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To Paris!

Booker can't keep up with them thar young kids these days.

And shame on you for teasing Elizabeth. You know she can't tell when you're pulling her leg...
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Booker. Dont question her. She is a girl and your offering her to go to Paris...

{sorry if dat sounds sexist to anyone!} 
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This happened a lot to me XD Looking around like "Elizabeth? Where did you go-?" *turns and she's right behind me somehow* "Holy shit! Did you study ninjitsu in that tower?!"
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I fell off my chair, i lost her for a second and suddenly she is behind me face to face and yell "Booker!!" Scared the crap out of me
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My God this is perfect. I just Beat Infinite this morning and my head is STILL reeling. But this is awesome. FAV'D!
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lol it'd be kinda funny if it went that way X'D
Works Everytime...
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30% of the time, it works every time.
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Apparently, Elizabeth got a hold of some sort of Warp Vigor that she didn't mention to Booker about....
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Those shifty eyes are mesmerizing...
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Aint they just? I think my animator is messed up though. I keep seeing it skip frames.
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