Sonic Sez Episode is now Up!

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Hey guys! Here's my interview on Sonic Sez:…

Thanks again to the guys at Find the Computer Room for having me on!

I am also slowly but surely typing out answers to whatever questions were asked that we didn't get to on the show. So no worries!
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Brilliant interview! It's great when you find out an idol of yours is so down to earth and well spoken.
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Thanks for explaining all that you did in this interview, alot of it was insightful knowledge~
My only question that I have remaining after listening to that was, what size do you color the inks at?  I heard you say that after you receive the inks, you put them into photoshop and "set the files up and scale them to the right size".

Also, whats the best way to make friends in the industry? I would love to start being friends with people who work in the comic business professionally, but am always a bit awkward at approaching them.
I don't want to come off as a fan geek per say, but I want to get their acquaintance and maybe exchange work - um critique thats it -  to hear specialty what can help me improve that maybe I don't see; or at least make another good friend :)
Like they said at the end of the video, alot of your success not only came from you (doing the things you love) but your friendships with those who have a foot in the door with what you longed for (even if that wasn't their position at the time).