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You can purchase a large print of this on my website's online store!…

Whew! So, this was a beast. I did a big fan art pic of Super Smash Bros. Brawl back in 2008 and it unfortunately didn't feature ALL the characters... And actually, this one doesn't either. But it does have 50 of the currently 52 KNOWN fighters. Can you guess who is missing right now?? I did leave some TINY empty spaces with the intention of adding the two I missed - as well as future DLC fighters. But we'll see.

Hope you guys dig! As much work as this one was, it was alotta' fun to do! The inspiration for the layout on this even came from a really old piece of official artwork for the Nintendo 64 Smash Bros! This was pencils and inks on 14x17 inch Bristol board, with colors in Photoshop 7.

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen this already - and in fact got to see it in all stages of production, from layout to pencils, inks to flats to colors! So if that's something that interests you maybe check me out on Twitter!
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Meta Knight is the best
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Ness is a psycho.
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this is so amazing! I love this! how much time did it take to make this!
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I don't know how people like you are able to make these awesome collages with all characters fitting into one picture, I can't even overlap my artwork!
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Waloigi wats to be in somsh but dady sakari kills his drems
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This is epic, mr. Herms ^^

Also, I'm really hoping the Archie Sonic comic isn't getting cancelled
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How are you so good at this?!?! You're amazing at this
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I see what you did here; the original 8 fighters are in the center, with the 4 unlockable fighters in the center corners.XD
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//crying cause i own this poster
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As per usual, good artwork. Best part, and rather underrated, is how you depicted the fellow right underneath Sheik. :D
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Mr. Game and Watch..??
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This should be on the cover for smash bros tbh, this is beautiful work
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Man this is Awesome
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Looks just like Archie comics!
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My reaction after Smash is done with DLC...
Thank you Masahiro Sakurai :)
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I like how the collage of characters are arranged. The characters have enough breathing room where you can see them well enough.  The artwork is fun and expressive.  :)
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I find the lack of Wolf in this picture disturbing...
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