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I have an actual website now! Be sure to check it out at www.mattherms.com/!
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Hey guys! Here's my interview on Sonic Sez:


Thanks again to the guys at Find the Computer Room for having me on!

I am also slowly but surely typing out answers to whatever questions were asked that we didn't get to on the show. So no worries!
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Hey guys 'n' gals!

I'll be appearing this Saturday on 'Sonic Sez' - a podcast all about the Archie Sonic books! So PLEASE feel free to Tweet some questions to Nobody on Twitter or post them here in this journal entry and I'll pass 'em along to the guys for Saturday.

Thanks everyone!

-- Matt
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Hey guys! So this turned out fantastically last month! Thanks to all that ordered coloring commissions! Looks like I will have some availability this holiday season, so I am very pleased to say that I'll be accepting coloring commissions throughout the month of December! If you've got something you're looking to have colored, let me know via Note or eMail! (mattherms@hotmail.com)

:: RATES ::

  • Character Pin-Ups - $30 USD, +$5 for each additional character pictured. Minimal to no background elements.
  • Full Illustration - $60 USD, full background and all characters included in picture.
  • Something bigger… Contact me!



Have you commissioned one of my fellow Archie artists for a kick-ass piece of line-art that you’ve been thinking about getting colored up? Gimme’ a holler for a special 10% discount on coloring for that artwork!

Why a discount? Well, I work with these guys month-after-month, so I’d pretty much be getting to stay in my comfort zone. Also, my hope is that if you hadn’t before you might consider commissioning these guys for something! I work with some very talented artists, so be sure to check ‘em out! 


Please contact me by e-Mail at mattherms@hotmail.com or via Note to discuss your commission and confirm my availability.

Payment is due up front upon acceptance of your commission via PayPal (herms85@gmail.com). Turnaround on pin-ups is typically within a day, full illustrations two to three days. 

:: FAQ ::

 Why no drawing commissions?

I work almost exclusively as a colorist these days, so I am crazy out-of-practice at the drawing board and it would take me forever to finish a piece.

I commissioned you at so-and-so convention ages ago! Where’s my art?? 

Do I owe ya’ something? PLEASE contact me ASAP via mattherms@hotmail.com!

I haven’t been to conventions in over three years due to my busy schedule, and there are five pieces that were meant to be picked up at other shows that have been sitting around for quite some time now. Either I’ve misplaced your contact info during a move or efforts to contact you have failed. So please get in touch with me so I can get your art to you! 

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Hey guys! Now through December 3rd, SharkRobot.com has an awesome sale on some of my older prints - and some NEW!

Use promo code "sharkattack" to get 10% off your ENTIRE order! Plus, there's Free Shipping on orders over $60.

Shark Robot has been selling some of my fan art prints online and at conventions for years and they produce some top quality product! These prints are gorgeous - especially at 16x20 inch size. So be sure to check them out! Here's what's available:

Mega Manniversary by herms85 sharkrobot.com/products/archie…

Sonic Hedgehog by herms85 sharkrobot.com/products/sonic-…

Sonic Versus Shadow, ver. 2007 by herms85 sharkrobot.com/products/sonic-…

Brawl by herms85 sharkrobot.com/products/herms-… (The art on Shark Robot is incorrect - the thumbnail pictured here is the actual image.)

Zero Suit Samus - sharkrobot.com/products/zero-s… (Looks like this one is no longer in my Deviant Art gallery.)

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!

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