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Will And Misato Are Scared Of neo dio
Neo dio: well, we'll if isn't pals of Chris thorndyke and his mom tifa Lockhart such as william and misato I will kill two of you for my Lord wagnard the marmo wizard.

William Taylor and misato: aaaaaaaaaaah!
Chris and helen
Chris thorndyke is a 12 year old hero to his girlfriend Helen. He carries helen. chris is a beautiful hot boy from sonic. Sherry birkin loves her boyfriend Chris thorndyke, not hate Chris thorndyke. Sherry birkin and Helen stands Chris thorndyke and his mom tifa Lockhart. Sherry birkin cannot stand those who are complaining about Chris thorndyke.
Lilith aensland finds out the truth
Lilith aensland is a succubus ally of Chris thorndyke and his mom tifa Lockhart, lilith aensland is the one who thinks that da ji is fox woman that tricked fans and sonic and co to hate chris and elise using non-sonic characters by making hate fanfics and hate arts, and making Chris and elise villains. Lilith aensland must hunt down and kill da ji.
When the demonic rage of evil energy takes over raiya. Raiya still looks like angel eyes character which is a same, howecer her eyes glows red. And then when chris thorndyke or his family and friends are in danger or devastated by those who are trying to kill them, raiya triggered the rage of evil turning her into a demon raiya to attack those who harm Chris thorndyke and his family and friends. Demon raiya is only heroine and villain that considered to be same as evil ryu. She is evil version of raiya.


heroicsonnyjim's Profile Picture
mr math
Artist | Other
United States
My Name is JackTbug

I am a good guy that loved sonic 06, sonelise and the rest.

I an the enemy of those who commited evil.

Likes: video games, reading, writing, dating girls, hanging out with pals, anime, manga, watching tv, meditating, viewing the sunsets, star gazing, my family, my friends, The United States of America, money, languages from East Asia, my cousin's church, listening to music, sexy girls(what?), wrestling, sonic and his friends (including chris elise tails knuckles), and my birthplace.

Dislikes: conceited sluts and idiots, racism, Christian Missionaries, Islamic Extremists and terrorists, Palestianians who believe Israel is their land alone and be renamed Palestine, Adolf Hitler, foreign-born beaners who say shit that American-born hispanics know, my mom's side of the family, Grand Theft Auto, gangs in America, hypocrites, Jewish extremists, video game fans who take the industry's matters into their hands, Antisemitism, Confederate rednecks and whites, Holocaust deniers, George Bush, the fact that foreign-born Hispanics hate the Jews, high school and college complications, people who say Super Mario is old and retired and that no one plays him, Bad guys (except reformed ones), fanbrats (they are animals), and superiority complexed people.

Friends/Heroes: sonic the hedgehog, tails, knuckles, amy rose, shadow the hedgehog, chris thorndyke, princess elise, chip, mario, luigi, princess peach, toad (mario), cloud strife, tifa lockhart, barret, sora, kairi, optimus prime, bumblebee, spider-man, donkey kong, diddy kong, samus aran, link, zelda, crash bandicoot, fox mccloud, ash ketchum, ash's pikachu, ryu (sf), chun-li, ken masters, megaman, zero (megaman x), megaman x, simon belmont, soma cruz, swat kats (razor & t-bone), kane (kung fu dino posse), zidane, tidus, pac-man, siegfried (soul calibur), mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy, yugi, yami yugi, Téa gardner, joey wheeler, misty, brock, q-bert, parn (lodoss), deedlit (lodoss), goliath (gargoyles), yukimura sanada (sengoku basara/samurai warriors), miia (monster musume), duke nukem, ryu hayabusa, Superman, wonder woman, batman, belle (disney), beast (disney), sam bowden, simba (lion king), wolverine, iron man, raiden (mk), kasumi (doa), zidane, goku, teenage mutant ninja turtles, yoda, asuka kazama, jun kazama, felicia (darkstalkers), max (mad max), arthur (ghouls n' ghosts), kyo kusanagi, sherry birkin, chris reinfield, croc (croc series), abe (oddworld), munch (oddworld), stranger/steef (oddworld), pac-man, spyro, guy (final fight/street fighter alpha), spongebob squarepants, morrigan aensland (except usa cartoon version), aku aku (crash bandicoot), CJ (Jumpstart), lin-chung (hero 108), homer simpson, bart simpson, lisa simpson, marge simpson, magie simpson, moe (from simpsons), apu (simpsons), ned flanders (simpsons), terry bogard, andy bogard, joe higashi, mai shiranui, ryo sakazaki, yuri sakazaki, robert garcia, blaze the cat, chanticleer (rock-a-doodle), charlie b barkin, naruto and his friends, ellen ripley, johnny test, rest of heroes.

