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Lineart, No coloring or shading.
Simple Headshot
Simple headshot
Detailed Headshot
Detailed Headshot
Simple Fullbody
Simple Fullbody
Add-on: Detailed background
An experimental and detailed background.
Add on - Another Character - Headshot
Another character add on
Add on - Another Character - Fullbody
Another character add on
Add on - Another character - Lineart
Another character add on


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Icon by FallingEmberDragon and doll by Vulp-draws
Critical Role by King-Lulu-Deer Critical Role Stamp by JKSketchy
Altos Rock -Stamp by SapphyreMermaid Wacom User Stamp by Dei-bon Gryphon Fanatic -stamp- by Zenfyre
Choir Members by AarlaShey Happily in a relationship stamp by QueenWerandra Dragon Lover stamp by KatrinaBonebrake
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Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
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But music and singing has been my refuge
F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil
Howdy. I am a 16 year old artist in my Sophomore year of highschool who is striving to find their way. My passion for art started when I was very little, when I was in elementary school. I always used to draw blocky horses, eventually becoming better at drawing them.
I remember, going into 4th or 5th grade drawing a very very good piece of artwork, that had quite a bit less of a level as I had now, at least in terms of anatomy. (I didn't shade at the time.) I had stopped drawing horses eventually, though. I still draw the occasional horse, deer, goat and etc, though it would be a once-in-a-bluemoon find.
I became more and more interested in dragons, dinosaurs, and griffins. I started drawing them more and more. Eventually, it became a stress reliever and sort of a vent to express myself, due issues in-school and at home. But what people couldn't take from me were my pencil, my eraser, and my paper.
I started to get much better despite all of the bumps or hills in the road I got.
Eventually, I started doing digital art, and, I was always passionate even if it took 3 hours just to color everything. I started to get better, learning about this neat program called PaintToolSAI and learning about layers. I fiddled with what I can do with it (Still experimenting with the program to this day!) and I learned so much. I started to learn how to shade, color, do backgrounds, and do better outlining with tapering and bolding. And then, we get to the present-day, in which I am still learning, still drawing.
F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil F2U Pixel Music Note Divider [Black] by distorteddevil
A few things that I also love are:
Choir class
Art class
Splatoon 2
(Mainly just hype: ) Thrive
Youtubers (in no actual order):
1. (Vinesauce) Joel
2. (Vinesauce)Vinny
3. Jerma985
5. Soothouse
6. SorrowTV
7. Jaymoji
A good friend that plays a lot of different instruments makes themes for characters in the roleplay us and many other people are in.
I included Adelynn into the roleplay, and he made a theme for her a few days ago. Take a listen and go give him some support!
Unless requests are open or you're a friend of mine then please don't ask me for a request!

Edit log has been moved to the bottom.

First and foremost....

What can I draw?
*Dragons (I can draw Europeans the best)
*Dinosaurs (To a certain extent)
*Hooved animals (Deer, cows, horses) [Warning! This may not be the best, i'm not too skilled in this.]
*Anthro's [Warning, not extremely skilled in this either]

What I will draw:

Cuddling, nuzzling, etc [not really skilled]
Minor blood/gore [not skilled]

What I WILL NOT draw:

NSFW art 
Extreme/graphic gore
Self-harm, vent, etc or any of the sorts
Extremely eye blinding or very highly complex characters color/markings wise


Other Rules:

****Please don't pay before I see AND I say yes to doing your commission, and please check to see if they're open first!****

Do not beg me for a "free commission." That is called a request, and no, you can't request unless requests are open. You also just possibly blew your chances of getting art at all from me. I won't tolerate begging.

Keep in mind I have school, so sometimes it could take 1 day - 3 weeks to get done depending on what it is, and how many other commissions I have before you.

Yes! You can ask for some progress screenshots of it.

Yes! You can ask for minor moderations even after it's done. (Note: Minor)

Yes! You can redact your payment, but it must be before I post the art. Also, notify me of it. *This may change in the future

Yes! You can pay later, but you won't get the commission until you pay. This is to prevent anyone from running off with art without payment.

Please provide me with the sufficient information! At the very least, provide me with what background you want, character, expression (& pose if full body), and if you want any text written. 

Yes! You can use lineart that you paid for, for adopts. Please credit/tag me though properly.


ALL commissions come with the background choices of simple colors, transparent, or solid color (such as white) UNLESS it says otherwise.

Yes, you can request a specific size or resolution for any/all of these.

Lineart - 20 pts
*[by request] simple shading
*Background choice of transparent, white, or both. 

Simple Headshot - 40 pts

*Simple coloring & shading
*Any choice of expression
*[By request] - Some text

Detailed headshot - 60 pts  

*Detailed, more intricate coloring & shading.
*Any choice of expression
*[by request] - a more detailed background

Simple Fullbody - 40 pts

*Simple colors and shading
*Any choice of a simple pose
*Any choice of expression



Another character:

*40 pts for headshot

*40 pts for fullbody 

*10 pts for lineart

Detailed Background:

*60 pts




Spots Available:

1. open

1. open
2. open

1. open

How do I request a commission?

Give me a note titled "Commission Request- Commission type (headshot, etc)" along with information. After I reply with confirmation, you may pay.

First come first serve always with commissions unless specified

Also, feel free to comment any questions. It's the first time doing this, so please ask away! Tips are also helpful.

Edit#5, January 27th, 2019
- Increased almost all prices due to higher quality of work.
-Rules clarified/edited

Edit #4, November 10th, 2018
whoops shoulda edited this earlier hjhkjh
-Edit log moved
-Opened up both slots.

Edit #3 October 9th, 2018
-Closed one fullbody slot, closed one headshot slot. 
Also, Big note: - I am very busy with a highschool musical that I am in, and that means that I will try my hardest to get things done but a lot of my time has been trying to manage homework, freetime, and as well as working on things such as this.

Edit #2 July 13th, 2018:
Edited title to "Commission Info"
+Added Add-on: Detailed Background

Edit #1 June 27th, 2018:
Commission prices lowered dramatically


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  • jdog1307
    Donated Nov 16, 2016, 10:47:01 AM


Commission prices have been upped, I feel more confident in my abilities enough to charge just a little more.
she protecc
she attacc
but most of all
Mcedge Terror is coming bacc
Capture by HerothTheDragon
Hmmm... Opinions? 

I've been thinking about making Adelynn a species of some sorts.
I need an opinion... well, a few. Tips, too.
Should I lower my commission prices for being so new to it? Or should I just continue to wait? 
Wooo, Finally took the time to open commissions up~


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