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Bioshock Infinite Doodleledo

By Heros-Shadow
Some more Bioshock doodles. I'm excited about it coming out just in case you're unable to tell.

ALRIGHT SO. Some back story on the character I have marked 'Original Booker':

My original idea of Booker from Bioshock Infinite was *Waaaayyy* different then how he ended up actually looking. The original voice actor of Booker was a older gentlemen named Stephen Russel, so I had envisioned a older type of character to fit. My idea of Booker was a grumpy old man sent to do a job, not get emotionally attached to anything and to sure as hell not be a potential love interest. Over the course of the game he would either stay that way and you'd get the bad endings or he would become a father figure to Elizabeth and you'd get the happy endings. So that's who the poor older looking sap holding a skyhook is, my original mental concept of what DeWitt looked like in my head.

Of 'corse I still imagine the younger Booker as a grumpy, if not angrier, man. Just younger. So here he is in some grumpy situations. He's grumpy with Elizabeth, he's grumpy about being in Columbia, he's just grumpy like Grumpy Cat and I love it.

I also quite like Songbird. He uses Elizabeth as a teddy bear. <:3c
I'll be posting a closeup on the one with them sitting in the grass.

I have absolutely no business drawing realistic humanoids. But where there's a will there's a way so I met realism on the far side of half way there.

I refuse to be one of those people who draws everyone as cats because they 'KANT DURAW HOOMANS LOLOLOL'.
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Dewitt looks like a cartoon Harrison Ford in this
xddmlgb's avatar
I LIKE!!!!!!QAQ!!!!!!!!!!!Really!
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lol I love how Booker looks at Elizabeth angry :XD:. Oh and I'm so glad they upgraded that skyhook :XD:
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songbird and elizabeth is the best part of the picture
everything else is good....
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LOL these are great!
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what do you think the good ending going to be?
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I'm sure on par with the original Bioshock's twist. But honestly? I'm more eager to experience the ride getting there. I what to get to know Columbia and her inhabitants just like I got to know Rapture's.
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true the game looks awesome! did you pre order?
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I will when I get the funds. Ahh, the artist's meager wadges.

For Bioshock though, I will happily splurge. Just don't know which box I want yet.
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Did I ever tell you I love your style? Because it's super cute.
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Oh why thank you.

I have to admit, I would like to draw people better. This is cute and that's nice but it's near impossible to draw serious situation drawings when all your characters look like they belong in loony toons.
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Heh, I understand what you mean. Still, there's something to be said for stylized characters. Just keep at it, realism is something that takes ages to perfect.
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