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Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) 12 Cover

By herms85
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Main cover for IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog #12, on sale in comic book stores 1/9/19!

Lineart by: :iconevanstanley:
Colors by: :iconherms85:

Published by IDW Publishing.

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He has that look like "Once I am released from these shackles I will murder your faces!" or something like that.

ProfessorVoidHeart's avatar

He always has that look.

Egg tech is testing metal sonics new updates I see.

115spartan's avatar
I got the comic with this cover and I freaking like it ^^
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luucalio's avatar
Such an amazing job!!
QuadragonX's avatar
I got inspiration from y'all
TheAmazingGMan's avatar
This comic is so good X3 so happy to see many Archie-Sonic alumni working on it
Rocketeer-Raccoon's avatar
Wouldn't it been better if they somehow 'turned him off' instead of chaining him up?
WaniRamirez's avatar
I always loved the way you color robots with your shading, sir. I did notice how over the years the different ways you colored Metal Sonic and I say your current output is fantastically fresh and vibrant. 
:iconevanstanley:'s lineart is shockingly unbelievable, in a good jaw-dropping way of course. This looks so on model that I could have sworn it was drawn by Patrick Spaziante, due to his tendency to draw Sonic characters like in official Sega artwork. I was proven wrong and I must say, it's so amazing to see her improve over the years.
Both of you are really big inspirations and it puts a big smile on my face knowing you two still continue to make stellar work in Sonic comics, even to this day.
I look forward to more posts you'll drop in the future, Mr. Herms. :D
Annasko's avatar
Jesus I really need to commission you someday 
Ravrous's avatar
Man this is such an amazing image of my favorite character, mad love for this one!
Fragraham's avatar
"You can't kill the metal." Tenacious D
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Top marks as always.
OmegaMorph's avatar
Have to wonder if Metal will go back to being less chatty in his default form again.
Valri's avatar
Ah, I thought I recognized the line art! It's Evan Stanley's work!
LillithMalice's avatar
Those chains won't hold forever...
FreeHeart44's avatar
O my God!!!
I love it!!!!!! <3
PC-the-Unicorn's avatar
This cover reminds me of issue 175 cover with Sonic himself being in chains (which is also one of my favorite issues of Sonic the Hedgehog) 
BlueIke's avatar
As usual, you guys do fantastic work! Can’t wait to read this one!
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