Neutrals: firebrand (gargoyle's quest), wario, bass, sagat, kain (legacy of kain), ashram, kira daidaohji, algol (soul calibur), pterano, marik ishtar, nina williams, jin kazama, kaworu, blaze (mortal kombat), babylon rogues (Sonic riders), jason voorhees (friday the 13th), final fantasy X characters (including tidus), dora the explorer, rest of neutrals.

Favorite Villains: dr.eggman, bowser, sephiroth, maleficent (1959 sleepy beauty), orochi (warriors orochi/kof) duke vox (star ocean 3) m.bison, jedah, pyron (darkstalkers), yami marik, giovanni (pokemon), sigma, seth (sf4) nobunaga oda (sengoku basara), gendo ikari, megatron, kingpin (from spider-man), king k rool, ganondorf, dr. cortex, andross, skor (kung fu dino posse), coily (from q-bert), pete (from disney), merlock (ducktales the movie), dracula (castlevania), demona (gargoyles), thailog (gargoyles), wagnard (lodoss), darkseid, lex luthor, max cady, gaston, jafar, scar (lion king), apocalypse (x-men), thanos, shao kahn, dark kahn, alpha-152, dural (vf), kuja (ff9), frieza, cell (dbz), shang tsung, onaga, zanramon (tmnt), count dooku, darth maul, devil kazuya, kazuya mishima (after tekken 1), l.raptor, cervantes, unicron, andross, prince lotor, judge frollo (disney), toecutter (mad max), rugal, phalanx (demon's crest), astaroth (ghouls n' ghost), rex raptor, dr. doom, ripto, rhynocs, sorceress (spyro), red the dragon (spyro), plankton (spongebob squarepants), usa cartoon morrigan aensland, mrs.tweedy (chicken run), sketo (oddworld), molluck (oddworld), weevil underwood, goenitz (Kof), anna williams, bad rap (extreme dinosaurs), Dr.O (jumpstart), racist couple (monster musume), high roller (hero 108), mr.burns (simpsons), sideshow bob, geese howard, mr.big (art of fighting), magneto, grand duke of owls, carface, freddy kreugar, rest of villains.

My favorite ps3 games

sonic the hedgehog (06)

mobile suit gundam crossfire

virtua fighter 5 (original)

virtua fighter 5 final showdown

sonic adventure 1

sonic adventure 2

kingdom hearts h.d 1.5

kingdom hearts h.d 2.5

mortal kombat vs dc universe

dead or alive 5

dead or alive 5 ultimate

street fighter 4

super street fighter 4

super street fighter 4 arcade edition

ultra street fighter 4

sonic unleashed

soul calibur 4

soul calibur 5

tekken 5 dark ressurection

tekken 6

tekken tag tournament 2

mortal kombat (2011)

marvel ultimate alliance

ridge racer 7

sonic generations

duke nukem forever

marvel vs capcom 3 fate of two worlds

ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

marvel vs capcom 2

marvel vs capcom origins

Darkstalkers resurrection


My favorite xbox 360 games

Dynasty warriors 5 empires

sonic the hedgehog (06)

dead or alive 4

dead or alive 5

street fighter 4

sonic adventure 1

soul calibur 1

soul calibur 4

soul calibur 5

sonic adventure 1

sonic adventure 2

sonic unleashed


Favorite wii games

soul calibur legends

sonic and the secret rings

sonic colors

super smash bros brawl

sega superstars tennis


Favorite psp games

sonic rivals

sonic rivals 2

megaman maverick hunter x

megaman power up

tekken dark ressurection

dissida final fantasy

viewtiful joe red hot rumble

dynasty warriors (2005)

