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It's BBQin' Time

By HeroGear
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Hey folks!

As a preemptive Happy 4th of July, check out Cap manning the grill!
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HAHAHAHA!! AWESOME. Can't wait to show my little sis she loves the Avengers
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It is so great to hear the phrase "my little sister loves the Avengers" - glad kids are still into comic characters!
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This is so cute.
And Cap is probably the only one who wouldn't expect Jarvis to man the grill!
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He's a good guy! ^^
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Maaaan, I missed out on BBQ this year!
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Nice gag Kevin.

There's a couple of things bugging me though. The background is clashing with Captain America quite alot, to the point where its almost the same colour. Maybe he would 'pop' out more if you changed one or the other. And that fence that is going right through him ruins his silhouette and we lose abit of his pose.

Secondly, the text looks a tad lazy in comparison to the rest of the image. If the 'Avengers Assemble!' text was totally over the top and more agressive, it would be an bigger comparision to the 'ribs ready', which I think would emphasize the joke more, know what I mean? Sorry if I'm pissing on your chips man. I really like your work, so feel free to ignore!
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no, these are all good points! I was aiming to make Cap higher contrast to fight that sameyness in color. Tring an alternative scheme altogether would be worth trying out.

The text...I have to agree, it was quite the lazy solution on my part. I had the thumbnail with the word bubbles laid out (which is why I think that part works), but the font choices were almost an afterthought.

Its good to get some critique now and then! It's better to hear what could be made stronger, because it helps me see things that I may have overlooked, and apply those ideas in a revision and future work.
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I bet the Capt is a great cook.
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I've heard his ribs are to die for!
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Its the secret sauce.
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Yeah! avengers assemble for Rib fest! ;)
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I want me some ribs =/
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Me too I'm starving, ja! :D
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HAA.. very nice.
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