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Newest Deviations

34. Stars
Emerald green eyes, peeking up at me.
Your mother reaching out, perchance a plea?
Little blip, rascal, soft creature,
What will you be, student or teacher?
Your family is large, quite complicated.
Some say too powerful and outdated.
Dark past, yet you seem to give me hope,
You must hold on you know, you must cope.
The river, wide and fast, flows on below us,
Whilst the heavens showcase their light beyond, thus.
The day you were born one of them flew by.
A sign? Perhaps, time will tell us the why.
Sleep now young one,
No more need to run.
Let troubles be gone for now.
They come soon enough, I vow:
I vow to stay strong, let us hope you will too.
We need strength, we need that much of you...
Times are changing, like the grains of sand,
For the better, or worse, who knows with this land.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 3 0
33. Expectations
I suppose others would give up.
I think they would not see the use of it.
Wet, cold and hungry, eh?
But when have you chosen the easy route?
I suppose others would assume.
That you would be the same, like him.
Wet, cold and hungry, eh?
But when have you listened to others?
I suppose others would ridicule, then.
At the journey that you are undertaking.
Wet, cold and hungry, eh?
But when has that stopped you?
I suppose others will see eventually.
They too must stop and stand.
Wet, cold and hungry, eh?
But when have you waited and looked back?
I suppose I should let you go now.
They won't understand, but I will.
Wet, cold and hungry, eh?
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 0 0
32. Night
I have lost her.
I don't understand.
Why did this happen?
It's getting darker.
What am I supposed to do now?
It's cold.
Has time stopped?
Or is it my heart?
What is happening to me?
I can't see light at the end.
What's the point now?
Was it my fault?
I don't know what to do.
How can I go on like this?
I can't... I just... can't....
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 4 3
31. Flowers
To say life has been a challenge so far, would be labeling it mildly.
Over the past years, I was starting to wonder if there would come an end to it all.
I would have given up had it not been for him.
My dear husband, how much you mean to me.
How much you've supported me and spurred me on when I thought it impossible.
Life would continue to create hurdles along our path.
But thanks to you, I endured.
My gratitude for you knows no bounds.
After all this time, I wouldn't have guessed I would love someone as much as him.
Never thought I'd be blessed once more with that feeling of connection.
Yet one day, it happened again.
A child, growing inside me.
I could feel it's warmth within.
My sweet little girl, how small you are, yet fast you grow now.
Your cheeks the hue of roses, running around, trying to grab your father.
My joy for you knows no bounds.
So when we one day stumbled upon another, I was still surprised, though less so.
Who knows what he'd been through, what he had lost.
But ther
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 3 0
30. Under the Rain
Under the dark clouds of night, I see you go
Away from us, your home, where I don't know
Determined you seem, with your hurry and rigidity
But is that really so? I'd rather think it stupidity
Much like your father you do look, same eyes
I wonder what he would have said, if there were no demise?
You're following in the footsteps of your father's father
I know there's more to it than that, but why bother?
With all these plots and twists and schemes
It's hard to gather who and what are your teams
I just hope you remember who you are, where you're from
Even if our relationship might seem odd to some
Family, duty, honor, these things you've heard before
Keep true to yourself, and remember what you swore
Beyond those mountains, other worlds may lie
But there's a time and place to go there, for you to fly
The skies are falling all around me, and I fear for you
I pray that my dreams of you don't come true
I believe there is still hope, but it is crumbling
Slowly, day by day, I notice I keep st
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 5 3
29. Happiness
At first I didn't want to believe it.
All the disappointments, all the regret.
Every time someone brave enough slipped through.
It wasn't long before they ran away.
Why? I'd like to say I don't know why.
But I do. And it's something I can't escape.
It's funny how much family can influence your life.
It sure influenced mine that is.
I often wish it was different.
But life sucks sometimes.
You can't choose your parents,
Or sisters for that matter...
So it was all the more surprising when he showed up.
I'd almost thought it was possible.
For a second there I really did.
Someone actually willing to cope with me.
At first I didn't really see why he would be any different.
But after a while I could see it.
He wasn't like the others, nothing like it.
He was driven and knew what he wanted.
