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Dragonstone City Map

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:bulletorange:Bronze Medal Holders::bulletorange:
HEROES OF DRAGONSTONE: Ayla (OC REF) by kinghousecat Coolcat by KittyWarlord Hestia - Heroes of Dragonstone - Character Card by AngiiieBum [Heroes of Dragonstone] Kai by Jasmineteax Leonardo by musteliderm Heros Of Dragonstone Character Card: Rune by MystifyingMelody The Special Soldier by PMBO8 DragonStone App: Honey by QuarterOfADollar Dash Darmon {HoD Character Card} by DragonCatSongArt Current Darmon Card by DragonCatSongArt Hare. by TermiteDust Placo Character Card by LAAPPLEPIE Ash Character Card by TheOneStarbit Shreds CharacterCard by Masonworksnobrake HoD - Ra'bast the Assassin-To-Be by LacernellaRubra Fernando's character card , the 2nd by Fernando310507 Arden Character Card by HeavenBunny95 HoD: Pan and Stu by GalaxysEclipse Dyrt - HoD by PickledChild Heroes of Dragonstone Application - Nosradus by NintendoLearner Poffet Character Card by ElectricEevee:thumb813018591: HoD: Character Card Silva by Alphene-draws Heroes of Dragonstone Application - Adriane by NintendoLearner

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HEROESofDRAGONSTONE: Crius by xiuqae Amber the Pixie Ranger by BloodPlum Norei | Character Card by Lushies-Art Kali CC by Azuria649 Blue Character Card by AbsborTheCat Neasla Remun {HoD Character Card} by DragonCatSongArt Rush Darmon {HoD Character Card} by DragonCatSongArt Ani character card by TermiteDust Maokie character Card by TermiteDust Aaron Talenval by RassberryShake Batin Lorekeeper (HoD) by Hidd3nLor3 Lark The Dreamer {HoD Card} by DragonCatSongArt Heroes of Dragonstone Ref by MollyTheAngel HoD: Shade's Character Card by SirWongIII HoD: Ssanyu's Character Card by SirWongIII Timetha Darmon [Updated!] by DragonCatSongArt Katlienn by GalaxysEclipse Dove The Fallen {HoD Card} by DragonCatSongArt

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Iris {HoD} by BijouBlue Cadmus by iownfish Terry charachter sheet by TermiteDust Keres - Character Card by InterfectorFactory

Gallery Folders

Celebration [HoD mission #12] by InterfectorFactory
The Final Battle - HoD - Quest 11 by AngiiieBum
[HoD] Quest 10: The Power Within by Lushies-Art
[HoD] Quest 9 - A Selfish Request by spacenerdy
Character Cards
Phoon Character Card by Masonworksnobrake
Electro Character Card by Masonworksnobrake
HOD: Poppets and Puppets Traveling Circus by ninjamoo2004
Glaice Character Card by Masonworksnobrake
Quest Briefs
Quest 12: Let's Celebrate! by Ry-Spirit
Quest 11: The Final Battle by Ry-Spirit
Quest 10: The Power Within by Ry-Spirit
Quest 9: What you Desire the Most by Ry-Spirit
Resource Folder
Dragonstone City Map V1.4 by Ry-Spirit
Character Card Template (Hearts) by Ry-Spirit
Character Card Template (Nature) by Ry-Spirit
Character Card Template (Gold-Plated) by Ry-Spirit
Dragonstone City
Shreds Valentine fate by Masonworksnobrake
HoD - Goodbye by AbsborTheCat
Heroes of Dragonstone by Ry-Spirit
Reindeer Norei | Happy Holidays 2019! by Lushies-Art
[HoD] Halloween competition! by TermiteDust
Shadowfire Ash by TheOneStarbit
Queen of Hearts by ninjamoo2004
HoD Halloween Contest Entry by HeavenBunny95
Drawvember Event
HoD drawvember page 5 WIP by InterfectorFactory
[HoD] Day 30- Celebrate by TermiteDust
[HoD] Day 29- Sparr by TermiteDust
[HoD] Day 28- Game by TermiteDust
Secret Santa 2019
HoD Secret Santa: A Light Snow by SirWongIII
secret santa by detective-kid
Shade and Ssanyu (Secret Santa) by KittyWarlord
[HoD] Secret santa by InterfectorFactory
Cosplay Competition
Cosplay Ami by BloodPlum
Norei Cosplay by Lushies-Art
Cardinal Cosplay by ChibiShay
QUEST 1: Follow the White Rabbit
HoD- Ani's 'Move' by TermiteDust
After the rabbit! {HoD Quest 1} by BijouBlue
HoD Quest One: Follow the White Rabbit by SaltinesNRivets
HoD - Quest 1 by DragonGirl46
Quest 2: Rescue Puffluff
Quest 2: Rescue Puffluff! by kamikuroo
Quest 3: Training
Leena Quest 3 by Azuria649
Quest 4: The Messenger
Dragonstone Quest 4 by KittyWarlord
Quest 5: Fly into the Portal
Quest 5: Sting Like a Venemous Grass Moth by SirWongIII
Quest 6 Team Up
Dragonstone Quest 6 by CatBot3000
Quest 7: The Dark Prince
[HoD] Quest 7: The Dark Prince by Lushies-Art
Quest 8: Piece of Cake
Ruth Quest 8 by Azuria649
Quest 9: What you Desire the Most
[HoD] Quest 9- Ani - My story has ended by TermiteDust
Quest 10: The Power Within
Aetherian Form by MollyTheAngel
Quest 11: The Final Battle
[HoD] Quest 11 by LAAPPLEPIE
Quest 12: Lets Celebrate
HoD: Quest 12 Katlienn by GalaxysEclipse

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Welcome to Heroes of Dragonstone! A fantasy role-playing group set in the fictional world of Dragonstone where you fight monsters and meet new friends!
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Art Creation

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2020, 4:51 AM

And that's the end of the group! It has been a fun year, meeting all of you amazing artists with your amazing creations. But unfortunately, all great things must come to an end, and I think one year is a good amount of time for a role play story.

