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Always a bad Decision

By Heros-Shadow
Someone requested I draw Booker getting drunk. He didn't say anything about getting Elizabeth drunk too.
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I wonder what will Booker do after Liz get drunk...😝
Trinitas127's avatar
"Yes, you dumbass! Get her drunk!" I'd expect that from Booker's devil, but his angel too? For shame! ;D
MetaSyke's avatar
Bad Booker angel! That is NOT the direction you wanna go!
oceanstar932's avatar
man, i love the way he looks in the first and last panel. so awesome 
Lordcorvin's avatar
Great concept, hope you'll do more
bdawg201's avatar
Ah your comics always make me smile. Thank you
giygas1's avatar
wonder if she'd be a fun drunk...
tranz2deep's avatar
As it turns out, maybe. But do you want a lost weekend to be quite -that- lost?
giygas1's avatar
in retrospect, no. i'd rather not get drunk in 1912 Columbia, and wake up in 2531 Chorus
Elizabeth looks so adorable in this style :)
Heros-Shadow's avatar
I've been experimenting in some other styles, but honestly this is the best looking one or her. Human faces are not a strong suit of mine. Luckily with all this practice I'm aiming to fix that.
Balin84's avatar
Aww poor thing! I do find it hilarious how you have Booker's conscience be a pair of grimy (and nigh identical in sentiment) angel and devil. Tell me, how is Bioshock: Infinite? Your drawings regarding it have me curious.
Heros-Shadow's avatar
Booker does not have a fully functioning moral compass. The angel and devil are actually just mini Booker people who are just as bad at making moral decisions as he is and like to wear devil/angle costumes.

And I have no idea. The game isn't out yet. I highly recommend getting it when it does come out though. I also highly recommend the original Bioshock if you've failed to play that one as of yet. It's got quite the story.
Balin84's avatar
Well, that just goes to show how in touch with video games I've been as of late... :blush:

I've heard good things about Bioshock but never taken the opportunity to play it. Perhaps once I've found myself some time to spare I shall check it out.
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