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Group Rules

- No Spamming: I can understand people wanting their art featured, but submitting 300+ deviations in one go is a bit over the top, so there is a 10 deviation submission limit per day. I can forcibly guarantee this rule is adhered to, but I'd like to think I can trust you guys enough to mean this won't be something I have to do.
- Fetish Art: I would rather this was not a thing showcased in this group. So any art showing characters in some form of sexual situation will not be allowed. The same goes for gore pictures, excessive blood and similar. I will be going through peoples galleries as a precaution and removing submissions that I deem in violation of this rule. If I do remove one of your arts and you feel this is unfair, you may note me (JR19759, I'm in the sidebar) and plead your case. If you convince me, I will reinstate the art-work in question, but if not it will stay removed.
- Fan-Art: Fan art is allowed in this group, because obviously this isn't the Heromachine main site and we don't claim to represent Jeff in such a capacity, so fan-art should be ok to be posted. However, this will change at my discretion, or if I hear anything from Jeff that would require the rules to be changed. Whilst this is unlikely, it is something to bear in mind.
- Outside Editing: Specifically "Are Heromachine pictures that have been edited in another program (such as photoshop) after export submittable here?" This depends on the level of editing. If you've just added a background or a few glows then yes, you can submit those. But more extensive editing, colouring, extensive shading, item alteration etc. is not allowed. I'd like to keep the artwork as authentic as possible (and try not to sound so incredibly snobby in the process of saying it).
- First time submissions: If it is your first time submitting, please submit in the Featured folder. There is now a 3 submissions a day lock on the folder, so once you have hit the 3 submissions and you can't post any more, wait until a folder is created for you and then submit there, or wait until the next day and submit another three. However, the second scenario is highly unlikely to happen, as we're usually very on top of sorting out folders for members.
- NO NON HEROMACHINE ART: Yeah, I thought this one was obvious as well, but there have been a few non-heromachine submissions which I've had to decline. Sorry but this is a group solely for the displaying of artwork created on Heromachine, whether it be 1, 2.5, 3, Modern Warrior Creator, Horror, Rock Star edition or Pin-Up edition.

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to PM me.

Gallery Folders

Aterna by BestodOmega
Kedd by BestodOmega
Gyan by BestodOmega
fab five by Shadowofjustice123
Battlebriar by TheAnarchangel
The Power Couple by TheAnarchangel
The Wonderful Moustache by TheAnarchangel
Danny Longlegs by TheAnarchangel
A Reason To Fight... by AngelGhidorah
One small step, and one giant leap... by AngelGhidorah
In Another Time... by AngelGhidorah
Stardust the Super Wizard... by AngelGhidorah
HeroMachine: Pruneface by ARTIST-SRF
Hero Machine: Crewy Lou by ARTIST-SRF
The Brow by ARTIST-SRF
HeroMachine: Itchy by ARTIST-SRF
DC/Marvel Amalgams: InhuWoman by bjv016
Yesterday 120 Hero: Blue Bronco by bjv016
Yesterday 120 Hero: Misting Man by bjv016
Yesterday 120 Hero: The Inkwell by bjv016
Tasmine: Ruby by BurnedSmackdown
Tasmine: Night Blue by BurnedSmackdown
Tasmine: Casual by BurnedSmackdown
Tasmine: Gold by BurnedSmackdown
Ra's Al Ghul by Chiracy
Jack skellengton by Chiracy
Bruce Wayne by Chiracy
Battle damaged batman by Chiracy
Cascade by DeliriousAL
Hummingbird by DeliriousAL
AdmiralProw by DeliriousAL
HM 'Sketch Dump' by DeliriousAL
Hayley Smith y el Ejercito de las Tinieblas by EscribaRegio
Machete the Cavalier Machete el caballero by EscribaRegio
Spine Skeleton Krew by EscribaRegio
Hayley Smith encuentra el Necronomicon by EscribaRegio
Flash99GR aka Lef
Nightmonger by Flash99GR
Sword Shield by Flash99GR
Sparks by Flash99GR
Sadness by Flash99GR

Mature Content

Hm3-beta(82) by funkmachine7
Abigaila V2 by Gracethewriterartist
The Circle Order by JR19759
Revised - Succubus by Kaldath
Ananse by MadJack-S
The Foxtress and Dynafox by mattisagamer
TheUnknownVsAlpha by Nugarius
Shark Bay 4th Album: Dogs In Suits by PMD-Warrior
RCW1:Mega by Moon-And-Fire-Queen
Barrisa (The Merciless) by Shinko-no-gi
DHAAL Sept 2019 by Smitty309
Son4-manx by son4
Saddle Tramp by SpecialWeaponsDalek

Mature Content

Malae (8) Shaded by Stulte
Quell The Time Enforcer by stick-man-11
Gryphon Rider, front view by Sulemania
Purple Courier of Bahamut by TigerDragonMaster

Mature Content

DN-G0's Hunt by Vectorman316
Count Vampireno by syed99skywalker
Liar Tihvlelefra by Kicktar
Sasuke(WIP) by Maverick1313
Red Rube + Ruby Red by Eldacur
Open Source: Freako-Rex by Amanacer-Fiend0
SBW: Computerizer by Blastmasterism324
Hokuba, the Frozen Horseman by Samikaze13
Screaming Egale by 1ofthem
Cannonball - X-Men by MetalHarbinger084
NerdAndProud - The Rejuvinator by Nerd0And0Proud
Heromachine Batman (Red Son) by irishfist123
Ok guys, I've decided to change up the rule on getting a folder in the gallery. If you look at the sidebar, there's way too many folders there and some of them haven't been used since those people joined. So what I'm going to do is move those ones into the featured folder and to get a folder in the sidebar you must now consistently post at least one image into the featured folder for a week before getting their own personal folder. Once that folder has more than 10 pictures in it, it stays on the sidebar permanently. Hopefully everyone feels this is fair.
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