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,Story cover/Artwork drawn by Irene of En.papierCheck out their website, ----When the final school bell ring, the students of Class 2-B stand up from their seats and bow to Melissa."Arigatou, Shield-sensei." The students said in unison."Arigatou, minna. Please study hard for next month's exams." Melissa said.The students pack their bags and make their way out of the classroom. As Denki walks over to her desk, Melissa smiled at Denki and said encouragingly to him, "Do your best for the upcoming exams, Kaminari!""I won't let you down, sensei!" Denki responded with a salute. After Denki leaves, Melissa sees Izuku and Shouto walking past her."Study hard tonight, Midoriya, Todoroki." Melissa said to both boys."Yeah." Shouto replied flatly as he and Izuku kept walking."Yes, sensei." Izuku responded dully. Melissa watched them in concern and confusion as they leave the classroom.Izuku and Shouto remain silent as they walk down the hallway. The former sighs inwardly and turns to his friend."Shouto, how are-""My dad is picking me up today, so you can go on home without me." Shouto said flatly."Oh…alright." Izuku said sadly as he looks back to the front. The two of them walk out of the main building of the school together and head to the open gateway where they see Enji's car pulling up to the curb of the sidewalk."Goodbye." Shouto said to Izuku."Goodbye." Izuku replied. But by then, Shouto had hastily walk away from him and head over to his father's car. Izuku watched as he opens the door and takes a seat. Shouto did not even give a final look at Izuku as he closes the door and the car drives off.Izuku sadly lowers his head for a moment before he turns and walks his way to the convenience store. It has been a month since Izuku confessed to the entire class that he is leaving Tokyo by the end of the year. The reaction from his classmates was unsurprisingly a mixture of shock and confusion, and Shouto was hit the hardest by the news. After school that day, Izuku explains further in detail to Shouto, Denki, Jirou, Momo, Tsuyu and Eliot on why he and his mother made the decision to leave Tokyo. He also told the truth to Bakugo the following day. It took quite some time afterwards for everyone to comprehend what he had said, and Izuku felt guilty for not telling them sooner. Ochaco reassured him again that what he did was the right thing to do, but he still could not help that he had hurt his friends' feelings. So, Izuku spent the last four weeks hanging out with Denki, Jirou, Momo, Tsuyu, Eliot and Bakugo until they eventually feel a lot better.Unfortunately, the only friend whom Izuku still had not been able to talk to is Shouto, who is still clearly hurt by his confession. Although Shouto has been able to gradually open up to his father on how he honestly feel about their situation during the last two months since they return from Izu Oshima, which slowly improved his personal life, he is still saddened by the fact that his closest friend is leaving by the end of the year.Before he knew it, Izuku arrived near the entrance to the convenience store. After moving away from the entrance and turns himself around, Izuku stood there in painful silence, contemplating over how much damage he had brought onto his relationship with Shouto. About ten minutes later, Ochaco arrives at the convenience store and greeted him."Hey Izuku!" Ochaco said cheerfully as she waves her hand at him."Oh. Hey Ochaco." Izuku replied sadly as he lifts his head up. The smile on Ochaco's face soon disappears as she looks into his eyes."What's wrong?" Ochaco asked. Izuku did not say a word as he continues staring blankly at her. Ochaco places her hand on his shoulder. "Come on. Let's walk our way home."Both Izuku and Ochaco walk down the pavement together and make their way to their apartment. After ten minutes of awkward silence between the two, Izuku blows out a heavy sigh and turns to Ochaco."Ochaco…I know I did the right thing by not hiding the truth from everyone any longer. Yet at the same time, I feel bad for hurting Shouto. It just…It feels like what happened between me and Bakugo all over again." Izuku said dejectedly."Give him some time, Izuku." Ochaco said. "The difference between the two is that Bakugo was too frustrated to understand why you did it at the time, while Shouto is at least calmer and quieter in handling the truth.""But why do I still feel doubtful?" Izuku asked worriedly. "I'm sorry, Ochaco. I really am concerned for Shouto. Unlike Denki, Tsuyu and the others, he does feel hurt the most. And I have to know what is going through his mind.""Then let's form a meeting this Saturday!" Ochaco said gleefully, causing Izuku to look back at her incredulously. "I'll request Shouto to meet up with us for you. And once again, we will discuss with each other where we want to go later tonight."Izuku frowns and nods his head. Ochaco smiled warmly at him as she grabs his hand."Don't worry." Ochaco said reassuringly. "We'll sort things out together."