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A Brothers Jealousy by HerobrineSings A Brothers Jealousy by HerobrineSings
"You're just jealous I have someone and you don't...~" Digit teased.

"As if I could be jealous of a failure like yourself!" Gerome spat back. Granted he was a bit jealous that his brother managed to find a lover and yet he could only have one night stands.

"Really? All you can manage is sleeping with someone every so often. I managed to get me a guy who's strong and sweet. Just face it, bro. I'm becoming more successful in life than you are."

Gerome growled under his breath but bit his tongue. His brother was somewhat right. Granted the only thing going for Gerome was that he had more money than his brother but that's prove much in the light of love.

"Believe what you want to, but I'm heading out." He grumbled.

"What to a bar and find someone to fuck for the night?"

Gerome growled and slammed the door when he left. "What do you know... little punk ass brat..." He growled to himself.

He still had hope for love. He had all the time in the world anyways. He just wanted to make sure whoever it was would be the right person. Once he knew he'd shower them with love and gifts. For now he was going to just go to the bar and relax. Although if he found someone to have spend the night with him he wouldn't mind.
GameVoid Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
he may seem like an ass but i feel bad for gerome
HerobrineSings Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Gerome is nice but only to people who aren't his brother.

Gerome is a lonely man.
GameVoid Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
poor green man
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