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The Oracles by herooftime1000 The Oracles by herooftime1000
The Judge is not omnipotent, despite his cosmic power. Indeed, justice is blind, so he enlists a select trusted few to highlight the deeds of others to pass an accurate sentence. The oracles have psychic abilities, able to detect any creature's past and present, living or dead. Here are a few, from left to right.

Baron Robert Von Sharpclaw:

An Abyssinian armed with a keen business sense, Robert immigrated to Equestria to start a department store chain across major cities. He was shrewd but fair, rewarding those that are willing to roll up their sleeves, up towards his untimely death.

However, a few days after he settled into Elysium, The Judge noted Robert's attention to detail, and granted a fraction of his power to assist him in court. Robert has a neutral stance on creatures, willing to highlight the rights and wrongs of anyone. But, he is very keen on creatures that are intelligent, creative, or industrious.


Even as a dragon, he was more secluded than others. He was very protective of his hoard of riches until his elder years, where his health rapidly deteriorated. It was then that he reached a epiphany on how he had so much wealth, but nothing to use it on and no heirs to inherit it. Thus, he made it his goal to give as much of it away to the needy as possible. He delighted in the sacrifices made to help creatures smaller than him, so much so that he exponentially shrank in size before his death.

He barely managed to gain entrance to Elysium, but the Judge offered him a position as oracle on the spot to commemorate his overwhelming charity, hoping that Goldspire would delight in highlighting the charitable deeds of other creatures. Goldspire agreed and found his position of holding the sacrificial acts of others in high regard very rewarding. Although, deeds like that are a little fewer and farther between nowadays. 

Pixie Stick:

Not every oracle is seen as good and kind. Pixie Stick is one of the few oracles that focus on the sins of others. When she was alive, this sugar-addicted earth pony loved to make other ponies squirm, holding embarrassing secrets and blackmailing others to give her what she wants to stay quiet (if she's in a good mood). Throughout her adult life, she was used to the idea of having ponies in her hooves to play with all the way to the end.

The Judge sentenced her to a life in Tartarus, but she quickly adapted to the environment, much to the Judge's dismay. Criminals, thugs, and other ne'er-do-wells were kissing her hooves, praying that she wouldn't rat out their black market ring of Elysium-made items. To gain the Judge's favor, she told him anyway, and those that were involved were cast deeper to the more dangerous parts of Tartarus. Then, the Judge reluctantly offered her a position as oracle to root out the more sinful parts of a creature that enters his courtroom. She took the job, and has been getting her jollies in watching sinners squirm as she lists what they've done.
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KyuuKun Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017   Writer
Ah, the Baron, one of my favourite cats in animation, right behind Luna and on the same level as Tailmon.

And nice to see you're integrating the greed/size ratio in Goldspire's backstory, many tend to forget about that. A Dragon giving up it's greed for charity would certainly have that effect.

And the irony that the pony would be the 'evil' oracle, canonically, we only saw one truly 'evil' pony in Sombra. The others were either blinded by their pride (like Trixie, for example), snobs with a ten-hoof pole up their plot (Blueblood, Spoiled) or misguided in some way before it escalated because of their emotions going haywire (Starlight, Luna in a way).

At least, I can't remember any truly 'evil' pony other than Sombra... It's been a while...
herooftime1000 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
1. The Cat Returns is one of my favorite mangas/animations. It brings back childhood memories.

2. Yeah, but I appreciate the fact that you caught that.

3. I believe that there are truly evil people in the world today, much like how there are evil ponies in this world. I'm sure that Pixie has a reason for it. Maybe she used to be charitable, only to be sick of ponies walking all over her and paying back at them? Who knows?
KyuuKun Featured By Owner Edited Nov 9, 2017   Writer
True, but one cannot deny she didn't revel in her power over others. She didn't even deny she did so. Starlight, for all her actions, at least never exploited her power over the 'equalized' ponies beyond keeping her own Cutie Mark, at least not until Twilight and her friends tried changing the status quo... Not that her actions were good, but she never actually hurt anyone permanently...

Not saying that makes her better than Pixie or Pixie worse than her, it's just the little details that get me.

And nowadays I categorize people as Good, Evil, Grey and Morons... The first two are hard to find in pure form, most Evil in my eyes are terrorists, many people are Grey, and the majority, and increasing, are Morons...

I believe that we need the first three for a working world, but we certainly could do without the morons...

Sorry for ranting, I rarely get the chance to talk or write about this without one of my friends starting to quote from Warhammer 40,000...
herooftime1000 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Well, if you ask me, we can have all four in this world, but there is one thing we must purge.

Heretics. XD
MrSpanyard Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
The most "evil" oracle been the pony, lol.
Also, did you based Baron Robert Von Sharpclaw on Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from "The Cat Returns"?
herooftime1000 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
YES! I thought it would be a while longer before somebody noticed! Ever since I saw Capper in the MLP movie, I wanted to draw Baron as an Abyssinian cat. Mr. Von Gikkengen influenced my creativity in my younger years, so any cat with a top hat you see in my gallery is a reference to him.
kazlucas Featured By Owner Edited Nov 7, 2017
Wow that Pixie is something alright, single handily bribe and blackmail the living (when she was alive) and Tartarus citizens and still come out on top, she's no slouch. I'm more scared of her than the Judge seriously.
herooftime1000 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
She certainly loves to bring up stuff in your past life that you wish people don't want to hear.
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