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Mourning a legion

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“ those fools, those poor dumb fools! My voice, my face, and the truth should’ve gave them a chance to surrender! Because I defeated their general mace windu 3 1/2 times, I’m so touched for their blind loyalty to their abusive master palpatine, along with their berserk courage! Stubborn! Stubborn just like their general! I feel nothing for the clones they are soulless, but these men I’m so touched by tenacity and berserk fearlessness, but I wish they could’ve surrender instead of trying to enforce the emperors lies” cried Liam at the sight of the bariel mount of the 168 legion.

During the clone wars 20 bby when Liam and his sister entered they’re new lives as apart of cedricks army, when they became son and daughter to their new family, as saoirse looked up to her new mom’s squadron the Joan of arcs, and her aunties the sacred band of naberrie

Liam had learned a lot from his adopted fathers wing, at first didn’t like him, but seeing his nobility, and courage as a leader, he started to warm up to the point he called him papa, he advanced so much he even thinks like a general, though cedrick enforces he needs to still learn

But it wasn’t long until Liam knowing he’s not old enough to fight along his dad, he made a puppet, named antipetor, a young first class, who he gave him orders on how to fight which got him in position where he can command his regiment

But the first thing he had with windu, which no one was a fan of, he was working on a model ballista to impress science officer Terrance krats (before his betrayal),but it malfunction and sent a small rock to windu’s head knocking him out cold

But when weeks after ringo vinda and after accidentally discovering order 66, and the Jedi refusing to believe they’re telling the truth, that’s when it really began, first time was to rescue his father, when obi wan saw through his true trial put up and act for cedrick to be arrested so cedrick can see who is the traitors sabotaging his plans to save what can salvage from the republic, another during a space battle using his puppet he was able for force windu to retreat, and the last was during the battle votamus a secret shipyard world to build the ark, but to distablize the republic advance he defeated mace windu in a surprise attack, that halted the republics re-enforcements and republics war path

And it’s after this battles mace finds out he has been beaten by a 8 year old boy, and he erased those battles from archives out of embarrassment

When the fall of the republic has come as prophecised mace windus former legion was given to an incompetent general, who palpatines lied to the public that windus victories are his, but several years later when illana princess of galaluna has arrived and with the invention of the mechs and mechimals

It was at the battle of fire hills at Broanna, when the emperor’s lies about this general was exposed, when he isolated the legion, and with the defeat of the tiwan king, the tiwans fled, leaving the imps without support, and it was long till the empires lost heart and fled and the general in cowardess fled while the 168 legion fought till the last man

And on live feed seeing this supposed fearless general flee clued the public in on the jedis innocence, but Liam was there crying at the men he killed, believing windu erased their memories to not be reminded that a boy beat him, and it could’ve saved them to face execution
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