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...the house for a moment, gotta buy something!

Happy Easter, everyone!
Hellol everybody! Happy new year! And like last year, I bring to you... another CONTEST!
theHunt by HeroWolfMod
The concept is the same, my friends: our beloved wolf must now face his bruta- birthday, but he refuses to face modified festive weapons! Make sure he doesn't surviv- miss his presents!
Festivity and style are required for a chance to win!

You'll need to make a picture about your character(s) trying to catch (or succeeding on catching him) my wolf character with festive weapons!

Prizes? Yes! For the first, second and third place!

Bullet; Yellow 1st place: Name tag, Description tag, Dragon Slayer Shotgun
Bullet; White 2nd place: Radigan Conagher Brown PAINT, Old Guadalajara, Rogue's Col Roule
Bullet; Orange 3rd place: Iron Wood MINIGUN, Autumn WRENCH, Rooftop Wrangler STICKY

And now, the RULES!

- First of all, you'll have to comment "I'm in" here in this journal before 3rd of January!

After said day passes, the contest will start and you'll be allowed to post your entry.

- You must be watching me before this journal came out!
Watching me now to try and enter in the contest will only be a waste of time.

- You must have a premium Team Fortress 2 account in your Steam account!

Sorry dudes, but I don't have time to deal with restricted accounts.

- You can't post your entries before 3rd of January!
Any entry posted before that date will be ignored.

- You'll have to use Garry's Mod or SourceFilmMaker to make your entry.

- You can use your birthday pics used for my birthday as entries!

But I can't guarantee they will be better than others.

- You can only post 1 entry!
After posting it, you can't change it.

- Don't use pictures made by other people as your entries!
They will be ignored.

You can send me your entries via notes or commenting here starting after 3rd of January with a link to your picture (posted or sta.shed)
Beware, the contest will end in 18th of January!

You don't know how to make Hero? Here, some tutorials and what you should end up with, both Sniper and Wolf forms!
Tutorial - How to make Hero Wolf by HeroWolfMod  Tutorial - How to make Wolf Hero Wolf by HeroWolfMod  Ref - Hero by HeroWolfMod  Ref - Wolf by HeroWolfMod

If you need help on making them, you can note me and ask.

At least 4 peeps must be in in order to be accepted, otherwise... I'm really sorry for the few of them that wanted to join this.
I will periodically update this journal to include all the entries I will get form you guys.
Now, prepare yourself to have fun in 4th of January!

Edit n.1: The hunt is cancelled. Reason: Not enough participants. Sorry guys.
Exactly what it says on the tin.
The streets are cold and snowy (except here, it's just cold, ahah), palaces and houses are full of lights, people made long queues to buy something for their parents and friends.
That's right, it's Christmas! Hope you guys passed a nice Eve and got nice presents!

It's not over yet, just 7 days and we wave goodbye to 2017!
And my birthday too, but who gives a crap about meAHAHAHAHAHA...

AHEM! So yes, it's not over!

Keep calm, a christmas themed picture will be uploaded as soon as possible. Stay tuned! And happy holidays. ;-)
It's a weird and sad feeling I'm having right now. Seeds of life, or my life at least, are now included in the journal.

Today, after lunch, the hospital called my mother. Then she called me. From her voice I could tell she wasn't fine and I thought she had low pressure or something. She asked me to pass the phone to my brother. I feared the worst. Then my bro closed the call.
My grandmother died around that hour, at the age of 92.
I remember her and my grandpa, during the 2000s. The latter died last year. They were cheerful, and age didn't matter for them. More on my grandma, in my opinion. Until they both got worse. More on my grandma, again.
She needed a lot of cures and caring, and even having alzheimer didn't stop her from being cheerful and positive. At least before this summer.
She slowly got even worse, even in the mood. Clogged guts is the worst thing she had to pass thru, but she made it past it. But this month, she hardly spoke, she couldn't even eat and drink.
My only good thought about it is that she doesn't have to suffer anymore. I cared about her, it's a shame she got worse. It was to be expected for someone that old, but still, it's a bad feeling. It's always the nicest people.
Even weird and worse... I have no more grandparents.

Just... In case you read all thru this journal... Thank you for spending a bit of your time with this wall of text.
In case you load another page without even reading the first phrase... sorry for wasting your time.
Truly one of the few games where if you win too many times and bet against someone, the said driver will earn permanent rubberband boost and hit you from behind like a jerk.

