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Spotted this beautiful house by a cemetery. Had to make an HDR photography of it.
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3840x2516px 11.52 MB
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55 mm
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Oct 5, 2007, 3:36:13 PM
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This is incredible!
BL0ND3PU3RT0RIC4N's avatar
belive it or not, i would like a house like that :)
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Did you do photo manipulation cuz this is just gorgeous !
Can I use it for my photoshoot ?
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wow this looks really good, the colors really pop out here
JulioWrathchild's avatar
My God...
The colours. The nature. The architecture. My nachos [LOL].
It's all so perfect

dreamilla's avatar
wow this is so beautiful
VirusCherub's avatar
one word: beautiful
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its a great photo.

where is there ?
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I LOVE fall and this is in a cemetery too! My gosh, what more could I ask for.

: ) :+fav:
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Very beautiful shot!!!:clap:
call me ignorant... but what is HDR?
ur pics look crisp... love them
HeroinForMyHeroine's avatar
HDR is the acronym for High Dynamic Range, which basically means that you take 3 (or more) pictures of the same spot but with different exposure, so that you cover light definitions, midtone definitions and dark definitions. Then you put those pictures together with the help of either photoshop or photomatix (my choice) to get a picture which covers all ranges. The picture will have well lit lightning and look a like a painting.

Ofcourse there's a lot more to the picture than this. You still need to tonemap and enhance certain features to make it look like my example, but that's HDR in a nutshell.
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If I'm not wrong, now in your photos there're more red, yellow colours, than blue:) I like this change! :bounce: Great!!!
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I like to vary my techniques. I thought that this picture should have a warmer touch and really give an autumn feeling.
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Support your trials of different techniques :handshake:
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