----When Saturday came, Izuku and Ochaco woke up early in the morning and make their way to the meeting location by train. After arriving at Shinjuku-gyoemmae Station, Izuku and Ochaco pass through the barrier gates and walk up the stairs where the exit is located above. They got out of the station and wait for Shouto's arrival.Two nights ago, in his bedroom, Ochaco gave a phone call to Shouto and asks him if he would like to meet up with her and Izuku at Shinjuku-Gyoen this Saturday. There were a few moments of silence between her and Shouto afterwards, causing Izuku to feel nervous. But to his surprise, Shouto eventually agreed to Ochaco's request.The following day was uneventful though as Izuku and Shouto did not exchange a single word with each other in school. There were a few times when Izuku wanted to say something to him, but soon decided to go against it at the last minute as he does not wish to bring the situation up to Shouto right now. But sooner or later, Izuku knows he is about to find out the unabridged truth that is going through his friend's mind.Izuku and Ochaco stood outside the station exit for about fifteen minutes until they finally notice Shouto walking up the stairs. To their surprise, they also see Momo walking alongside him as they hold each other's hands."Shouto! Momo!" Ochaco cried as she waves her hand at them. Shouto and Momo look up at her and Izuku as they are about to reach the top of the stairs. They step out of the station and walk over to them."Good morning, Shouto, Momo." Izuku greeted them."Hello." Shouto replied softly as he and Momo release each other's hands."Good morning to you two, Izuku, Ochaco." Momo said."What are you doing here, Momo?" Izuku asked curiously."Shouto and I are hanging out today because we promised each other that we would study for the exams together." Momo said, clinging onto the strap of her backpack over her shoulder."Besides, if there's anything you and Ochaco want to say to me, she can listen too." Shouto said to Izuku.Izuku pursed his lips and nods his head. "I understand."Wanting to break the tense silence between Izuku and Shouto as soon as possible, Ochaco claps her hands and said cheerfully to everyone, "Alright! Since we are all here, let us make our way to the park. Shall we?"Izuku and Shouto glance at each other again before looking back at Ochaco and giving her a nod.----After buying their tickets, Izuku, Ochaco, Shouto and Momo walk through the gates and enter Shinjuku-Gyoen National Garden. It is a huge park filled with several clear lakes, lush greenery, tall trees, and beautiful flowers, and it is located within the heart of Shinjuku. As they walk on a pathway through the trees, Izuku, Ochaco and Momo happily converse with each other as they and Shouto see the birds singing in the trees and the occasional squirrel scurrying across the ground. Izuku tried to share their conversation with Shouto, but he stayed silent as he walked alongside Momo. Izuku felt his heart sank as he turns his head away from him.They eventually arrived at the other side of the park and found an empty wooden shelter located beside a small lake. The four of them decided to take a rest and do their studies over there.After Ochaco sits down on one of the benches, Izuku goes over to her but she holds up her arm in front of him."Sorry Izuku, but I'm thinking of letting Momo sit next to me instead. Why don't you sit next to Shouto instead?" Ochaco asked before giving Izuku a crafty wink. Izuku glances at Shouto who sat down on the other bench besides hers."Very well." Izuku said as he looks back at her. Ochaco gave him a gentle pat on his arm before he turns around and walks over to the empty space beside Shouto.After taking their seats, the four of them read their textbooks and study together as they all sit under the wooden shelter. Ochaco and Momo gave aid to Izuku with whatever information from their textbooks he is confused with. Shouto however stayed silent during the entire time.When ninety minutes have passed, Ochaco and Momo decide to take a break from their studies and converse with each other. Izuku relaxed as well as he puts down his textbook and turns his head to Shouto."Shouto, can we talk?" Izuku asked."Not now, Izuku." Shouto said flatly, his eyes still fixated on his math textbook."Shouto, you should give your eyes a rest every once-""I said…not now." Shouto interrupted again."Shouto, if you have something in your-""Izuku, this is important. Our exams are only a month away.""I know, but-""I need to study."Izuku narrows his eyes and clenches his fists as he felt he had been reached to his limit. He furiously gets up from the bench and stands in front of Shouto."Shouto, stop this right now." Izuku scolded his friend. Ochaco and Momo brought their conversation to a halt as they sat idly and watch."I'm busy." Shouto said to Izuku in the same emotionless tone again."Enough!" Izuku shouted as he suddenly snatches the textbook from his hands. Shouto looks up and glares at Izuku."Give me back my book, Izuku." Shouto said icily."No! I want you to talk to me!""Talk about what?""What is going through your mind right now!" Izuku implored. There was a moment of silence between the two, occasionally broken by Izuku's heavy breathing. "I'm worried about you, Shouto. Ever since I confessed that I'm moving away from Tokyo, you have been awfully quiet to everyone. Especially me! I just want to know what your true and honest feelings about the whole situation is. As a friend. That's all!"Shouto continues glaring at Izuku for a few seconds before getting up from the bench. Suddenly without warning, Shouto delivers a swift punch across Izuku's left cheek, sending him falling to the ground on his face."Izuku!" Ochaco cried in horror as she and Momo get up from the bench."Shouto!" Momo yelled furiously at him. Shouto ignores her as he hastily walks out of the shelter and makes his way over to the lake. Ochaco and Momo quickly go over to Izuku and try to help him, but he holds up his hand in front of them.Izuku gets himself up from the ground and turns around to see Shouto standing under a smaller wooden shelter beside the