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Aelathane Rework by Herokip98 Aelathane Rework :iconherokip98:Herokip98 5 0 Another Nite Bi-Polar by Herokip98 Another Nite Bi-Polar :iconherokip98:Herokip98 3 0
Old Pirate Rhyme
The sea be knockin’ us around,
But at least we be comin’ to that good ole cove,
Rapscallion Cove to spend our gold!
The sea be knockin’ us around,
But I’ll see me Mary when I get there,
Have a pint with a story to share!
The sea be knockin’ us around,
But soon I’ll eat a hot meal,
And have a good rest that I can feel!
The sea be knockin’ us around,
But Rapscallion Cove is in our sight,
We’ll raid the tavern and cause a fight!
Cause that’s what ya do at Rapscallion Cove!
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 0
Dune Elf Chant
The desert is a vast sea of dunes
We fare its sands and carry with us its boons
We are the people of the unrelenting fire
Nomadic elves may our stories inspire
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
Lazy Dreams
Wisps drift gracefully on the gentle breeze
As the wolf sleeps under a golden, soft sun
She is as peaceful as the forest that she guards
And I wonder what she dreams
A dragonfly balances neatly on her nose
She lifts a lazy eye open and sighs
An afternoon nap is not in her cards today
She lets out a yawn and stretches out her toes
She stares at her reflection in the stream
Her magenta coat glosses in the light
Her familiar calls for her in the distance
And I wonder what was her dream
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 0
Lessons of a Ranger
Graze the ground silently,
With the balls of your feet.
Calm your breath slowly,
And lower your heart beat.
Pull back your arrow,
Hear the bow bend.
Let loose the shaft,
As you watch it send.
Your training is now complete,
Join the shadows among the elite.
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
Mage's Creed
Seven robes of color
Seven magics to discover
Seven challenges to create
Seven teachers that await
Seven callings to answer
Seven elements to master
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
A Tale of Tragedy
A jester was he, a fool for coin and love
He juggled and tumbled for peasants and above
They applauded, they laughed, and they cheered him on
But their predictable excitement made him yawn
It was when the Rabbits approached his kin
That he would no longer be a harlequin
To be an assassin reborn for the blade
A new life, a new role, he was easily swayed
With ease he would master his new position
Taking on the most difficult of missions
In time he became infatuated with his mentor
A relationship he hoped to one day explore
But all his happiness and dreams came crashing down
When his teacher’s old friend came back around
She was nothing like them, and an unwelcome infection
She needed to vanish, to end her oppression
Formally a clown, a killer he was made
He found his lover grieving at his friend’s grave
He betrayed his trust, it was forever broken
A friendship once forged was now left unspoken
Today he had nothing, except his love’s enmity
And an endless war with his ow
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 2 0
The Ballad of Shady McGee
Heed this warning
And tie your purse tight
Keep a hand in your pocket
Have your coins in sight
The Shadiest of the Mcgee’s
Is on the prowl
He’ll rob you blind
For he is the most foul
No home is safe
Prepare for the abuse
All will be stolen
When Shady is on the loose
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
Song of the Vampire
We are the denizens that you fear
Graceful and beautiful, black but pale
We dance from the shadows, taking cover in its veil
Patiently we stalk you, our eyes gleam and leer
Hopeless you are when we approach so slow
Hopeless you are, that is all that you know
For we are the scions, children of the Night
We relish in your cries of pain
Like a sun shower’s misty rain
In the morrow we’ll hide from the daylight
With the moon rise, we shall return
With the moon rise, your lives shall burn
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 3 0
Words for the Wicked
He watches the lost souls drift
Pulls them in near, close to his heart
His heart is a void
And cold
He fills his heart with us
For he is nothing without the lost
He watches the little ones with disdain
He is jealous of their purity
He has none of his own
No innocence
No joy
He takes it from them
For he is nothing without the lost
May a hero come to confront him
For all those who approach him
Wish to serve a devil
The desperate
The greedy
He twists the soul of men
For he is nothing without the lost
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 0
Song of the Blood Tongue