dynasty warriors vol 2

samurai warriors state of war

castlevania dracula x chronicles

warriors orochi

warriors orochi 2

Darkstalkers chronicle: the chaos tower


Favorite ps2 games

kingdom hearts 1

kingdom hearts 2

mortal kombat armageddon

shadow the hedgehog

sonic riders

dynasty warriors 5

dynasty warriors 4

dynasty warriors 3

dynasty warriors 2

warriors orochi 2

warriors orochi 1

samurai warriors 2

samurai warriors 1

tekken 4

tekken 5

virtua fighter 4

virtua fighter 4: evolution

soul calibur 2

soul calibur 3

godzilla save the earth


Favorite original xbox games

Oddworld munch's oddysee

House of the dead 3

sonic riders


halo 2

soul calibur 2

oddworld stranger's wrath

godzilla destroy all monsters melee


Favorite n64 games

south park

pokemon stadium

pokemon stadium 2

super smash bros.

etc. (except superman 64)

Favorite Gamecube games

Super smash bros melee

sonic adventure 2 battle

star fox adventures

sonic gems collection

sonic mega collection


Favorite Dreamcast games

sonic adventure

soul calibur 1

marvel vs capcom 1

marvel vs capcom 2

power stone 1

power stone 2

virtua fighter 3tb

sonic adventure 2 (vanilla)


Favorite Sega saturn games

virtua fighter 1

virtua fighter remix

virtua fighter 2

virtua fighter kids

street fighter alpha

street fighter alpha 2

sonic jam

sonic 3d blast

sonic R

panzer dragoon


battle arena toshinden remix

megaman x 4

megaman 8

night warriors darkstalkers revenge (a.k.a darkstalkers 2)


Favorite ps1 games

tekken 1

tekken 2

tekken 3

soul blade

crash bandicoot 1

crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes back

crash bandicoot warped

spyro 1

spyro 2

spyro 3

final fantasy 7

final fantasy 8

final fantasy 9

final fantasy tactics

resident evil 1

resident evil 2


darkstalkers 1

darkstalkers 3


Favorite sega genesis games

sonic the hedgehog 1

sonic the hedgehog 2

sonic the hedgehog 3

mortal kombat 1

mortal kombat 2

mortal kombat 3

ultimate mortal kombat 3

altered beast

streets of rage 1

streets of rage 2

streets of rage 3

street fighter 2 championship editon

super street fighter 2


Favorite snes games

demon's crest

killer instinct

mortal kombat 1

mortal kombat 2

mortal kombat 3

ultimate mortal kombat 3

super mario world

street fighter 2

street fighter 2 turbo

super street fighter 2



Favorite anime

Yu-Gi-Oh! (original)

Sonic X

Neon genesis evangelion

Record of lodoss war



Monster musume

Gundam series

Evangelion series

sengoku basara samurai kings

Monster musume

virtua fighter (anime)


Favorite anime films

Evangelion movies (death and rebirth/the end of evangelion)

Yu-gi-oh the movie pyramid of light

pokemon the first movie: mewtwo strikes back

pokemon 2000: the power of one

pokemon 3 the movie

Pokemon special: mewtwo returns

final fantasy VII advent children


Favorite cartoons/tv shows

Transformers generation 1

teenage mutant ninja turtles (1987)

teenage mutant ninja turtles (2003)

G.I joe (1983-1986)

darkwing duck


gargoyles (1994)


the little mermaid (series)

chip n dale rescue rangers

x-men (1992-1996)

spider-man (1994-1997)

The simpsons


Favorite films


the little mermaid

beauty and the beast

cape fear (1991)

the lion king

Balto (1995)

we're back a dinosaur story (1993)

the land before time 1

the land before time 2

the land before time 3

the land before time 4

the land before time 5

an american tail

all dogs go to heaven


chicken run

spider-man (2002)

finding nemo (2003)

home on the range (2004)