Oh, how that made me feel.
The way he looked at me when we were alone.
His eyes lingering for a long second.
The touch of his hands, rough from his vocation.
But still soft and caring, unsure even.
No idea h
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 3 0
28. Sorrow
I will not say it was a happy day.
I know several who'd wished for another way.
But it wasn't the worst day neither.
Nor was it too late for him either.
After all those years, watching him grow.
We had to say goodbye, had to let him go.
A fine young man he has sure become.
Let us hope he remembers where he's from.
I wish him well, this son of my son.
Worries? I won't say I have none.
I must admit I am no seer.
But I know he will persevere.
He comes from strong roots.
No matter what is said by the suits.
Remember who you are, my child.
For the world out there won't be mild.
Stay true to yourself, live by your word.
And in time, your voice will be heard.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 7 3
27. Foreign
She was different.
So unlike the others I'd seen before.
I don't know why.
For some reason I was drawn to her.
Was it her personality?
Caring yet adventurous?
Her smile?
Illusive, and infrequent?
She was so soft, so gentle.
Men would do anything for her.
To please someone like her.
One look at her eyes,
and it was like she saw right through you.
Like she knew who I was,
knew what I was...
But that didn't deter her.
For whatever reason,
she didn't shy away.
She was as drawn to me as I was to her.
Of all those around her,
she chose me.
Why, I have no clue.
Perhaps she saw a kindred spirit.
Someone who had been through the same as she.
Perhaps she saw a challenge,
to overcome with surprising ease.
We were so happy.
Oh, the look on her face,
as we welcomed you to the world.
If only it had lasted.
Just for a little while.
I still rue that day.
It's not what I had wanted.
She made the decision alone.
And left us, both of us,
to these dark days ahead.
Why did she have to leave?
She was
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 6 2
26. Tears
I've never been one for emotions.
Crying on about something for days on end.
Because something just didn't go according to plan.
Much ado about nothing if you ask me.
Just suck it up, and go on, would you?
Accept it. Shit happens.
That's what I always say.
But things change.
I thought people never did.
I believed it. They don't change, I said.
Maybe the small things.
But not really, not that much.
Not in the ways that matter, at least.
I used to shrug away from women.
With their weeping and feelings.
Always going on about something, or someone.
Mourning. Waste of time, if you ask me.
When my wife left me, did I cry? No.
I composed myself and never looked back.
Life goes on, so why shouldn't we?
So why does this time feel different?
I'm confused: there's moisture in my eyes.
That hasn't happened in a while.
Can't even remember the last time.
Why does the loss of a child, make me, change?
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 2 0
25. Trouble Lurking
I can smell it.
Something is off.
It's in the air around us, thick, stifling.
The others keep saying it's nothing, just me being me.
But I know better.
We've been sailing aimlessly for days now.
We should have seen land a fortnight ago.
Aren't they wondering why we haven't reached our goal by now?
They sure are putting up a good front.
Even the cook, god bless the man.
We haven't had a decent meal in a week now.
But still he and everybody else says it won't be long now.
Do they even know where we are?
The captain does, I think.
I wonder what's gotten into him.
He's been awfully quite lately.
Perhaps he knows what's out there.
Just waiting for us, to give up, to give in.
I wonder if I'll survive this again.
Even if I did, my wife wouldn't let me hear the end of it.
Nor would those kids...
I guess they would start quizzing me the second I returned.
Bless those two, always wanting to hear another tale.
One more, daddy, please one more!
I hope I can give into their childish whims once more
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 1 0
24. No Time
Why does life seem to fly by so?
Always in a rush to do something, be somewhere.
I mean I get it that what we do demands us to be swift.
But still, does that mean there's no moment to stand still?
Running, running, sailing, sailing.
It's like there's no end to it.
I don't really remember the last time I didn't have to do something.
I wish I was someplace else.
Somewhere foreign, exotic, different.
Like the far south I've heard about, what with deserts and those weird trees with rocks in them.
Or the mainland for that matter, near some great city.
How cool would that be? Me a lady of a royal family?
I wish.
But not me, not the youngest of three, to a family feared.
I understand why people are scared of my father.
