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The Ultimate Smash

By herms85
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Happy 20th birthday, Super Smash Bros!

Get first looks at new art and behind-the-scenes of comic books I'm working on via my Patreon:
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Imagine if super smash brothers had their own comic book series!

0/10 not enough Steve.

Seriously though, this a fantastic piece!

ecchigod's avatar

simply amazing

SMDKFan's avatar
that would be Super epic to see a mini smash series :D

Beautiful Work :D
you should redo this when all the dlc fighters have been release in ssbu
SoshiTheYoshi's avatar
Nice! I love the art style you gave to the cast! Especially Fox and Duck Hunt Duo!
deathior's avatar
We need doom slayer
DavidTH90Animations's avatar
Making this my Phone background
Norm86's avatar
Long sword is long. 
Sonicdude645's avatar
This looks awesome!!
lemonade-stand-1013's avatar
also i love it looks great hehe
lemonade-stand-1013's avatar
I main Kirby
pedrocorreia's avatar
bring it on! (I main Mii Gunner)
pedrocorreia's avatar
so.... we doing this or what?
lemonade-stand-1013's avatar
i would, but i have no membership and my parents are not fond of "online interactions"
sorry dude and in the meantime mii fighters suck no offense
consider a different main is all i say
cpeters1's avatar
I love Super Smash Bros. series.
Awesome drawing of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Great job.
TylerBucket's avatar
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Very well done, sir.
LuigiStar445's avatar
Nicely done on the amount of detail on this pic with the ultimate roster of characters.

I especially love that the Original 12 from the first game are the main focus of this artwork being at the top layers.
hamsterboy9's avatar
Super cool, man.
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