small lake, not caring about the fresh bruise that is now appearing on his cheek."I'll talk to him alone." Izuku said to the girls. He walks out of the shelter and makes his way over to his friend. Ochaco and Momo briefly look at each other before following Izuku from behind.The two girls stood several meters away from them as Izuku goes over to the edge of the lake and stood beside Shouto."Shouto, you have every right to be angry with me. I'm sorry I haven't been an entirely good friend. And I'm sorry that I never told you about it sooner." Izuku said as he and Shouto kept staring at the lake."That's what frustrates me the most." Shouto said morosely. "I thought you were my best friend. So why would you hide something so important from me for so long? And when were you originally going to tell me? On the day you actually leave?!""I was scared of telling you the truth back then. I was scared of seeing you upset. And I thought by hiding the truth, I was helping you. But now I've realized that I was only helping myself." Izuku said regretfully. Shouto bites down on his lower lip as he clenches his fists."Izuku…if you go, what will I do?" Shouto said bitterly. "Sure, Eliot and everybody else in school are fun to hang out with…but you are still the closest friend I ever had. Before any of this, we could only rely on each other. And I didn't expect things between us are going to end so soon."Izuku turns his head to him with a heavy heart."Shouto, I'll still call you, and write messages to you. I'll always check up on you every now and then to see how you are doing. I'm aware how hard it is to maintain a long-distance relationship, but we can't be pessimistic." Izuku said. Shouto frowns back at him."Please…promise me you will always keep in touch with me. I can't imagine my life without you." Shouto said with his voice shaking. Izuku gave him a solemn nod."So do I." Izuku replied. As the two boys turn to each other, they place their hands on each other's shoulders before they pull themselves into a warm embrace, and Shouto could feel a few stray tears flowing down his cheeks.Ochaco and Momo smiled as they continued watching them from a distance. They turn to each other and Ochaco said, "Nothing is more important than the people you have in your life.""Indeed." Momo nods her head.----Later that evening, Izuku, Ochaco, Shouto and Momo took a train back to Nerima. When they arrive there, they bid farewell to each other before Shouto and Momo part ways with Izuku and Ochaco. Izuku sees Shouto flashing a weak smile at him before he looks back to the front and holds hands with Momo. After watching them leave, Izuku and Ochaco turn around and walk down the pavement, making their way to their apartment."I am very proud of you, Izuku." Ochaco said."What?" Izuku said in confusion. Both of them came to a halt and turn to each other."Today, you confronted and reasoned with Shouto all by yourself. It really shows how far you have come." Ochaco said. Izuku stares silently at Ochaco for a few moments to reminisce everything that had happened to him ever since she moved into his apartment."You're right." Izuku said softly with weak smile. "Back then, I was a complete outcast. I was so shy and afraid to open up to others, to the point that I feel like I'm completely hopeless.""But you're not that kind of person anymore. You have grown stronger and made so many new friends along the way." Ochaco said."And I couldn't have done it without you." Izuku said.Ochaco smiled as she holds up her hand and proclaimed, "With that, I officially declare my mission to help you rebuild your social skills and opening up to others again…a tremendous success!" Izuku's smile widens as he holds up his hand as well."Heck yeah!" Izuku said enthusiastically. He and Ochaco give each other a high-five and burst into gleeful laughter. They stare at each other for a few more seconds until Ochaco widens her eyes in realization."Oh! Right! I want you to have something." Ochaco said as she opens the cover of her schoolbag. She digs through the contents inside her bag until she pulls out an envelope and holds it in front of Izuku. "Take it."Izuku takes the envelope off from Ochaco's hand and opens it. He lets out a gasp as he discovers what is inside."Is that…" Izuku looks up at Ochaco, who gave him a nod. He looks back into the envelope and pulls out a rectangular-shaped plastic keychain with a vertical bust-up picture of All Might in it."It was the same keychain that caught your attention back at Oshima." Ochaco said. "I originally thought of giving it to you on your birthday, but later I felt it would be more rewarding on the day I completed my mission. And hey, treat it as my payback for the omamori you got for me."Izuku smiled again as he puts the keychain back into the envelope and places it safely into his schoolbag. "Arigatou." He said to her before they bow their heads to each other."Come on. Let us not keep your mother waiting." Ochaco said. Izuku nodded and they both continue walking down the pavement.As they walk together, Izuku could not help but feel a surreal mixture of joy and sadness. He looks down at his hand which he used to give a high-five to Ochaco earlier. They have done it. He and Ochaco have succeeded in their mission in helping him regain his courage and self-esteem. He is finally able to open up to others without hesitation again thanks to her.'So why do I still feel sad?'
[ Four Ships Challenge ] BNHA Version by rukatakushima
YCH - Your character here
[OPEN YCH] Good Night by maryon0212


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