I tried to try it, but servers are kapoot and Mann Co. store is closed.
I guess I'll go back doing some Gmod pictur-

And now every single TF2 map crashes on Gmod.


Just for braggin' rights then.
"Lookie lookie"

I am back from vacation, dudes! How's it going?
If you destroy an enemy sentry as Demoman on Dustbowl, a teammate will kick you from the server.

This happened to me, and surpasses this... almost surpasses this: 
Alright, I have decided it's time to make Commissions and Art Trades (Like the title says, duh), if someone wants to.
BUTT! Not ready for money business, i will go with Team Fortress 2 metal as prices.

- Gmod pictures: The standard price is 1 Refined metal, but the price can vary basing on effects and other things to add.

- Profile Picture / Your character in: The standard price is 1 Refined and 1 Reclaimed. Just 1 Reclaimed to add.

<1> A little thing for both pics: Please, consider giving to me more informations as possible, like how to build your character, if it needs Workshop addons, what map, what kind of position or situation, etc.

<2> Currently not accepting: NSFW, Fetish, My Little Pony, Five Night at Freddy (Have to regulate them after some time)

Art Trades:
I'm accepting ONLY Gmod Art Trades. 
For people that need a definition of Art Trade, well, in few words, You make a picture for me and I make a picture for you.
This obviously have got limits.

<1> The dArter that asks for an Art Trade should be the first who starts his part. Ask for infos about the picture you expect from me, as I will ask the same to you!
Consider putting effort on your picture, to satisfy your watchers and be recognized as a nice dArter, and you could give a personal satisfaction to yourself. Also, consider that i will put my effort in the picture basing on yours. A Standpose Overdrive picture you show me, a Standpose Overdrive picture I'll show you, for example.

<2> Currently not accepting: NSFW, Fetish, My Little Pony, Five Night at Freddy (Have to regulate them after some time)
Oh crap, I'm making one right now!

Ok, Imma stop being silly. But dayum if it's interesting to make some and play some.
For some days, with my class. I wonder what I'll see there, hoping the plane won't fall and explode. :lmao:

So yes, see ya until 5th of April!
And after a week, I am back. That explains my temporary death. XD
So, here we are, time is up friends, and it's time to see who won. Thank you all for partecipating. Whoever didn't make it before the deadline, I'm truly sorry. You can try next time when I'll do another contest.

Let's reveal the winners. 

The :bulletorange:THIRD PLACE prize belongs to... :iconblackshax:BlackShax!
His entry:  [Contest- Hunt the Wolf]Aerial chase! by BlackShax
His prize: Furious Fukaamigasa and Bonk! Helmet

The :bulletwhite:SECOND PLACE prize belongs to... :iconerichgrooms3:ErichGrooms3!
His entry:  Hunting Down HeroWolfMod by ErichGrooms3
His prize: Tyurtleneck and Infernal Impaler

And here we are, to the last peep.
The :bulletyellow:FIRST PLACE prize belongs to... :iconimpregnius:ImpRegnius! Congratulations for the first place!
His entry:  R.P.G. Punch. by ImpRegnius
His prize: Name tag and Dashin' Hashashin

SO, I'm waiting for you guys to get on Steam and contacting me for the prizes. You have got 1 week of time, starting by Monday!

As a consolation prize, everyone, the winners too, can have access to some free Rayman games!
Don't worry about the links, they are safe, otherwise my pc would be ded by then.

Rayman Optimum (Rayman 1 + Designer, By his fans, 60 Levels expansions + level editor, optimized for recent Operating Systems, all ran by an already-built-in DOSBOX):…

Rayman 2 and Arena (Follow the page's instructions):…
(If you look deep in the article's pages, you might find more...)

Thank you all again for partecipating in the contest. See you next time, picture, journal, anything!
This is the last day, guys. The contest will end in the end of this day, at 00:01 AM of 15th of January of my time.
To avoid some confusions, my Time Zone is GMT+1, and the moment I posted this journal it was 11:07 AM.
Play the whole GTA SA story using Pedestrian Riot and Chaos Mode in every mission is possible to finish with!
Wassup, guys? HeroWolfMod here, with a surprise for everyone. A CONTEST!

