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“Crap, there’s nothing here.”

Cursing as he took out the last book of the shelf, Dean stood up. After sitting for hours, he had to stretch out to get rid of the cramps. The hunter looked around the office, scanning the nautical paraphernalia that seemed to be the theme of the room. Even with that, the office was clearly elegantly put up, making the Winchesters the only out of place of the room. He seemed dissatisfied with his search and groaned as his back got rid of the last of the cramps.

“Did you find anything?”

To anyone it would seem like he was talking to thin air, but a small voice answered from the desk on the other side of the room.

“Nothing useful.” Stepping over from an anchor statue appeared a small man, barely four inches tall. “Everything looks normal over here.”

“Figures.” The older, and larger, brother got closer to take a better look. “This guy is as clean as it comes, even if he’s a little naval obsessed.”

Sam had to crane his neck to be able to even glimpse his brother’s face. “Unless he made a deal with a siren or some sort of sea witch, I can’t figure out how he disappeared.”

“Yeah, well this rich snob didn’t disappear a week ago from a locked room by vanishing into air.” Noticing the strain on his smaller brother’s neck, he crouched to put them at eye level.

“That may just be the case.” Walking off from where the normal size human was, Sam inspected once more the contents on the desk. Other than papers, pens and ornamentations, the only supernatural thing on the desk was he.

“Did you find anything on the walls?” Dean asked, not taking his eyes off his brother.

The downsized human was about to respond when something caught his eye. Getting closer, Sam inspected the model boat that stood proudly on the edge of the desk. It was an intricate piece of work, the perfect fit for someone his size. On its side, the name Antelope was carved. He seemed to be drawn to it, almost as if he was hypnotized.


He didn’t respond. Instead, the shrunken Winchester climbed on board. Scuffmarks were all over the floor, and the deck looked worn down. For a moment, the room, the desk and even Dean faded away. The boat was so realistic and detailed that Sam could almost feel normal being on it… as if he were human sized again. Without thinking, Sam walked over to the wheel.

“Sam? Is something freaky there?” Dean tried to take a closer look without freaking his little brother out. Sam didn’t even seem to notice him though.

“Come on man, you’re freaking me out here.”

Without responding or registering what he was saying, the four-inch man began to turn the wheel. An impulse made him turn it, and he could almost swear he smelled the ocean. A breeze that came out of nowhere, especially since the window was close, hit his face. Seagull cries could be heard from a distance, but he wasn’t scared of them. He went on turning the wheel, pretending without pretending that he was a sailor and was actually navigating the ship.

The apparently only sane person in the room started to get really worried. Protective instincts taking over, Dean moved to snap Sam out of it. He had barely touched the boat when water streamed into the room. It poured from the walls, the crevices, anywhere. Without any sense or reason, a wave hit the unaware hunter straight in the chest. Instinctively, Dean held the ship with his brother on board close and was swept with the tide. Meanwhile aboard, the tiny captain believed it was a storm and tried to keep the boat afloat at any cost. Sam tightened ropes, stirred and did what skilled navigators, and not shrunken hunters, knew by heart.


Seeing as Sam was caught up in his own little world, Dean was left protecting both of their lives. Unfortunately, the bigger Winchester was losing the fight against the currents. He focused all of his energies instead to keep the boat above water, trying to save his newfound brother. In the end, both of their actions were useless. At some point, they lost consciousness.


Sam stirred, slowly waking up. He felt like crap and he was sure he looked like it. Groaning, he sat up.

What happened?

His head hurt a lot and he was sore all over. The lost Winchester looked around, trying to find something familiar. Immediately, he sensed something was wrong. It wasn’t the room, because it looked cozy and humble. Frowning, he felt like something was out of place. The massive headache he had didn’t let him concentrate.

Sam stood up, or at least he tried to. His legs gave in and he had to grab the nightstand to avoid falling on his face. Suddenly it hit him. Shocked, he stared at the nightstand, then at the whole room. The furniture, the window, the bed… Everything was perfectly proportionate to him. For the first time in a long time, he wasn’t out of place.

“What the hell?” There weren’t any scraps or makeshift furniture in the room, so it couldn’t be the home of a little. He made his way to the window, and shock ran through the uncertain size human. Outside, the landscape wasn’t magnified like he was used to. The view was one he hadn’t seen since he was a child.  It was normal, something completely abnormal for him.

“You’re awake.”

Turning around still in shock, Sam stared at the girl by the door. She was dressed in a simple flowing dress, suggesting that she worked on the fields. Walking over to his bed, she placed the clothes he was wearing yesterday on his bed.

“I’d figured you would sleep through the whole day, since you were pretty knocked out last night.” She smiled at him, but he didn’t let his guard down. Witches could act nice too.

“Where am I?”

Her smile dimmed for a second, and she looked worried instead. “You washed up on shore yesterday, looking like you’ve been to hell and back. So I brought you to my house.”

Taking out a washcloth from her apron, the seemingly kind woman approached him. He tensed as she got closer, but all she did was wipe his brow. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” He was not feeling at all fine. While she tended his head wounds, he noticed she was much smaller than him. Did that meant he was actually tall now? He was trying to figure out what he got himself into. But the Winchester still didn’t remember much of anything.

“What’s your name?”

Snapping out of his musings, the hunter looked at her. At least he could still remember that.


“Nice to meet you, Sam. In case you were wondering, I’m Lemual.” Assessing that he would survive another day, the woman, Lemual, stepped back and smiled at him. She does that a lot. It reminded him painfully of Mallory, and he winced.

“Whenever you’re ready, breakfast will be ready downstairs.” As he watched her leave the room, he couldn’t help feeling as if he was forgetting something important. He shrugged it off and changed to his own clothes. Looking at the window, Sam decided he may as well enjoy being normal sized in the meantime.


The first thing that came to him while waking up was the soreness. Did someone get the plate of the freaking trailer that ran me over? Without opening his eyes yet, Dean knew it was going to be a crappy day. He had no desire to get up, especially after the hell he had been through. The mysterious flooding of last night had certainly taken its toll on him. And with Sam’s strange behavior on top of it…


Dean’s eyes snapped open. On the distance, seagulls were flying around. How had he ended up in a beach? Or more important, where was his miniaturized brother?

Turning his head to the side, he saw the ship Sam had been on board before. It was in shambles. Getting worried by the minute, the hunter sat up. Or at least, he tried to. Something was holding him back. Confused, he tried to lift an arm but it didn’t budge. It wasn’t as if he was paralyzed, he knew how that felt. No, it was more like something was restricting his movements. The only part of his body that the Winchester could move freely was his neck. Raising his head, he could now see that thin ropes, almost like threads, were wrapped around him. The restrained hunter began fighting against his bindings when a voice made him stop.

“Cease at once or face the consequences!”

Dean looked over as much as his neck allowed him. Oh crap.
Mmm, should I update the stories I hadn't written in a year or start a new story? Dean Flirt 

This is actually a contest entry for nightmare06 contest!! Besides, I updated Iron Songbird so that makes us even. I'm working on the others but they will be pushed back a little until I finish this one by the end of March ;)

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