Blood hardens our bones
It makes us stronger
Sharpen our swords on the stones
It makes us stronger
A fight can last a day
It makes us stronger
A fight might not go your way
It makes us stronger
Mark your face with paint
It makes us stronger
Let loose a war cry, do not restraint
It makes us stronger
Remember these lessons, gladiator
You may live a bit longer.
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 0
Prayer for the Dragon Walkers
Titan’s of the titans, mountains tremble at their sight
Wings blocked out the sun, nothing could match their height
Beneath the forests, swamps, and sands they slumber away from light
Suffering in a coma we healed wounds from their epic fight
We Dragon Walkers did what we could, we lacked the necessary might
To save our gods from such a horrible blight
Praise be Nihilio whom saved our kings from an endless twilight
Give us the fortitude to wait for our awakening birthright
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
Amber Man Children's Rhyme
When dusk settles in
And the Black Moon can be seen in its place
Mothers warn of the Amber Man’s grin
And his welcoming face
The Amber Man walks down the street
Snatching a babe from its cradle
He’ll offer children a treat
And then stir them in a stew with his ladle
Only the Jade Hawk can protect us
So hurry and hide under itsspan
Demons will always try to gain your trust
So always beware of the Amber Man
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 0
The Ballad of Atila
He was once a small boy, like all in the past
He had a brother but not kin who was by his side
They trained with the Magi and they learned fast
The first elf of the lands was their elder and guide
Atila the older, Mateo the younger
This Magi was an aether that would change their world
For their thirst was unquenchable and they had a hunger
Together the boys had a plan that would soon unfurl
For the power was too immense for these young, impressible ones
And their teacher saw a corruption that he could not quell
For despite the danger to come, he could not harm his foster sons
Atila’s power and Mateo’s drive broke free of their shell
The wards placed by their elder shook, splintered, and shattered
The Magi was now theirs to do as they pleased
The boys were now men and the power they had mastered
But as for their bodies, the magic had seized
“Draak Terra is ripe for the taking,” Mateo smiled
“Well spread the Magi to those that we choose,” Atila agreed
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 1 1
A Tale for the Passing
Angels swirl around me, waiting for my last breath
Eyes soulless and black, wings white like ash
I fear many things, but today I just fear Death
It had always been clear that I led an honor less life
And me Ma always said you sow what you seed
In my chest I struggle to remove his rusty knife
He stumbles back shocked to watch me cry and bleed
This is the hand I was dealt
This is the path I chose
This is the coming fall I always felt
Now my body will be given to the crows
The angels drop from above
I can hear them buff their wings
I only wish I had found love
That her and I could be bound by rings
That we’d bear a child that I could call mine
A home, a family, a life not this
Then maybe, all would be fine
But there is no one to cherish and kiss
Take me now, angels! I am no longer hesitant
Strip me from this world, I have no ties
Perhaps I would be better as a revenant
For I did poorly to heed the advice of the wise
:iconherokip98:Herokip98 0 0
My manifested thoughts.

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I grew up in New England. I fell in love with fantasy through old TSR books, Dungeon and Dragons, and Willow. That love has stuck with me throughout my life, even when I was serving in Iraq as a US soldier. In the army I was the huge nerd that ran the tabletops every weekend morning.

Since I've been discharged, I've been struggling with deep depression that has only been kept at bay for my love to write. I used poetry as a mean of therapy and my novel as a tool to show myself that there's alway something over the horizon to fight for.

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Sun Aug 19, 2018, 5:57 AM
Hey guys, Ill be closing up the Vendetta's Rise audio book contest in 2 weeks!!!!

So if you'd like a free copy of the Vendetta's Rise audio book all you have to do is draw 1 of the characters listed below. Three of you will be randomly selected to win, all of you will be featured on the Dragon Realms Saga facebook and Twitter.

Here are the characters:


Heres a sample of the audio book

The contest will officially end September 1st 2018!!!!!!!

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