The simpsons movie


Favorite pairings

Sonic x Elise

Sonic x Amy

Sonic x Sally

Tails x Cosmos

Tails x Cream

Knuckles x rouge

Chris (sonic x) x helen (sonic x)

cloud x tifa

yami yugi x tea

mario x peach

luigi x daisy

diddy x dixie

shinji x misato

goliath x elisa maza (gargoyles)

aladdin x jasmine

eric x ariel (the little mermaid)

belle x beast (beauty and the beast)

hayate x ayane

lord zedd x rita

joey x mai

demitri x morrigan

parn x deedlit

ashram x pirotesse

Favorite sonic heroes




chris thorndyke (misunderstood)

princess elise (again misunderstood)



E-123 omega



Sally (then again misunderstood)

Favorite Final fantasy Heroes

cloud strife

tifa lockhart









Favorite Yu-gi-oh Heroes


yami yugi



Tea gardner

mai valentine





Favorite Mario Heroes






Favorite Resident evil Heroes

Jill valentine

chris reinfield


claire reinfeild

sherry birkin

ada wong

Favorite Dynasty warriors Heroes

Zhao yun

guan yu

zhang fei

liu bei

xing cai

guan ping

Favorite samurai warriors heroes

Yukimura sanada


Favorite Tekken Heroes

Asuka kazama

jun kazama



marshall law

Favorite Dead or alive Heroes


ryu hayabusa



Favorite Virtua fighter heroes

Akira yuki

Pai chan

Jacky bryant

Sarah bryant


el blaze

Favorite marvel heroes




captain america

iron man





War Machine

Favorite DC Heroes



Wonder woman

Green latern

Captain marvel

The Flash

Favorite Mk heroes

liu kang

kung lao

johnny cage





Favorite kingdom hearts heroes







Favorite transformers Heroes


optimus prime






Bud (transformers cybertron)

autobot twins

Favorite Dbz Heroes






Favorite The simpsons Heroes








ned flanders

chief wiggim

Christopher Thorndyke Stamp by Spirit-Of-Darkness Tifa - stamp by marauder-padfoot Jun Stamp by UltimaArrow Knuckes Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
SonElise and Princess Elise Stamp by TotallyDeviantLisa (Request) Gargoyles Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 I support Sonelise stamp by migueruchan Human Elise by SonicAngel948
Stop complaining :stamp: by HTFNeoHeidi

Mature Content

Pro SonElise Stamp by TheBlackNova
Sonic X Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid SonElise stamp by SA948-Stamps
I Study FFVII Stamp by PianoxLullaby sonic stamp by PFV0-Stamp Elise stamp by SA948-Stamps Chris ThondikeXHelen Stamp by PetitAnge2
Sonelise is my OTP by Chili-DogLove TMNT 2003 Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid People shut up about Sonic 06! by Rizon-Randomness Sonic '06 is old news by SuperNicolas1234
Ryu Hyabusa - I'm a Fighter Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune world's shittiest sonelise stamp by lucas420 SEGA / Sonic Team Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Stamp - Squaresoft SquareEnix by shadowed-light-waves Eva: Misato Stamp by godlessmachine SEGA by Cinus-Findus SQUAREENIX by Cinus-Findus NINTENDO by Cinus-Findus SNK by Cinus-Findus CAPCOM by Cinus-Findus


Sonic Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Tails Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Knuckles Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Beavis and Butt-Head Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
The Simpsons Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sonic X Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Button by TyTrance
Zero Suit Samus Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Princess Elise Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
StH (2006) Button by ButtonsMaker
Sonelise Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Final Fantasy Button by ButtonsMaker
Cloud Strife Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Christopher Thorndyke Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Tifa Lockhart Fan Button by JeshuaTheKnight
Tea Gardner Fan Button by Supremechaos918
Yami Yugi Fan Button by Supremechaos918
{RQ} ChrisxTifa Fan Button by XFaithyHedgefoxX
ChrisXHelen Fan Button by JustButtons
ChrisXSherry Fan Button by JustButtons
Chris x Tifa Button by JustButtons
Tifa Lockhart Fan by JustButtons
{RQ} ChrisxSherry Fan Button by XFaithyHedgefoxX
Commission: Yami Fan Button by TyTrance


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Lion pack group:

me (founder)

my comrades of lion pack:

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