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See a Time Lapse of this poster's creation HERE:

One of the more complex posters simply because of that Nightmare Moon mane.
Tons of After Effects, tons of SFM. 
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My two favorite ponies at the same time & place. Which of the two wants a BIG HUG?

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Thanks to her sister, Luna's great grandson transformed evil too after she was banished to the moon, in my MLP storyline. :)
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In mine, Luna learned a dark truth about her past: Why she became Nightmare Moon. Specifically, why she became Nightmare Moon and no one else.

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That would be an interesting backstory. :)

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One where Luna becomes bitter, not only against Celestia, but against every equestrian. She firmly believed that she's been set up by them.

She had learned why she has glimpses of memory that makes no sense at all: When she was still a filly, she was different. She had slits eyes and sharp teeths, she was the future co-empress of an Empire: The Umbralian Empire and had a different name: Selenia Night-mare. Unfortunately, Starswirl kidnapped her in an attempt to bring balance to Equestrian Magic after Luna's death. And to make sure that this filly doesn't go back to her world, sealed her memory so that only Umbralian magic may break it.

Unfortunately, her first encounter with Sombra was something Starswirl never accounted for: Sombra was meddling with a form of magic that was different from Equestrian, dark, evil, sinister... Umbralian Magic.

When he tried to corrupt Selenia to make her a dark agent, it backfired: It broke Starswirl's seal on Selenia's memory and this flow of information caused her to turn into a twisted version of herself: Nightmare Moon.

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She also created the batponies for one specific reason: Once she gets victorious over Celestia, she planned to allow the batponies to spread the dark news on all of Equestria that now, all the ponies has to bow to her and her "monsters".

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She went on berating Sombra, telling him how miserable, pathetic he is before attempting to kill him with his own weapon. This of course failed and Selenia regained control over her emotions, but the doubt made her wondering if her place is really with Celestia.

We all know what comes next, but she finaly learned the truth from Starswirl's diary about how he had to kidnap a filly to fill in Luna's vacant spot, how Equestria would be doomed if she learn the truth.

And the truth she learned, she even engaged herself in helping the Umbralian by opening a portal to Equestria: She let hell break loose.

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Impressive I say.
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this is amazing! i saw the youtube vid of it. im using for my desktop background here soon :3
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I love this so much. I always have loved princess Luna/ nightmare moon.
Fantastic job!
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This looks great!  Always liked Luna and its cool to see her in various points in her life.  Haven't seen a ton of art of her as a filly though, real neat.  Do you think you could make a cinemagraph like you did in your YouTube video, or does that not transfer to Deviantart well?  Just curious.
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This is my favorite poster of all the ones so far!! It's just you did soooo good on young luna,Luna,and Nightmare moon!
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Good job! I love Luna!:happybounce: 
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Poor little Luna.....she is scared of herself...........
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That picture looks really awesome:) (Smile) 
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thats a very cool pic you made there ;D
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Looks great!  :thumbsup:
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Seriously impressive work.  :worship:
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I have watched the Time Lapse on this and it is cool so great job :D but I also have a question that where do you get the environment model in SFM ?? like a piece of land and such?? :O
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