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Tutorial: Draw a Witch with simoneferriero

Learn How in Under 2 Minutes! Learn to draw a spookily cute witch with this tutorial from illustrator @simoneferriero! Follow along with the video tutorial to discover the simple shapes needed to make a witch. Conjure your own version and submit it as a deviation for a brand-new badge to run amok, amok, amok on your profile! Your bewitching drawing can be completed in this simple series of steps: Watch: Check out how @simoneferriero breaks down the easy steps to draw a witch. Create: Follow the tutorial to illustrate your own version, or bring what you learned into a completely new deviation. Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialWitch to get the profile badge. Share: Leave a comment with your witch drawing below! Not sure how to add a tag? Click the button below to have it magically added! You can also read through each step. Searching the crystal ball for more inspiration? Check out the examples below and browse other submissions. Do you want


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Featuring some Featured Deviations. 1/19/24

2024 is zooming on by. Well, not really. :D If you want to watch a good show that's Canadian produced, ran for 6 seasons as a live-action show, had a live-action movie, and then had 4 more seasons in animated form, watch " Corner Gas ". Next to " Fraggle Rock ", it's the best show ever. Lessee...I have lots of Deviations collected right now for featuring purposes so this might be a longer edition. :giggle: So let's just do it. Welp, hope this is a goodly sum. I think it is. Hopefully DA will be good enough to post my goodly sum. :giggle: Until next time, laterz! :wave:

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Toko Fukawa

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Into/Across The Spiderverse- SpiderGwen

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Weird Barbie


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Teen Titans Battle Blitz Background 5

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Billy Hargrove

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Lin chung animations

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Marie Clone High [2021]


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Pusheen Fierce

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Deliberately lost

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Sonic The Hedgehog- Amy Rose


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For jypsi-chan


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Dirty Diana


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Anti-Forced Fandoms Stamp

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Steven Universe- Bubble Buddies


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