chimes by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Mr.Chimes :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 8 2 [Casino Gang]-Mangosteen by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Mangosteen :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 11 1 [Casino Gang]-Pirouletta by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Pirouletta :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 17 2 [Casino Gang]-Phear Lap by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Phear Lap :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 9 1 [Casino Gang]-Hopus Pocus by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Hopus Pocus :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 11 1 [Casino Gang]-Pip and Dot by HerrenLovesFNAF [Casino Gang]-Pip and Dot :iconherrenlovesfnaf:HerrenLovesFNAF 14 2


Mature content
Captured and Berried :iconround91:Round91 213 25
The Blueberry Experiment Part 2
(So, our girl had found herself in a strange room after being unconscious for a long period of time. She had been chosen for an experiment that involves her attractive body being inflated and filled with blueberry juice.)
As stage 2 was about to commence, a tall thin man appeared in to viewing chamber, "How is she?" He stood by a young girl who looked 16. "Skin is intact, life signs are normal, shade of blue seems to be more on the darker side than the others and her stomach seems like it can take more of syrum." She flicked several switches on the console. The man stared at the blue ball that took up half the room. He quickly glanced at to his partner and back at the blueberry, "You sure, I don't think see can hold it much longer. The boss ain't wanting another casualty or..." He trailed off as he caught a glare from the girl. "I'm not becoming that." She pointed over to the screen that seperates them between the giant ball. "And anyway," Another tube descended from the roof above, "S
:iconfatgirllover66:fatgirllover66 44 0
The Blueberry Experiment
I woke up in a brightly lit white room after what seemed hours of darkness and confusion. All I remembered was walking down my usual way home from a night out but blacked out as soon as I reached my front door. As I regained my sight from the blinding light, theories swarmed my head on how it just so happens to be me in this particular situation at this moment in time. My kinky clothes I wore on the night out were replaced with an incredibly stretchy, skintight latex suit. My curves were brought out in the right places so I felt more calm about the whole thing.
A loud speaker echoed through the spaced out room, "Subject: 6835 has recovered from unconsciousness. Test commences in 60 seconds..."
I think to myself, "Test? I didn't agree to anything like this, or was I too drunk from the other night to remember signing or agreeing with any tests."
"30 seconds..."
I started to panic and wanted to scream for help but I was still recovering from earlier.
Thoughts raced throu
:iconfatgirllover66:fatgirllover66 56 4
DanganWonka: Hajime and Hiyoko's Sticky Situation
"I just don't understand it," Junko said as she walked through the corridors with her diminished tour group. "Everyone's vanishing. Scattering like little cockroaches. Where could they all have gone?~" The way she practically sung her words was an obvious sign that she was enjoying this far too much. "At least we have each other~" Makoto and Hajime continued to follow only out of fear of what the alternative meant. Both had lost numerous friends in this journey, seeing the horror subjected on a whim by the temperamental hostess. 
Hiyoko wasn't going to let it ruin her fun as her love of bullying meshed quite well with Junko's despair fetish. "Man, I didn't think a pig like her could bloat like that. Can we see her later?"
"No, at least not just yet. Gotta let her get settled in." Junko mused as she flipped through her own notebook. "Now where can I take you all next. The soda room seems ideal. I think my Monokumas finished cleaning up the mess that moronic artist left behind. I do
:iconsir-wales:Sir-Wales 63 21
Revenge (Male, Naga,stuffing, force feeding, Comm)
     Charles leaned back against his coils, a smug grin stretching across his face as he took the first bite of cake. Hissing softly in contentment, he chewed for a few moments before swallowing the treat, happily savoring the sugary sweetness of the cake mixed with the sharp sour of the lemon frosting. While he didn’t remember buying a lemon frosted cake, he had found it in the fridge and he considered that to be his territory, and therefore, his cake. Humming a bit as he ate, he thumped the end of his long serpentine tail on the floor, clearly quite pleased with himself as he gradually finished off his pilfered piece of cake, each bite traveling down to his rather well endowed gut. Charles was by no means a thin man, and he figured just one piece of cake would have minimal effect on his already less than ideal figure.  Pft, ideal, what even was that anyway?  No one had the time to go about and work out and do all that nasty sweating stuff. Between balan
:iconbadharpy:BadHarpy 132 10
Late Night Feeding
Stretching a little, Lilliana rolled over onto her back. The girl reached up and brushed her long dark purple hair out of her eyes. She was having a restless night. Turning her head she glanced at the clock on her end table. 2:43 in the morning, she thought to herself. A sigh escaped her mouth as she went back to staring at her ceiling. The white bed sheets hugged her body a little as she lid there. Lilliana was a fairly attractive 19 year old. Slim. A cute face. Big purple coloured eyes. Not overly curvy like some women, but not flat either. Under the sheet's she was dressed in a sleeveless, light purple shirt and a pair of tight fitting black short short's. It was hot out tonight but the girl couldn't bring herself to sleep in only a shirt and underwear. She blamed her restlessness on the heat.
" Oh god..." she muttered, resting a hand on her forehead. Lifting her hand a little she looked around at her room. Rather bare light grey wall's. Almost white. In fact a lot of her room was b
:iconkibzz:Kibzz 396 31
Grave Nightray (finished version) by EstherAxelle Grave Nightray (finished version) :iconestheraxelle:EstherAxelle 2 0 VEN.VER 97 by EstherAxelle VEN.VER 97 :iconestheraxelle:EstherAxelle 4 0



Next Gen Amino Admins as Ponies
Here are my three precious admin LCs as ponies.
Darren Makara,Axel Xenoberg and Eliza Kane.

I will post the references about each of them in the future.
[Casino Gang]-Lotta Lottery
Lotta is modeled from a lottery wheel.

Lotta's attack is spinning her head wheel,and shoots out wooden balls from her mouth.

"Too bad,so sad,you lost your lot." -Lotta's Death Quote
[Casino Gang]-Ted Tails
Ted Tails is modeled from an australian national game called Two-Up.

Ted's attack is flipping a penny with heads or tails on both sides,when lands on heads or tails,his head or tail detaches into a rope and flings towards the player.

"Looks like you lost your heads to me." -Ted's Death Quote
[Casino Gang]-Ducas Rolley
Ducas is modeled from a dice roller.

Ducas's attack is rolling a giant dice which stomps with each landing,when lands on a number,he shoots the player with his finger gun with parrible bullets.

"Snakes eyes,you lose." -Ducas's Death Quote

Here is the link to donate me points.


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