Pmd-U - Researchers task - Paperworked to the Bone

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It had been a few hours since the snorlax fiasco, The paramedic despite being terribly annoying were able to heal most of my wounds but my thigh still needed to be wrapped in bandages, So I chose a rather tame task since I don’t think I can chase after any ninjas and I decided against making fireworks with Mimay around therefore I went with filling out forms

I saw a few mons frantically filling out the incredulous amounts of forms before them. I hesitated; do I really want to deal with this today? I asked myself. I looked down at Mimay she seems excited though she can’t really help she doesn’t know how to read or write yet but again she insisted on coming along

I sighed, I’m already here so I might as well try, I walked up to the swoobat, she was cradling her head she was probably having a headache, but that is to be expected when you operate more than 10 quills at once and concentrate on what your writing

“Miss Solstice” I called, the guild leader turned to look at me “Ah, are you here to help with the paperwork?”


“Excellent, we need all the help we can get” The guild leader looked around and pointed to 3 boxes to the far right corner “Can you handle those boxes of paperwork over there. The necessary information and supplies should be in the smallest of the 3 boxes”

I nodded and retreated to the stacks of paperwork, Mimay did a little wave goodbye before ambling after her appointed big sister.


There was already a stack of paper on the mahogany table that stood beside the Boxes. Opening the smallest box I saw multiple quills and ink bottles and a couple pages of papers I picked up the papers and flipped through them as I used psychic to levitate the quills and ink bottles out of the box and onto the table, once I was done reading the data. I levitated the several quills and spread out the papers across the table using psychic before I began to fill out several papers at once. After filling up half of the paperwork from the stack on the table I realized this was taking too long


I raised my paw and made a quick motion across the air, causing the rest of the paperwork to rise up and quickly spread itself 5x5 across my section of wall, I was now filling out 32 pages at once. I managed to finish the rest of the first stack of paperwork in less than 10 minutes but my head had already began to throb. “And there are still 2 more boxes to go” I mumbled messily stacking the finished documents at the side of the table


Mimay tugged at the hem of my shirt “Sato nee-san can I help?”Mimay asked looking up at me with her big round eyes; I glanced at the messy stack of papers then back at her

“Sure” I replied placing the documents in the smallest box and handing it to her “put these documents with the rest of the finished paper work over there and when you’re done with that stack the unfilled documents on my table. When I’m done with them you bring them to where you put the last stack and repeat. You got that?”

“I understand” then she hobbled off with the paper work in arms

“She’s a good kid” I sighed too bad she’s stuck with me instead of her parents. I should probably think about having her attend a school, maybe she’d want to go and maybe she’d be able to do something I couldn't do when I was a kid

I shook my head "now is not the time to get soft" I mumbled resting my hands on the table "I have a fuck ton of work to do" I turned to look at the young psychic type she was having trouble placing the box atop the table due to her height "Maybe she could do it" I muttered to myself "maybe she could make friends".


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Reward:- DIY Handbook

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