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Leon R Dough by RansomGetty Leon R Dough :iconransomgetty:RansomGetty 387 15 Leo by ReevolveR Leo :iconreevolver:ReevolveR 1,737 94 MICHAEL ANGELO Animation by a7md93 MICHAEL ANGELO Animation :icona7md93:a7md93 204 41 Casey Jones by El-Capy Casey Jones :iconel-capy:El-Capy 5 1 Leonardo by patrickjay Leonardo :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 131 7 Michelangelo by patrickjay Michelangelo :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 122 2 Donatello by patrickjay Donatello :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 138 4 Raphael by patrickjay Raphael :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 167 9 tmnt: cold pizza by raps0n tmnt: cold pizza :iconraps0n:raps0n 536 52 TMNT - Raphael by EJ-Su TMNT - Raphael :iconej-su:EJ-Su 221 44 TMNT by dieg0am TMNT :icondieg0am:dieg0am 22 3 TMNT by Boarguts TMNT :iconboarguts:Boarguts 191 50 Tea time by chikuwaaaaa Tea time :iconchikuwaaaaa:chikuwaaaaa 55 8 K is for Krang by happymonkeyshoes K is for Krang :iconhappymonkeyshoes:happymonkeyshoes 99 58 TMNT - Baxter Stockman V2 by happymonkeyshoes TMNT - Baxter Stockman V2 :iconhappymonkeyshoes:happymonkeyshoes 33 4 TMNT - Baxter Stockman by happymonkeyshoes TMNT - Baxter Stockman :iconhappymonkeyshoes:happymonkeyshoes 55 8
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Our Febuary-March "Featured Fave Deviation" of 2011! ♥

A totally cute depiction of our classic heroes in a half-shell, and what they do when they're not our saving the day! :D:heart: Sweet!