Hunt propaganda by HeroWolfMod

And it's all about catching our beloved and crazy gifter wolf here with festive weapons. And style. You'll need style to win this.
In few words, you'll need to make a picture about your characters or sona trying to catch (or succeeding on catching him) my wolf character with festive weapons... or anything that could make you think "Yes, this will gurantee me victory!" with some festive cosmetics on it, eheh.

I'll admit this is my first time I pull up a contest. For this one, there will be 3 winners. As you obviously expected, there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. What will you win?

:bulletyellow: 1st place: Name tag and Dashin' Hashashin
:bulletwhite: 2nd place: Tyurtleneck and Infernal Impaler
:bulletorange: 3rd place: Furious Fukaamigasa and Bonk! Helmet

Oh right, THE RULES! 

- First of all, you'll have to say "I'm in" for the contest before 2nd of January.
- You must be my watcher since this Christmas
- You must have a premium Team Fortress 2 account in your Steam account
- You can't post your entries before 2nd of January. Any entry posted before that date will be ignored.

- You'll have to use Garry's Mod or SourceFilmMaker to make your entry.
- You can post your entries only after 2nd of January
- You can use your birthday pics used for my birthday as entries, but I can't guarantee they will be better than others
- You can only post 1 entry. After posting it, you can't change it.
- Don't use pictures made by other people as your entries, they will be ignored.
- You can send me your entries via notes or commenting here starting by 2nd of January with a link to your picture (posted or sta.shed)
-The contest will end in 14 of January

So, we're all ok? Thanks!


See you next year!

EDIT 1: Yep, told you. Next year! Happy new year to everyone. Anyways, this edit is just me adding a link to the tutorial on how to make my wolf sniper sona. Here it is! Remember to add the burgundy Snow Scoper you find in the burgundy sniper pack, if you want to!
  Tutorial - How to make Wolf Hero Wolf by HeroWolfMod

EDIT 2: Time up for entering in the contest! Now it's the time of collecting the entries and judging when the contest will end! I will periodically post your entries here in this journal, be sure to leave a "Contest picture for :icon herowolfmod:" (without the space between Icon and HeroWolfMod) or something similar in the description of the picture!

Catch that Wolfy! by IBRXGmod  Hunting Down HeroWolfMod by ErichGrooms3  R.P.G. Punch. by ImpRegnius  ROGER ROGER, WOLF DETECTED! by makeoooohDE  [Contest- Hunt the Wolf]Aerial chase! by BlackShax  Running away from the inevitable by TheShadowBiohazard 

Edit 3: Time is up, my friends. it's time for me to decide who are gonna be the lucky 3 winners! Possibly next day. Thank you for partecipating!
Hey, stop pointing your festive weapons at me!
"Rockstar... YOU DID IT AGAIN!"
"Sorry, boss..."

So, let me explain. I need some help with Grand Theft Auto V for PC, Steam version. What's the problem? It won't launch. Before you say something, yes, my personal computer's specs go above the minimum required, so no worries about it.

Something to know before I start explaining: I installed GTAV on an external HDD. I once installed GTAIV on the same ext HDD and it worked well... with some Windows Live Market whatever patches, of course. >_>

Steps I made:
> I finished installing it and then I tried playing the single player version to see how is it.
> The Social Club window appears to make me link my previous PS3 Social Club account and put the GTAV code to activate it, so I could play the game.
> The Social Club window tells me that GTAV is loading, then it disappears. I expect it to run... BUT(T)!
> The Social Club window appears again with a very annoying message: "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working. Try launching the game again or try Safe Mode." or something like that. Not the Windows 8.1 window with a warning sound, just the Social Club window.
> I retry with normal launch, then with the Safe Mode. Nope.

I tried 2 solutions so far:
1 - Install the Social Club installer in the game directory
2 - Set the "run as administator" option on to the GTAVLauncher.exe
And since I'm lucky as much as Donald Duck in Disney comics, they didn't work

If someone knows about this issue, please, tell me as soon as possible! :(

EDIT: I know people don't like comments about how some people can't help them in their issues, so that's why I ask you.. please, if you know how to fix this, tell me. If you're here to say "I can't help you" or stuff like that, avoid doing so and get back doing what were you doing.