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The Blue Bomber is Back

By herms85
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Some Mega Man 11 fan art done back in October. So glad to see Mega Man back in action! 

You can purchase this artwork on the Shark Robot store:…
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All right! I love Mega Man 11. :D

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Heey i just got a bookbag with this image on it! Cool!

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Not a bad game but expected a bit more but i guess what i seek can only be brough in the Megaman X universe or other series
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Blue Metal Hero Megaman!
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I have mega man 11 but I let my bro play it first. He says it's pretty hard. I'll see if I can get further than him soon.
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nice!! Id love to see a protoman game!
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Great to see my favourite robot again!
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Awesome Blue Bomber and company!
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Looks awesome, dude! Your color work is always so vibrant!  Makes me super sad that Archie dropped the Mega Man comics. 
I swear our poor Blue Bomber is cursed when it comes to those. He never seems to get to keep an ongoing comic series when one starts. He also had one with Dreamwave, that Patrick "Spaz" did work for, but they only got a few books in before it got canceled.  And the Archie one was by far the best comic adaptation I've seen yet.  Japan had some fabulous short stories like Ariga's Megamix and Rockman Remix, but the work you all were doing on your version made me so happy, and I couldn't help but cry when I found out not only that another comic series for Mega was coming to an end, but especially THAT one. The stories were so rich, and emotional, from humor to excitement, to sympathizing with the anguish of the characters (Especially the Ra Moon arc and Blue's story) that each was a joy to read, and that send off I will probably never forget.
I kept hoping maybe IDW would also take back up the reins for our other Blue hero.
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this looks great
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Great work! The coloring is amazing!
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I miss Archie Mega Man... Maybe one day he'll get comic representation again.
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Man, this drawing really makes me miss Archie Megaman :(
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Do Dododo MEGA MAN!!!
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Amazingly done! :D :+fav:
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