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It was on the road back to town where Lemual found Sam. As she smiled at him, relief flooded her.

“Sam! I thought that by now we would have your giant of a brother running amuck here.”

She was teasing, but he frowned. “Dean’s not dangerous, you would know that if you met him. He’s chained down there so unless I can break them, he’s not gonna be able to move.”

“You can’t.” He suddenly turned to her. “I-I mean, you can’t break them, the chains. General Guthrie uses magic to imprison the hu… huge giants. It’s the only way to hold them down.”

“Them? Have there been more people like Dean in this island?”

Lemual reluctantly answered. “Well… some wash up in shore.” The way she said it made him stop in his tracks.

“And what does he do with them?”

The young woman didn’t answer, opting instead to look anywhere but him.

“Lem… what happens to them?” Cold dread ran through his veins.

“Sam… They don’t stay for too long.”

On the military chambers, a man stood alone. This man was what many would have called a leader, a commander, and the chief… Others simply called him, a douchebag. He stood tall and proud, feeling, no, knowing he was powerful. From the side of the room, another man slipped in silently.

“Is everything set?” The previous inhabitant of the room addressed him, without turning around.

“Yes. But the brother’s proves to be a problem. ”

He now turned around violently. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t worry your petty little head, the girl’s taking care of it.”

The other scoffed. “She better be. What are his intentions?”

“He wants to set the beast free.” The hooded figure said in disgust.

“She’ll make him change his mind.” He dismissed confidently the other’s worries, not caring either way.

A barely perceptible nod was his reply. For how much longer do I have to stand this idiot? The unknown man thought, unknowing that the other thought the same thing.


Leafing in yet another book, Sam kept on looking. It was another shock for him to be able to be in public in a public library. A sense of freedom that was limited before filled him. Not that Dean was keeping him confined on purpose, but it could get stifling in his pockets. Now, he didn’t have to hide…

A sudden snap pulled him out of his musings as Lem closed the book. “Sam, I don’t think we’re gonna find anything.” Standing up, she stretched to get rid of the cramps.

Sam closed his book too. “This is useless.” Were he not in this strange town, he would have called Bobby for guidance. “I don’t get how this General uses magic and there’s almost no magical recording here!” It stroked him as strange

Getting no answer from Lem (not that he was expecting too) he stood up. “I need… I need to get fresh air.”

“Wait up!” Right behind him, the girl followed him out. “Sam, how about we take a break of all of this? I mean; we’ve been working all day.”

Shaking his head, he watched how a couple of kids passed by on their bikes. “If what you said is true, then Dean doesn’t have much time.” He would not fail his brother when he needed Sam the most.

“It’s going to be nearly impossible to release Dean. Who knows what the General does to imprison them…”

“Then we’re going to find out.”

A noise made him look up. It had started low, making Dean think he had imagined it. But then it became louder as each minute passed. The hunter stood up, trying to find the source of it. It seemed to come from everywhere.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just a sound. Tremors in the earth followed, distracting him from the noise of before. They became more prominent, until the Winchester collapsed from the movement. Getting up was impossible, almost as if gravity suddenly decided to make him its bitch. To make matters worse, this strange earthquake was making the walls crumble. Rocks showered around him; threatening to hit him or worse, bury him alive. Dean began to army crawl away, coughing as dust clouded his vision. He had not gotten too far when the chain on his leg yanked him to a halt. Grunting, he tried unsuccessfully to get free but he knew it was useless. He couldn’t even cut his leg off, since they had taken his weapons away. Boulders began to cover him, effectively holding him into place. I’m sorry Sammy, I tried. His struggles were concealed as the last pebble sealed his tomb, wiping any trace of the colossal prisoner.
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