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In my previous journal entry, I concluded that first superheroine in comics was in fact Olga Mesmer, the Girl with X-Ray Eyes. This was a serial story which ran through 1939 in Spicy Mystery Stories pulp magazine.

Can we talk about Olga now? Okay, have a drink first.

I have only been able to find three pages of any Olga story anywhere on the internet, and I got daaaarn lucky to find those three. They are all posted recently on a single update of the Facebook fan page along with a transcript I made of each page. I could go over what little we can gather from these three pages, but this guy seems to have a more well rounded picture of the story: www.internationalhero.co.uk/o/…

This is not great dialog, although I do admire the author for original author for his ballsy use of punctuation. If the word "ballsy" was too risque or sexist for you, you should close your browser window now. It will get much much worse from here.

If we put that summary from the blog linked above with the pages we have, here is the story that forms.

Margot is an immortal woman on the planet Venus who lives with a slave race called the Sitnaltans. The Sitnaltans seem to be all male, huge muscular and ugly with pointed ears. They look like ogres to me. None of the Sitnaltans can speak proper English despite communicating with their queen in that language for tens of thousands of years. Queen Margot escapes from her own kingdom and finds her way into the lab of a mad scientist, Doctor Mesmer. I don't know whether this lab is on Venus or Earth, but it might not matter.

Doctor Mesmer falls in love with Margot and impregnates her. This doesn't stop him from experimenting on her by blasting her with x-rays until she goes blind. Margot gains x-ray vision and accidentally uses it to kill the doctor. After she gives birth, she returns to her underground kingdom on Venus.

The child is Olga. Olga is raised by an adoptive parent named Rankin. Now Rankin is as much of a slimeball of the doctor. He makes repeated attempts to seduce Olga as soon as gets old enough to be worth the effort. Olga, however, has both superpowers of her mother and easily repels her adoptive father.

Then Rod enters the picture. Rodney Prescott is the obvious love interest, but he is already in trouble. Targetted for assassination, Olga meets Rod when she saves his life by throwing grown men around the room. Rod, however, needs some blood after the attempt on his life, and Olga gives him some of her highly irradiated blood, resulting in a super-Rod.

The two of them fly to Venus together in search of Olga's long lost mother, Margot. Olga somehow gets captured by the rebels and is tortured with deadly rays. These rays, however, are the same x-rays that already power her super-abilities. Olga just gets stronger, strong enough to paralyze or kill with a light touch and immune and all physical attacks.

After kicking a little ass, Margot leads Rod and a friendly Sitnaltan named Slag to the place where Margot is being held. This is the moment when Olga actually uses her x-ray vision to see through a wall. Yep, the very superpower from which her title, "The Girl with X-Ray Eyes" is derived, is the weakest of her powers and tends to accidentally kill people when she uses it.

The three heroes find Margot in the room next to a super-weapon-death-x-ray-gun. Everything they need is right there except an extension cord. Slag volunteers to use his immortal body as a conductor. Olga uses the gun to shoot down both the rebel leader and a good portion of his army.

Margot asks about her daughter as a politeness, but she is clearly more concerned with the fate of Slag. Since she had no way of knowing that Slag was electrocuting himself in the next room, we can begin to see where the queen's priority lay -- and why someone might rebel against her for decade or two.

Slag is slagged. The dude has burnt himself to a crisp, but because he is immortal, he cannot die from his injuries. He requests that his immortality be given to Olga. Screw you, Rod; you are the only remaining character who does not get to live forever.

So by the end of the story, Olga the girl with x-ray eyes has all of these superpowers:  immunity to x-rays, super strength, immunity to other rays and bullets, deadly touch, unaging immortality, and lastly the ability to somewhat see through walls.

Now if you will indulge me, I will take a step further back and look at the work as a whole. One inescapable fact keeps popping up. It's sexual. Except for the fact that the story show no actual sex nor nudity, this is one of the kinkiest stories I have ever seen. Considering how much hentai I have consumed, that's something.

As a heroine, Olga is continually wearing scraps. I mean it. I have been unable to find any illustrations of the character wearing clothes which are not torn to bits -- not even among the fan art. No matter how much her dress is torn or burnt, she never looses her heels. Queen Margot isn't wearing much either, basically the same belly dancer's outfit as Fantomah, Daughter of the Pharaohs.

The early part of Olga's life was a straight up incest story.

Then there are the names of the male characters: Rod and Slag. Rod is a penis. Let's not mince words. (I almost wrote, let's not beat around the bush.) Slag is basically a sloppily written version of the word Shag. I am unsure how Ombo (the rebel leader) and Rankin (the adoptive father) are sexual, but I have a hunch they are dirty in some language.

Then there are all of the panels in which Margot is being man-handled by some man. She is given a roofie-ray by Ombo at one point. When she is revived, it is not by Olga but for no unclear reason by her daugther's boyfriend, Rod. He heals her by getting her drunk on some Venus-goddess-exilir by the way.

Let's not gloss over the fact that Margot is in love is with troll. Slag is some sort of loyal body guard to the queen, but based on her reaction to his near-death, I am thinking he is also some type of consort. It seems that all of the women of this kingdom (if there are other women) are shacking up with Sitnaltan tall tanned sinny males.

La Blue Girl has nothing on this story (other than the actual nudity and sex).

-- The Buzzard
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