The End of Heroes Adventures, for now...
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December 19, 2005
This was written on november 17, 2005. Its suppose to notify the readers on my old website that I ended the story. But since the website is dead, I'll just put it here.

To all Heroes Adventures readers, (if there is some, i think)

I would like to announce as of today (nov. 17, 2005) that my story for Heroes Adventures has ended with 73 pages, at the beginning of Chapter 2, page 24. . I have failed to reach the end, or even the middle of it. I have worked on this story for three years, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. This certainly was a great experience for me, I have learned alot since I first started here in drunkduck. I uploaded the remaining pages I have from my computer so that you all could enjoy the last pages I have done for this story.

I decided to end this because, well, things change in life. You start a new thing, you end another, its all part of growing up. But this past few weeks and months have been stressing for me, not just on the schedule, but seeing on my works. Even looking at the reviews I get from the readers, I know I could do much better than this, artistically and mentally. And since I am heading for a future career in the arts and design, I have decided to take a few time off comic making and practice more on my drawing.

I also notice that Ive become too lazy concerning on how I draw. Ive become too dependant on photoshop, even though Im a bit good at it, drawing and coloring still has to be balanced. Also, I have noticed that I have not improved because of this lazyness, which made me really disappointed.

I have disappointed my readers, my close friends, and myself. And the fact at looking at the same storyline and drawings again and again after that restart I did a few months ago, it still isnt enough. Alot has happened in that small three years, I have also changed, and how I see this storyline has become, dull...

Even though I really want to finish this story, I'll be forgetting the most important part of making comics: having fun. If I continue a story that dont really satisfy me, there's no more fun out of it, which only comes stress and problems. Im sorry that I have to end this story in its beginning, I would really love to share you the rest of the story but... those parts is still something I'll need.

But for the good news, this isnt the end of the line for me. I'd like to tell you all that I am currently working on a new project in mind. A new story, a new comic, a new beginning... Im also happy that every single page, every single line, every single color I would do in this story would be with absolute seriousness, no slacking or lazyness at all. I will do my very best, all drawings will be inked, all writings will be corrected, all colors will be checked, all.. err well you get the idea.

In conclusion, its been a pleasure doing all these pages for the readers of my little comic. Ever since the beginning, I have no intent on making money out of it, or being famous. The only reward I want is to make the people who read these pages smile. I wanted to see their emotions, their laughs, their tears, their joys... To see a person smile at one of my pages, its the best payment ever ^_^

So thank you all for reading my comic, my story, and this crappy long text I wrote lol. Goodbye Heroes Adventures 2003-2005

Over and Out,

Jeff Esteban  (a.k.a. Flip_Knight_01), November 17, 2005 [10:31 pm]

Go check out the final pages I did for the story!
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