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When Sam came down for breakfast, he felt much better than when he woke up. Having his own clothes and a new perspective lifted his spirits. The Winchester followed the delicious smell to the dining room and almost couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a proper breakfast: a prepared meal with actual cutlery. Without hesitating, he sat down and started eating.

Coming from the kitchen was Lemual with a cup of coffee and a grin. “Glad to see someone likes my cooking.” She took a place in the table and started eating too, but at a much slower pace.

“Mmmh.” Embarrassed, Sam slowed down and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Sorry, it’s been awhile…”

“Don’t be.” She waved it off, but took notice of what he was going to say. “How are you feeling?”

“Great.” This time he wasn’t lying. He was strangely calm, even as something was nagging on the back of his mind. “Thanks for taking me in last night, that storm was just horrible. I’ll be out of your hair once I’m on the road.”

“Oh no, stay!” Blushing because of her outburst, she stammered. “I-I mean, stay as long as you want. I’m sure you would want to rest a little before heading your own way. I can even show you around town if you’d like.”

He seemed unsure, but before he could say anything a young boy burst through the kitchen door. Bouncing with excitement, he didn’t notice Sam but went straight to Lemual.

“Lem! They found another giant on the beach!” He didn’t wait for them to reply, dragging her instead with him. “Come on!”


Shooting a quick glance at Sam, the young woman followed. Not knowing what to do, the surprised Winchester went with them. It would be just his luck that now that he was normal size, there were giants running around.


Meanwhile, said giant was facing the curious crowd that came to see him. On the front, an armed group of men stood guard. Their stand was both nervous and defensive, holding their spares as if he would go nuts any second. Children tried to get past them to have a better view of the colossal being, oohing and awing at his presence. Their parents, who were in turn scared that he would snatch them, clung at their shirts. At the head of everyone stood an imposing man, even at his diminutive size. He was the epitome of confidence, the only one who looked at the fallen titan in the eye.

“Don’t try to resist, man-mountain. We will not stand to you terrorizing our people! By arriving in our land, you have been sentenced to imprisonment. You will regret ever setting foot here! I… !”

Unable to take more of this cow crap, Dean interrupted the small man’s speech. “Woah, hold on a minute.” This arrogant twerp was really getting to his nerves. “You actually think I wanted to come here in the first place. Listen, once I find my brother, I’ll go away.”

There were gasps and exclamations everywhere.

“A brother?! You mean there is another one of your monstrous kind here?” The pompous little man grimaced, disgusted at the possibility. “We shall find soon enough. For now, we will take you as our prisoner.”

Scuffing, Dean doubted he would be going anywhere with these little nut heads. “Like hell, you are.” Resuming his earlier efforts, he proceeded to try and break out of his bindings. To his surprise, they held on tight.

By his shoulder, the insolent small man laughed smugly. “Ha! Your struggles are useless. These are magical bonds, inescapable even with the force of a brute as yourself.” Dean sneered at this, startling the guards and the onlookers but not the intended person.

“Take him away!” The tiny people and the guards backed away, making enough room for him to pass.

Suddenly, Dean felt something tugging him by his feet. He stretched his neck to see what was happening, but all he could tell was that they were somehow pulling him. It must be the magic he mentioned. If there wasn’t enough evidence hinting that these weren’t the same people as Sam’s size before, there were now. If this small race was using magic, maybe they used it to bring him here.

As they hauled him down the road, the giant Winchester gazed at his limited view of this new world. The field they were passing through didn’t look real, making him feel like he was in a model. Everything, from the people to the animals, was tiny. Or rather, he was immense. Grass as thin as strands of thread tickled him and he had to force himself to not shake.

Inside, he hoped Sam was safe. At least he had better chances to lay low than him.

A bump on the road snapped him out of his musings.

“Hey, watch it!” The way they dragged him suggested they didn’t care if he was a little beat up through the process.

The cocky leader of the group didn’t hear him, or ignored him, which was most likely. Talk about a Napoleon’s complex. Making up his mind, the captive Winchester made a plan. Break free, find Sam and go home. If only he knew where Sam was.


By the time, the three now natural sized people came to the beach, there was nothing there. The only clue that something had happened there was the dents in the sand.

“I swear it was here!” The little kid seemed anxious for them to believe him.

Spotting a group of fishermen near shore, Sam went to get some answers.

“What happened here?” One of them stopped setting their nets and turned to answer him.

“One of ‘em big beasts wash up shore.” Shaking his head, he laughed. “But them soldiers showed it, showed it good.”

“See! I told you it was here before!” The young boy and woman caught up with the group of men to get included in their little argument. “It was huge! Its boots were bigger than a house!”

Suddenly, Sam was struck with realization. Filled with guilt and worry, he became anxious.

“Where is he now?”

“Don’ worry boy, tis the problem of tha’ general.”

Unsatisfied with that answer, the taller man grabbed him by the scoff of his shirt. “Where. Did. They. Take. Him.”

The rest of the fishermen tensed, ready to take down the menacing stranger. “T-to the cliffs.” The Winchester let him go, and the poor man scrambled away from him.

“What the hick was that about Sam?”

Ignoring her, he passed Lemual over with a ticked off look on his face. Not one to be brushed off, she left the apprehensive group behind. Lem had to ran to catch up with him, his long strides carrying him farther away. “Sam!”

“I can’t believe I forgot, even for a moment. I feel like an idiot!” Chagrined, he shook his head. His own brother absent and Sam hadn’t even cared.

“Sam! Where are you going?”

“I need to find him, Lem.”

Confused, she looked at him. “Why?”

“Because he’s my brother.”

“Come again?”

“I know it’s hard to believe but I’ll explain on the way. Do you know where the cliffs are?”

“Yeah, I can take you there.” Shaking your head, she scoffed. “But don’t think for a moment that I’m getting anywhere near him. It would serve you well to do the same. Brother or not, if either of us is caught paying that giant a visit, we could be thrown in too.”

Close by, a hooded figure listened in to their conversation. Suspicious of them, especially the strange man, he went off.

It was a long ways until he reached his destination. Letting himself in without permission, he kept to the shadows and was only seen by his master. The mysterious figure didn’t hesitate to retell the exchange. The other in turn seemed pleased and dismissed his messenger. He would have to get ahold of this Sam.
At this pace, I'm going to finish this story by the end of March! (I hope) Don't wait too long for the next update and comment in the meantime ;) Entry for this contest


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I usually stay away from SPN GT stories but read this since I really like your writing :3 it's like free English education for me xD