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The fruit of my Spring Break

By herms85
I’ve had a bad habit of actually getting hooked on video games again. These days I don’t have time to play ‘em, but with stuff like Kingdom Hearts, Xenosaga, and now the new Zelda… Well… poo. Anyway, again as part of the fan-art slump I’ve been in for the last couple weeks, some new fan art. Of Wind Waker. (Which, by the way, is very kick-ass, cartoony or no.) CGing it was really fun to do.
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Hooray for smexy midgets!!!!
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great game indeed ^^ cartoonish graphics and all, but I like this game much more than the TP one.

I love Link's look here by the way <3 :+fav:
JimShotgunWilliams's avatar
anorexic link... makes sense...
Lizard-of-Odd's avatar
God damn...I love your interpretation! It still feels very much like windwaker, but looks a little less...exaggerated. ;D
Beautiful colors and effects! *+fav*
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hey nothing wrong with getting hooked on video games its what i do alls the time.
JennieO-of-Hyrule64's avatar
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Neeee! Link! Draw your shield!!! EEEP! ::ducks::

I love your style!!

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This is great! I like the way you stylized Link
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love it. I like the way you made Link the focus of the piece by blurring parts of the background and foreground, good work :)

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nice... :whisper: Links left handed btw.. :)
still a great picture.. :)
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whoa thats excellent!
C-Abdulio's avatar
Incredible..simply incredible. Now that was the Link I wanted to play as for the sequel to WW...but them OoT guys has to have their way :(
yair23's avatar
Looks great !
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awsome possum, I like the way Link is standing, heh, and the little camera zoomy lines
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Wow. This kicks ass. You have one great style. :+fav:
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Wonderful :love: The windwaker style actually looks sexy here ^_____^ :heart:
Celestial-Force's avatar
lol, that's a very nice style of Link!
sheikah's avatar
fantastic zelda art ^^
Thelder-sama's avatar
cool the mix that you did between the wind waker styke and the ocarina of time older Link...
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