So, what's gonna happen now? Well, I will no longer be updating any journals to the group or accepting any more new character cards. The only thing I will be accepting are Dragonstone City submissions, for anyone who still wants to submit Dragonstone related art about their character, or for members who want to wrap up their story. But that will only continue for another 3 months, after that I will be closing that folder too. This Deviantart group will remain here like a gallery. For the Dragonstone Discord, it will continue to run, so if you ever feel lonely, come by!

That will be all, I hope this group was a positive experience for you, perhaps helped you improved your skills as an artist or made you smile at some point. But don't stop there! Keep on drawing, keep making new friends. Don't stop trying to strive to be the best version of yourself, be an inspiration for others. Be a HERO!

Thank you for playing Heroes of Dragonstone!

[HoD] Quest 1: Follow the White Rabbit by Lushies-Art HoD Quest 2 - Rescue Puffluff by PickledChild HEROES OF DRAGONSTONE - QUEST THREE by kinghousecat [Heroes of Dragonstone] Betrayal (Quest 4) by Jasmineteax HoD- Event 5- Besa's Not Happy With This at All by besaniichan [HoD] Quest 6: Team Up! by Lushies-Art Quest 7: The Dark Prince by BloodPlum Taste Testing by iownfish [HoD] Quest 9 - A Selfish Request by spacenerdy [HoD] Quest 10: The Power Within by Lushies-Art The Final Battle - HoD - Quest 11 by AngiiieBum Celebration [HoD mission #12] by InterfectorFactory

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You have arrived at Dragonstone City, a lively place full of people of different race and class, you see goblins, elves, dwarves, humans, centaurs, cat people just to name a few.
Welcome to the world of Dragonstone.

First you want to create a character! Be creative and try to keep it a fantasy theme kinda feel, so nothing too futuristic or sci fi, think Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Quest.
There would be Quests with a due date, you would need to draw an action for that quest, what action? Thats totally up to you. For example, you come across a massive fire breathing dragons attacking town, what do you do? Will you attack it with your sword? Will you feed it food? Distract it with a dance? Talk to it? You can choose anything within the realm of possibilities! Thats all you need to do!
After all the entries has been received, a D20 dice would be rolled for each entry, it would determine the order of actions, from lowest to the highest number having the final blow, a story will then be told. How well the action did will depend on the average dice roll from all the members combined. If the average is say 15-20, the result would be great! if its around say 6-14, it may go ok, if its a 1-5.. something bad may happen!
One last thing, the more members the better because there would also be a team bonus to help increase the chance of success. Each member who enters will LEVEL UP. Each quest will also feature a best art/creativity entry, that member will get 2 LEVELS UP! What are LEVELS do though? They add an additional number that adds to your roll! Increasing your chance of getting a good roll! So pretty much, you dont need to join all the quests, but the more you join the more powerful your character gets!

- Respect other members, no racist language or harassing others. If you have a problem with someone's behaviour please contact a moderator.
- This is a PG group, so submissions containing any overly violent, nudity or sexual content, will not be allowed.
- Make sure to submit work to the corresponding quest folder/character folder/location etc
- NO SIMPLE LINE WORK PIECE ACCEPTABLE, all artwork must be shaded or colored. General rule of thumb, put some effort in.
- No tracing or using base, if we find you using an existing image or just altering it and call it your own. We would decline your entry. We encourage members to draw from scratch, mainly to help them improve their skills and keep their entry original, don't limit yourself to a structured image you found on the net!

- Just click the join button and you will be in. YES YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME. There are no restrictions or requirements to join, but if you want to participate in the group, you will need to create your Character Card, detailed below.

- When joining, first you must download the character card below.
- Info about what to do can be found in any of the character card templates.
- Submit it to the 'Character Cards' Folder after!

Character Card Template (Rocky) by Ry-Spirit Character Card Template (Blue Steel) by Ry-Spirit Character Card Template (Hearts) by Ry-Spirit Character Card Template (Nature) by Ry-Spirit Character Card Template (Gold-Plated) by Ry-Spirit Character Card Template (Checkered) by Ry-Spirit

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detective-kid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
how does one submit a card? XD
i've made one but can't figure out how to submit it
Lushies-Art Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there! In the Gallery tab on the Dragonstone page there should be a “Contribute to Gallery” button in the top right corner. Click that, select the Character Card folder in the drop down menu, select your card, and submit! :)
detective-kid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
never mind, i'm an idiot, i never JOINED the group XD
i kinda forgot that that was a thing
Lushies-Art Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
No problem, your character has been accepted!
Welcome to Dragonstone! c:
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detective-kid Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
i can't find it sorry, i can send you a screenshot, and then you can either be: It's right there!!! or, i don't see it either.
ethanoI Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm thinking of retiring my current character and coming back in with a new one (just haven't been able to click with him the way I thought I would), is this okay? And how would I go about doing this?
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
yeah no problem :) just make a new char and submit it.
ethanoI Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gotcha, thanks Ry!
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