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Turtle Gallery
.: TMNT : Good Times :. by Sincity2100
TMNT Manhattan Project Poster Final by whittingtonrhett
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Poster) by RomanDubina
You ain't never leaving this swamp! I guarantee... by The-nostalgia-runs
Turtle Sketches
Raphael  Batman by RUFIX
Michelangelo by RUFIX
Leonardo painting by theaven
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1987 Version by CaseyDecker
Fan Characters and Others
Zig and Sharko (8/12) - Marina as Ninja Turtle by C5000-MakesStuff
[TMNT OC] Knife Rain by L4Dragon
Alternate Outfit by GhostFreak-Artz
TMNT OC Idea by GhostFreak-Artz
Turtle Play and Display
The word mastermind gets bandied about a lot  by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Sharing was never an option  by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Tell me that's not what I think it is... by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Master, can't I just do a montage or something? by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Turtle Fun Stuff
TMNT 1987 Style Mikey C by theblindalley
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by RetardMessiah
TMNT team my version by joshdancato
Shake It, Turtles by NekoChika
Turtle Tales and Prose
Omniversal Conflict - Episode 5Episode 5 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan VS. Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain SmileyThe lights shined within the Omniversal Conflict chamber. Rerumu stretched a bit as she stood in front of a huge screen when her huge chest jiggled a bit, "Welcome back, everyone. We have a new conflict for you all today,"The screen suddenly came on with images of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain Smiley."Oh, the ninja turtles versus Captain Smiley... Now which turtle?" Rerumu giggled.The image of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suddenly changed to only Raphael."Oh, its the hothead of the brothers, Raphael," Rerumu giggled, "Now lets see how this unfolds,"***Within a flash of light, the city of Manhattan was merged with the fantasy world from the comic of Nanoc the Obliviator.Captain Smiley groaned as he was still in his art style from his original series, "Ugh what happened?""I have no clue, Captain Clueless..." Star complained."Uh, isn't this meant to be Nanoc's series? So why are we still in our original art style?" Captain Smiley sweats."I said I have no fucking clue, dumbass!?" Star shouted in annoyance.At that moment, they witnessed Nonac fighting against Raphael."What the hell?" Raphael shouted.Nonac was sitting in his golf cart and waved his sword above his head, "I will slay you! You accursed turtle demon!""You was the one who attacked me first, fatass!" Raphael leapt at him and kicked him in the chest when he flipped off of him, which made him to topple over with his golf cart."Help! I fell and can't get up! I am too hefty!" Nonac cried out.Nordya approached him, "I will help you, my beloved master,"Raphael sweat and landed on his feet, "What the hell does see in him?"Captain Smiley approached him when he aimed his handguns at him, "Step away from the large fella,""Wait a minute, is he just wearing a belt, bandana, elbow and knee pads?" Star questioned."Holy shit, he is! Geeze, man. You are raising my comic up to a adult rating now!" Captain Smiley shouted.Raphael suddenly made time slow greatly when he kicked Captain Smiley right in the stomach."Whhhaaaat thhhheee heeeelllll!!" Captain Smiley shouted slowly when he was hurled away upon impact.Time went back to normal when Captain Smiley fell down onto the ground on his back."What the fuck was that?!" Star shouted."I have no clue..." Captain Smiley sweat when he stood up onto his feet.Raphael came spinning towards him like a rocket with his sais pointed outward."Whoa!" Captain Smiley sidestepped him.Raphael went right pass him until he flipped in mid-air and landed on his feet."Screw you, you reptile bastard!" Star shouted angrily.Raphael smirked and placed his sais back into the holsters when he took a lot of shurikens out and jumped back as he hurled all of them right at Captain Smiley."OH SHIT!!" Captain Smiley shouted when he attempted to shoot the shurikens away with gunshots from his handguns, but he was struck repeatedly by them when he staggered back."Ugh... You dumbass..." Star groaned painfully and coughed up blood as he has a shuriken pierced into his face, which caused him to die shortly after."STAR!! NO! Ew... I have dead person on me... er, can he be counted as a person if he is a part of a outfit?" Captain Smiley sweats confusedly."Finally shut that damn star up. Now its your turn," Raphael stated when he pulled his sais back out."I will get revenge for him!" Captain Smiley shouted when he fired repeatedly at him with his handguns.Raphael turned around and crouched down when the bullets bounced off of his shell."What the...?" Captain Smiley shouted confusedly.Raphael turned around and charged at him when he flipped him upside down and leapt up with him."What are you doing?!" Captain Smiley shouted confusedly."Giving you a flying piledriver, of course!" Raphael smirked when he came back down and slammed him head first into the ground with a jumping piledriver.Captain Smiley got slammed down into the ground head first where his head was buried into the concrete sidewalk as he passed out and went limb.Raphael flipped back from him and smirked, "Now which way is that pizzeria? Damn it, I forgot my disguise..."The entire area was suddenly engulfed in a flash of white light.***Back in the Omniversal Conflict chamber, Rerumu giggled as she was watching the live footage, "It seems that the ninja turtles are superior than a smiley face with a pair of handguns,"The screen went black.Rerumu sighed, "I wonder what's up next,"
One Piece: 1000th Chapter Tribute CrossoverOne Piece: 1000th Chapter Tribute CrossoverLights shined with a pub, the Straw Hat Pirates were celebrating with some of their friends from other worlds.Zoro smirked as he was having a drinking contest with Erza.Both of them were getting wasted.Erza angrily grabbed onto Zoro, "Do you think I am sexy?""Uh?" Zoro blinked confusedly."Shut up and come here!" Erza forcefully kissed him on the lips until she pounced him out of his chair.Sanji gasped shockingly when he witnessed Erza pouncing Zoro, "Damn Mosshead...""Sanji-kun~! Can I have some dessert?" Vert called out to him.Sanji gasped in a lovestruck way and nodded, "Yes, you can, Vert-chan~!"Vert giggled.Sanji ran off into the kitchen.Nami was flirting with William and rubbed his cheek with her when she winked, "Hiya, Will-kun. How about giving me some of that treasure that your family have?"William blushed, "Um, sorry... I can't do that...""Oh, cmon..." Nami pouted and jiggled her curvy chest, "Please~!""Um..." William stared with a nosebleed."Snap out of it, William!" Tifa smacked him across the head jealously.William sweat and nodded.Thor chuckled as he was watching Usopp struggling to lift his hammer Mjolnir off of the table."Oh cmon! What is this thing made out!?" Usopp shouted frustratingly as he continued to fail to lift the hammer."Ah, it seems you are not worthy, long nose. I guess your epithet is misleading," Thor smirked."Not worthy? What does that have to do with lifting a hammer?" Usopp asked until his hands slip off of the hammer's handle, which caused him to fall back and crash down onto the floor."Ah, it has to do with why you can't," Thor smirked.Chopper was sitting at a table with Jibanyan as both of them blinked at each other."So what are you?" Chopper asked."A cat yokai," Jibanyan replied."Uh!? You can speak too?!" Chopper asked."Yup," Jibanyan nodded as he begun to eat a chocolate bar, "I am impressed that everyone here can see me,""See you?" Chopper blinked confusedly.Franky was sitting at a table with Genos, "Heh, you got some new fancy upgrades,""Thanks, I can see you did too... Yet you still don't wear pants..." Genos sweats."Heh I am too super to wear pants!" Franky laughed.Genos sweats even more."I heard that you are training under someone, where is he?" Franky asked."Oh, sensei was busy with a date that he got with Fubuki-san," Genos replied."Oh," Franky smirked.Brook was playing some music with his guitar.Hellboy smirked with a cigar in his mouth, "Rock on, that's some great music,""Oh thanks, that warms my bones... Since that's all that I am now~! Skull joke! Yohohohoho!!" Brook chuckled."Very interesting, you are searching for the true history?" April was sitting at a table with Robin."Yes I am," Robin smiled."How I am get a interview with you?" April asked."No thanks," Robin smiled."Uh, why?" April asked."It may put you in danger. You know that I am a wanted criminal, after all?" Robin replied with a smile on her face."Oh good point," April sweats.Escanor was sitting with Jinbe and smiled, "Ah, it has been a while, my friend,""Yes it has," Jinbe smiled."So you finally joined the child's crew?" Escanor asked."Yes, I had so many things to finish up before doing that," Jinbe sighed."Ah, I know the feeling," Escanor nodded.Off at a table in the center of the pub, Luffy was having a eating contest with Goku and Toriko."Heh, I am going to lose to you guys," Goku smirked as he continued to eat."Heh, whatever. I can eat way more than you guys!" Toriko smirked as he continued to eat."Whatever! I am going to win since I am going to be the Pirate King!" Luffy smirked as he continued to eat.
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Mature Content

