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Flora's Frolic

By Heroik-Arts
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I wasnt quite happy with my old fan artwork peice of flora from
the wonderful webcomic by :icontwokinds:
so I thought I would revamp it up. I hope twokinds enjoys
my rendition of Flora. Please let me know what ya think enjoy!
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minecrafroger's avatar
she look like an pre teen or something
EmilyNyght's avatar
Cute Billy Cute!
SuperPichi's avatar
Cute ^^ (I'm "Manita" from n_n)
inluv4's avatar
cute with a cherry on top and a lot of sprinkles! ^_^
XxBurgiexX's avatar
Simply adorable <33 I love how she looks like the original Flora but also slightly more animalistic (with the claws) She looks so cute and playful X33
ZoakoTHEgreat's avatar
samwhelan's avatar
I love the facial expression
the fur texture is erally good
and the ears are cute ;)
LiizardBreeaath's avatar
Omg, that is so cute, and very much like her!
A big thumbs up from me!!!
Heroik-Arts's avatar
yep the original skecth was done in color pencil then I uploaded it into gimp used smudge tool and airbrush and paint etc. to add a more paint like quality to this piece thanks lol for the comments you all. lol plus sometimes i use the white color pencil to smudge colors into a smoother texture.
Michiru-Kaioh's avatar
Did you use colored pencil?
Wow its so neat and beautiful how you colored it!
keonivex's avatar
I like how you colored pencile it all so nicely. cute face too ^^
AnimusCaninus's avatar
You know, I usually prefer some sexy with my catgirl but this was just WAY TOO ADORABLE to not add it to my collection. You did a really beautiful job. Such a soft, happy and playful pallette! Love it!
Kabalyero's avatar
@o@ WOW! The coloring in this is so smooth and detailed! insta-fav for me dude, fantastic job on this!
Kabalyero's avatar
Ah so you use Gimp! I had wondered lol.

Yeah, I'm abit of a smudge tool user as well, though with my stuff it's mostly to smooth out the cell shading edge lines to my coloring. Kinda hard to explain here, but eh lol.

Seriously though, this pic just simply kicks so much butt dude! Again, great job on this! ^^;
Heroik-Arts's avatar
thank you very much, lol My favorite tool in GIMP is the smudge tool it helps give a paint like look as well as its just fun to play with!smearing with style lol
WickedPrince's avatar
She's quite beautiful. Very good drawing. :)
Twokinds's avatar
Aw, thank you. She looks very pretty. =D I think you did a great job reworking this piece. I thought your previous version was excellent already, but this one is very nice. I'll be sure to put it up in my fanart section when I get the chance.
the-PirateNinja's avatar
this is really really good!!!
xxbrizone's avatar
That is so cool!
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