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Hey guys 'n' gals!

I'll be appearing this Saturday on 'Sonic Sez' - a podcast all about the Archie Sonic books! So PLEASE feel free to Tweet some questions to @FTCR on Twitter or post them here in this journal entry and I'll pass 'em along to the guys for Saturday.

Thanks everyone!

-- Matt
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How popular was your artwork in Sonic Comics? Any idea who was the most popular sonic artist?
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No idea! But I have had a lot of great compliments about wanting to see my pencils in the books again which is definitely very flattering! Maybe someday, but in the meanwhile I am VERY happy to be the colorist.
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How long did it take to make the Sonic Adventure 2 styled cover for the first Sonic/MegaMan crossover ?
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Around 6 or 7 hours I think? The hardest part was finding a tutorial and double-checking it against the official artwork, to make sure we didn't miss anything. After that it was just a lot of time spent in Photoshop getting it down right.
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I say you did a perfect job on it infact it's one of my favorite covers done for the comic and the crossover :)
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1.) What got you into coloring and inking for the Comics in the first place? (Did someone close say that you are so great at what you do and you should make it official with comics? :3) 
2.) Have you always wanted to be a color artist for Archiecomics? :>

3.) And lastly, did you have to go to college and have a degree from there to work at Archiecomics? :3

Those were my Questions XD 
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1. I grew up reading the books, so working on them was kinda' childhood dream fulfilled!
2. Not always! I originally wanted to pencil for the books. About partway through my training for that, I got really into coloring and found I liked it so much more. My editor still wanted me to be a penciler, though - and that was my first job at Archie! After about a year as a penciler one of our oldest colorists left, and I was asked to step in for them.
3. Nope! I actually never went to college.
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Can I ask...?

Your Sonic artwork has always been so expressive and dynamic. When you penciled some issues for the Archie comics, something seemed off. Did you have to try and streamline your style and something was lost in the process? I mean, you still did a great job, but it didn't look the way your test page or any Sonic fanart looked.
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Little bit! The thing to realize is that my test pages and other fan artwork were produced at my own pace... While the comics themselves have to be done wa-a-a-ay faster. What's more, while I think I am decent enough at drawing I am unfortunately horrible with layouts - which is actually a lot of the comic book drawing process. All told, it just wasn't my comfort zone.
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Hey Matt,
I've been a huge Sonic fan for over two decades. I'm looking at getting a Sonic The Hedgehog tattoo drawn by my favourite artist Patrick Spaziante.  I can't find any contact information on the web for him whatsoever, and messaging Archie Comics has been a dead end.  Any chance you could help this little boy in a grown man's body get the most 'way past cool' tattoo on the globe?
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Hey man! Well, I'm not comfortable handing out Patrick's eMail online, but I'd be happy to drop him a note directing him to this post for ya'!
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What other companies have you worked for besides Archie? What other titles have you worked on, and which was your favourite?

Thank you! =)
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Angry Viking Press for a book called Extinctioners, and Action Lab for a book called Hero Cats. Both were very fun!

Outside of that, I have also worked for Hasbro Toys, drawing Transformers and Marvel superheroes for them. And I have also worked for a company called SoMoGa: they port Sega CD RPGs to iOS! My favorite that I got to do some graphics work on was Lunar: Silver Star Story.
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If characters made by Ian Flynn and Tracey Yardley's characters aren't suppose to be affected by the Ken Pender Lawsuit, how come some like the Bride of Conquering Storm, Thrash the Devil, Akhlut, etc. still got removed?
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No idea! That's more a question for Ian or our editors!
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Awesome! Have fun :D
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I want TailsxNicole to be brought up and to be official in the comics!
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What would you do if you woke up one day and you were Drake Bell?
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Is this next genesis wave going to wipe out whatever happened the last 20 issues, and also...
Also, your cover for Sonic Universe 75 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing!!!! Keep up the great work!
Also, will you ever pencil a full issue?
That's it for now! Thanks!!! :D
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He actually did pencil a few! :) Oh gosh, they were somewhere after 165 but before 175. Sorry I don't have them handy, but they're in there.
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Na that's okay. Thanks!
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hello I do have a few questions.

1. Will Scrooge and his gang make a reappearance despite the augmentation of the multiverse?

2. The secret freedom fighters (silver and his team before worlds collide) what happened to them and will  they be making a return appearance?

3. Is mighty still looking for his sister?

4. the auto automation of Fiona fox. could she possibly come back as a ally of the heroes.

5. Could Hershey and Goffery ST. John come back? I liked Hershey as a charachter and would like to see her come back.

Thats all for now keep up the good work on the comics.
Dude the answer to all of those is no.

Ken Penders screwed any appearance they'll ever have again.
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Some of these characters, like Scourge, do not belong to Penders and I've heard can still be used in the comics. 
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