Tongue kissing with female mutant turtle. by C5000-MakesStuff
Donnie and Katherine by Donatellosgirl36
Needing Attention by Donatellosgirl36
Home Safe by Donatellosgirl36
Random Misc
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Tribute Final by RobDuenas
Splinter's Stomach Trouble by CCB-18
TMNT heads by joshdancato
Classic Features
TMNT 1987 Season 1 - ep 5 Shredder and Splintered by Fahad-Naeem
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Morealleylessoop
Slash, TMNT villian. by The-nostalgia-runs
TMNT Poster 6 - Arcade Game cover remix by whittingtonrhett
TMNT Fan Craft Stuff
Teenage mutant ninja turtles by captainJthgamemaster
TMNT Crossovers
Sorry my son thought your Pai Sho board was pizza by ThePrincessRobotRoom
TMNT Fan Comic Art
Long Lost Prologue Pg 16 by L4Dragon
Colored Sketches
Raphael vs Shredder by theaven
Other Mutants
Dreadmon by theaven
TMNT Allies Art
April O'Neil (TMNT '87 Series) by El-Capy
Miyamoto Usagi Yojimbo Fan Art Work
[FANART] Miyamoto Usagi by tamalero
Comic Book Cover Art
TMNT: Shredder - sketch cover variant by donovanalex
TMNT Villain Art
Ratking colored by RUFIX
Other Stuff Of Interest
Last Ronin character render by snicholes0000
Megacon Pic 56 by HopeDiamond101
TMNT Humorous Artwork
Mikey PRANKS Raph by PlexisOrion
TMNT Cubee Art
TMNT2: Screwloose Cubee by TheFlyingDachshund
Alternate Takes on The TMNT Gang
Footclan Rocksteady Style Update 2021 by darthpaul99
Stamp Collection
RaphMona stamp by Nai-16B
TMNT Crossover Comic Art
.: Team Damsels :. by Sincity2100

Mature Content

April Unexpected Night by gustorak
Sprites, GIF's, Animations Folder
Leonardo Face Icon by C5000-MakesStuff


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Loyal fans of the original 80's TMNT / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, HeroesInAHalfshell is just the group for you!!! ^^♥

:star: We welcome fans and fan arts of the following:
:bulletgreen: 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & related characters
:bulletgreen: TMNT live movies I, II & III
:bulletgreen: early Mirage comic versions
:bulletgreen: related 80's Ninja Turtles video games.
:pointr: Check out our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for other details. Thanks! :D


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Edits: I apologize to the current co-mods! My bad. I saw a lot of unapproved submissions reports and mistakenly assumed no one has been around. I am truly so sorry, guys. I guess the amount of submissions allowed per day can be overwhelming, so I have made adjustments to help ease everyone's load. As always, thank you so much for your help and patience!

For now, I have restricted submissions to MEMBERS ONLY. And only a limited number of submissions per day per member. Your submissions will only be approved if you are a member. So that means:


And again, members who submit non-relevant art will be given a warning and eventually be banned.

Thanks so much guys,
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