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It's another Digi-Decoupage peice from me again :D

I wanted to collage something together involving Soundwave and his cassettes or any G1 toys in general.

I had no idea what I wanted for a backdrop which usually is a no-no on these projects. I think at best the environment is just as important as the entities that inhabit it. To get the proper urge to do these decoupage pieces, I need a setting I can image and pose the toy characters in. Looking at the G1 card art where the Transformers are all fighting in space gave me the idea for this planetary setting.

I had Soundwave, Rumble/Frenzy and multiple Laserbeaks in place where I wanted them, but a large gap in the corner of the picture was bugging me a great deal. I had to improvise on what to use as a gap filler as I like to make these still scenes as busy as possible. The idea then came to introduce some energon cubes into the mix.

So I had a glass cube ornament and tinted it purple for the energon cubes. I originally had a Fox’s Glacier Mint in mind, to make the energon less ‘toon like’, but alas I used what materials were more immediate.

I made this piece from less than half the ratio of building block images I had lined up for it and what I used had worked for the best.

This piece has also been submitted for a scary-crayon.com Haiku picture.

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Awesome, this RULES