I'm frightened too, too scared to do anything about it at least.
And I guess my sisters can be quite scary at times.
But not me. At least I don't think so.
I wonder if dreams just stay that? Dreams?
Doomed hope and wishes?
Doomed it may be, it's what keeps me going.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 6 3
23. Cat
I do not come from a well-off family.
A farm. That is where my origins lie.
While I do sometimes wish for the simple life,
I can't say I haven't become accustomed to my current lifestyle.
Much like the countless feline inhabitants of my childhood establishment,
I must choose the right moment to strike.
Patience, then reach out and grab hold for dear life.
I won't say that the methods my husband used were tasteful.
But I agree with what he says: "We do what we must."
After all, we have a family to think of now.
While they may not think we look out for them, we do.
Daughters can be such a handful sometimes, don’t you agree?
But oh, to see them grow into such beautiful things.
I wish them all the things I didn't have when growing up.
From rags to riches, how cliché. But that’s how it is.
I wonder if that is why I said yes to him, all those years ago.
We both come from nothing, and look at where we are now.
We want what is best for our children – is that a crime?
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 1 3
22. Mother Nature
She's a nasty one, a real bitch.
That hag that governs life.
Don't play dumb, you know which.
In her wake, it's all but strife.
Fickle, yes, that's what she is.
Deceivingly soft one day, a storm next.
Kind of reminds me of my Liz.
It's like matrimony, with all vexed.
How many years has she made our lives taxing?
It can make one irate, no sense whatsoever.
And to see how the years have been waxing...
Time and time again, with every endeavor.
It it wasn't for her, we would still be together.
When I look at my daughters, I see the worry in their eyes.
But no, for that day had to have bad weather...
They don't need to tell me; I know they think me unwise.
But what else can I do? This is all I know.
I'm good at what I do and I do it to get by.
And I must admit, I do like a good show.
This is me, not wanting to say goodbye.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 5 1
21. Vacation
It does a man good when he can take a moment of reflection.
Some down time of his usual duties, that bog him day to day.
A day or two, a week, just a little bit.
It helps to put things into perspective.
We must not forget where we came from.
How we fought for what we now have.
Where do I want my family to go from here?
I do not know.
My children want for nothing.
They have all they need for a good life.
And yet, still they seem not content.
I will have to remind them what it means to not have these things.
I still remember. She does.
Yes, she does, my dearest companion of mine.
I won't let anything ruin what we have.
But what am I rumbling on about?
I have some time to spare, time to repose.
It won't be long before they start at it again.
Their constant inquiries and appeals.
Oh, how I sometimes wish for the old days.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 3 0
20. Fortitude
I look at the skies and sigh.
Why did this happen to me?
I wish I could have said goodbye.
Was I so blind, too blind to see?
It was going so well.
Why did she have to go?
But then I had to go and yell.
It's only brought me woe.
I guess I might have said some things.
I mean it's not like I meant them...
Going off like that, like them kings.
What now, without my little gem?
Why couldn't she just understand?
All would be different now.
I had figured it out, had it all planned.
If only she could have see how.
And now that she is gone.
I'm here, in this crappy village.
Talking to some John.
For fear of some sort of pillage.
Oh, the cruel, cruel life.
If only I had my wife.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 4 0
19. Gray
The day you were born, was a dark day for me.
I remember running away, from the black, black sea.
The skies were thick with rain and thunder.
And I was left to constant wonder.
The gales of wind would not relent.
No matter how long I must have spent.
Away from home, away from him.
The outlook was ever so grim.
The skies mirrored how I was feeling.
As did you, who never stopped squealing.
Your father and I said goodbye to each other.
He wasn't the only one, there had been another.
It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
With all my heart, I wish it not happen to you.
You might think of me as overbearing.
But it's to protect you, call it sparing.
I sometimes wonder if how I felt that day affected you.
I tried to close it off, but did it somehow make it through?
Whenever I look into your eyes, they reflect back those skies.
And I ask myself : was it worth it, worth all these lies?
I hope you understand why I did what I did.
Though that might take a while, you still being a kid.
:iconheronwolf:heronwolf 5 0






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